CCP: The Chinese people don’t need you anymore

王友群:中共不代表14亿中国人民的十个理由| 党卫军| 卖国| 天灭中共| 大纪元

王友群:中共不代表14亿中国人民的十个理由| 党卫军| 卖国| 天灭中共| 大纪元

The common people pay taxes to the rulers, in fact, they pay protection fees, but your party collects money but does not protect the people, and also oppresses the people themselves.

The common people support so many officials and police, but they cannot maintain social order, women and children are abducted and sold, underworld gangsters run rampant, violent land acquisitions and forced demolition, counterfeit and shoddy food harms the common people, they are driven out and beaten when they set up street stalls for small businesses, and so on. As the saying goes: “Take people’s money and help them eliminate disasters”, the Chinese people have given your party so much money, but you don’t do anything, what’s the use of you? What’s in it for me?

It is said that the centralized system can do great things, but in the early stage of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, the closure and control were not timely. Doctor Li Wenliang blew a whistle to remind him, but was admonished and banned from speaking. He continued to sing and dance to promote peace, whitewash the peaceful and prosperous world, and held a hundred family banquets. As a result, the virus spread and a large number of deaths occurred.

In 2022, the virus has already mutated, its toxicity has been greatly reduced, and it is no different from a cold, but it has tried its best to close the city, and also deleted the paper that doctor Zhang Wenhong pointed out based on actual numbers that the severe rate is extremely low. Even ordinary people have seen that the fight against the epidemic has become a business. Behind the collusion between officials and businessmen, the national medical insurance fund has been hollowed out, but the officials are still forcing the people to do nucleic acid and vaccination. For decades, the common people have asked for free medical care, and the government said there is no money, but now more than one billion people have undergone nucleic acid testing, which takes a long time and costs like water.

Positively infected people sing and dance in the square cabin every day, fall in love, play mahjong, and play poker. There are no signs of illness. There are even sports enthusiasts running a marathon in the square cabin. You don’t need to take any medicine, and it will go away on its own in a few days. Obviously, large-scale epidemic prevention and isolation is completely superfluous. Even if the elderly are infected, they can recover at home by resting at home, but they do something like “recovering everything that should be collected” and forcibly relocated and quarantined.

Science is objective law, and natural law is the way of heaven, which is heaven. In order to prove that he is right and for his own face, he insists on going against the law of heaven.

After the lockdown was lifted, the company actively resumed production. The government not only did not support it, but instead increased the burden on it, making everything difficult. Restaurants were not allowed to dine in, public toilets were not allowed to be used, and traffic was blocked.

Private companies actively organize production and transportation so that Chinese people are not starved to death on a large scale during the 2020 and 2022 lockdowns. Private enterprises have created 80% of employment opportunities, but your party is thinking about killing private enterprises all day long, stuffing party organizations into private enterprises, investing in insignificant shares, controlling the entire enterprise, and even directly seizing the property of private enterprises.

It is said that public-owned enterprises belong to all the people, and the surplus value belongs to the working people, but in fact, state-owned enterprises monopolize the market and sell high prices while making huge losses, which has become a bottomless loophole in the wealth of the people. Public ownership is actually official ownership, and state-owned enterprises have long become cash machines for bureaucratic groups and their relatives.

The Chinese people are extremely smart, diligent, and hard-working. They are second to none in the world. After 1978, after a little deregulation, the Chinese economy has grown by leaps and bounds. What did your party do in this process? In order to allow officials to raise their hands and allow them to develop the economy, companies have to pay a lot of bribes to buy officials.

As business costs increase, commodity prices naturally increase. Many people have been asking: Why are Chinese people working so hard, yet still poor after decades? The answer is simple: most of the money was taken by officials.

The common people have paid the savings of generations, bought houses at high prices, and paid land use fees for decades in advance, but they are in a precarious situation. The military and police can break in at any time under the pretext of epidemic prevention, break in, forcibly pull people, or enter the house to disinfect, damage property, and let the common people Insecure.

Your party keeps on serving the people, but you are the first to enjoy the world’s pleasures, taking the lead in “distributing according to needs”, all kinds of buildings, all kinds of welfare subsidies, all kinds of empty wages, selling officials, nepotism, cronyism, and superfluous people. , incumbent officials a lot of corruption and bribery, retired officials consume a lot of medical resources. Your party is in charge of the common people and strictly controls the genitals, but it spends a lot of money, steals and steals prostitutes, interviews in bed, gets promoted after “day”, and refuses to disclose the income of officials even in death.

Your party has 100 million members, but the vast majority are parasites who use their party membership to share the dividends of ruling and participate in the exploitation of ordinary people. Knowing that the party’s high-level decision-making was wrong, they did not dare to stand up and plead for the people’s lives. They kept silent, protected their lives, and feared death.

The Chinese have thousands of years of educational practice, and there is a great educator like Confucius. But your party has turned the school into a base for cultivating obedient people, stifling the nature of students, destroying their bodies, forcing teenagers to memorize standard answers by rote, not allowing teachers to cultivate their habit and ability to think independently and to question authority, and instead attack individuality. , Thoughtful teachers, encourage students to report teachers and classmates who betray independent thinking.

It is only right and proper for the people to discuss and criticize government officials. China is known as the “People’s Republic”, and countless institutions such as the government and the police have been dubbed “the people”, and they keep saying that the people are the masters of the country. But once ordinary people discuss current affairs, they are immediately deleted, banned, banned, even warned and detained. Women and children who have been missing for decades can not be found, but if they make a complaint, they can be pinpointed immediately, and they can be arrested thousands of miles across the province. Health codes have become electronic shackles, making it impossible for rights defenders to move.

They kept saying “confidence in the system”, but gradually closed the country’s door and asked ordinary people to “leave the country when it was not necessary”. If you really have confidence, you should allow the common people to leave freely.

There are 10,000 omissions in the above criticism. Readers can supplement in the message, or directly add this article or write a new article, and publish it separately.

All in all, the property management company of the Communist Party of China is not good. It asks very high prices and provides extremely poor service, but it does not allow the owners to criticize them. Instead, they bully, beat and scold the owners, and do not allow the owners to sell their houses and leave.

The Chinese people should not be afraid of losing social order after the collapse of the ruling group. After the Romanian dictator Ceausescu was shot by several uprising soldiers, people of insight immediately established the National Salvation Front Committee to maintain the smooth operation of the society.

Wuhan will be closed in 2020 and Shanghai will be closed in 2022. The government will not allow residents to go out for shopping, but will not provide living materials. At this juncture of life and death, a large number of well-organized and enthusiastic people immediately stood up and initiated group purchases, avoiding the tragic situation of mass starvation.

The Chinese people are full of talented people. Without Butcher Zhao, they can still eat meat, and they can eat better and more. Some residential communities have dismissed the property management company and directly hired security companies, cleaning companies and greening companies in the market. The income from parking fees, advertising fees, and the rent of shops along the street all belong to the residents themselves. The residents can greatly reduce their property expenses, and they truly become the owners of their own communities.

The Chinese people should make plans early, strengthen contact with each other, and establish various groups, even hobby groups that only play cards and mahjong, dance square dance and Tai Chi, play table tennis and badminton, sing and recite poetry, drink tea and fish. Yes, in short, don’t be alone, you must know more people, and when the old order collapses, you can help each other to overcome difficulties and create a foundation for self-rescue and self-governance.

Times make heroes. Talents from all walks of life should put the people first, take saving the common people as their own responsibility, develop their strengths and make contributions. Humanity has already entered a new era, and the general trend of freedom and democracy is irresistible. After 40 years of market economy practice, the Chinese people have seen the world with open eyes. They are no longer what they used to be, they are no longer easily fooled, and they are much braver. The Chinese people will surely be able to embark on the road of peace and prosperity.

Existing government workers and military and police personnel must correct their positions and understand that they are not from the Zhao family, and that they and their families are ordinary people, oppressed and exploited. Paying high tuition fees, but most of what they learn is rubbish. Senior officials have long sent their children to study abroad. There must be a bottom line in doing things, and human nature must be talked about. The muzzle of the gun should be raised an inch, and it will be easy to live with, be convenient with others, and be convenient for yourself. The person who knows the current affairs is Junjie. God knows what you did. Leaders often fool you, rhetoric is not true, you can fool the leaders too. Don’t be a fool, take chestnuts out of the fire for others, and finally take the blame for others.

Once the world is in chaos, you must take the initiative to accept the command of the local self-rescue and self-governing organization to maintain local social order. Not only can they keep one party safe, and they can accumulate a share of yin and virtue, they and their subordinate brothers can also get paid to maintain their family life.

If you are obsessed, help Zhou to abuse, and take advantage of the fire, even if you don’t report it to the world, you will be written down by the people one by one, and you will settle accounts slowly in the future, even if you are far away. Back then, the German Nazis fled to the faraway South America and remained anonymous for decades. In the end, they were still arrested and tried by the Jews and sentenced to capital punishment. Now that human beings have entered the digital age, currency is digitized, passports and visas are digitized, and every move will leave footprints in the database, and there is nowhere for anyone to hide. Even with facelifts and fingerprints smoothed, wanted criminals can be found based on voiceprints and gait, and genetic testing can identify anyone.

The Chinese people are the most docile people in the world. They have given the Communist Party of China more than 70 years of time, but your party has made China a smog. In the first 30 years of political repression, innocent people were killed indiscriminately, and everyone was in danger. Thirty years of corruption, robbery, injustice, and public resentment. In the past ten years, I have wanted to go back and start a war, so that countless young people from the common people’s families will be eaten by bullets and shells, regardless of the lives of countless people. In view of the danger of nuclear war, to seek the so-called “great achievements” of a political party and a single person.

For the sake of future generations, and for the great rivers and mountains that our ancestors left us, we can no longer be silent. We all come to think of ways and take action.

Chinese Owner, June 2022

(This article only represents the author’s personal views and positions)