Gu Feng: Xi Jinping imitated Yuan Shikai to engage in “persuade to enter” campaign was exposed


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Yuan Shikai became emperor by “persuading people to enter”. Although he died in the middle, his experience was borrowed by Xi Jinping, the leader of the contemporary CCP. At that time, under Yuan Shikai’s secret instigation, all walks of life across the country launched a “persuade to enter” petition movement, and even prostitutes took to the streets to petition to persuade Yuan Shikai to become emperor. Amid the nationwide “persuasion” , on December 12, 1915, Yuan Shikai officially ascended the throne “in accordance with the will of the people”. It is precisely because of this fake “persuasion” campaign that completely ruined Yuan Shikai’s fame.

More than 100 years later, there is another “Yuan Shikai” in today’s China , just with a different name. Yuan Shikai of that year has become Xi Jinping of today; Shuntian Times of that year has been changed to People’s Daily today; members of the “Persuading Progress” petition group of that year have become today’s Internet 50 cents. The same script, different actors, the same routine, on the same stage, perform the same “persuade into the play” . Is this God’s joke about China, or is Xi Jinping playing a God’s joke?

Xi Jinping attempts to use fifty cents to “persuasion” to ascend to the throne

The reason why Yuan Shikai wanted to become emperor back then was, in the final analysis, one reason, that is, the difficulty of becoming a democratically elected president was too great. If you want to concentrate power in your own hands forever, you need to re-establish authority, and you need more people to show loyalty to yourself. So he directed a drama where the whole people petitioned to persuade him to be emperor.

The same is true of Xi Jinping today, whose power is neither elected nor authorized by the party. If you want to rule China permanently, and at the same time eliminate the “noise” inside and outside the party , you must learn from Yuan Shikai and start a national “persuade to enter” petition movement. This is also in line with his so-called “people’s democracy in the whole process” , and it can also create momentum for his re-election.

On June 26, 2022, the People’s Daily published an article titled: “Xi Jinping made important instructions on studying and absorbing netizens’ opinions and suggestions on the work related to the Party’s 20th National Congress. It is better to listen to the voices of the people, respect the will of the people and conform to the will of the people.” In fact, Xi Jinping’s purpose of listening to the voices of the people and respecting the will of the people is false, and using the Internet to “persuade people to enter” is his goal.

As we all know, since Xi Jinping came to power, he has been banned from speaking inside and outside the party. Inside the party, he established the “crime of falsely discussing the central government” . Those who committed this crime were dismissed from office, ransacked, and served in a shift room, and at worst, beheaded and executed the nine clans; outside the party, he established the crime of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” , Anyone who commits this crime will have their homes searched, sent to a shift room, or sent to a psychiatric hospital until they are put to death.

Just after the People’s Daily published a report that Xi Jinping wanted to use the Internet to listen to the voices of the people, social media at home and abroad were frying at almost the same time. A netizen asked: “A habitual criminal who burns books and denigrates Confucianism, a tyrant who is convicted every day for his words, will he ask the people’s needs, ask the people’s plans, listen to the voices of the people, respect the will of the people and follow the hearts of the people?”

Another netizen said: “I would rather believe that the prostitutes in those days voluntarily persuaded Yuan Shikai to become emperor, and I would not believe that Xi Jinping really listened to public opinion. If he really wanted to listen to public opinion, he would not do everything possible to protect Twenty Dalian.”

Obviously, Xi Jinping’s public opinion drama was revealed as soon as it was staged, but he would never be willing to fail. Because he still has two “public opinion” cards, that is, Xi’s army and the Internet fifty cents. It is well known to the whole country that Xi Jinping has been deliberate for the past 10 years for his “emperor dream” . How could he give up so easily?

Xi Jinping Struggles for Lifelong Rule

After Xi Jinping came to power. He firstly centralized power in the name of anti-corruption, and established 32 central committees or leading groups in one go. After he had the power, he began to use the power in his hands. First he named himself the “core” of the party , and then he began to abolish the “Constitution” ” on the term limits of the President of the country.

For example, in December 2016, Xi Jinping said nakedly at the Democratic Life Conference of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China: “The core of the Party Central Committee and the core of the entire Party are my responsibility, and I will repay the Party with all my energy and life. With the trust of the people, I will do my best and die, and I will go through fire and water and never give up.” The purpose of “lifetime energy” in this is obvious, which is to imply to the party: as long as I have a breath, I am the core of the party.

Another example: On March 11, 2018, under the personal command and deployment of Xi Jinping, the National People’s Congress approved the revision of the constitution with a high vote, and successfully abolished the term limit of the president of the state, removing legal obstacles to Xi Jinping’s lifelong rule.

Xi Jinping is not the same as Yuan Shikai of that year, because the power in his hands comes from the authorization of the elders of the Communist Party of China. If he wants to turn the party world into a family world, he must pass this level within the party. As a result, he began to steal the concept again, trying to use the so-called “people’s democracy in the whole process” to replace the authorization within the party.

For example: On October 13, 2021, Xi Jinping said at the work meeting of the Central People’s Congress: “The whole process of people’s democracy in our country has realized the relationship between process democracy and outcome democracy, procedural democracy and substantive democracy, direct democracy and indirect democracy, and people’s democracy and national will. Reunification is the democracy of the whole chain, all-round and full coverage, and the most extensive, real and effective socialist democracy.”

With power, the constitution has been revised, and the concept has also been secretly changed. As a result, Xi Jinping began to use both hard and soft means to eliminate “intra-party noise” . Since Deng Xiaoping came to power, the CCP has established its national leaders through the authorization of the party veterans. If Xi Jinping wants to be re-elected for life, he must break this authorization rule. In order to break this rule, he first sealed the party’s elders with the crime of “arbitrarily discussing the central government”, and then used the strength of the military and police to use force to pressure the party’s elders.

For example: On May 15, 2022, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the “Opinions on Strengthening the Party Building of Retired Cadres in the New Era”. The Central Office requires retired cadres and party members to strictly abide by discipline and rules, not to arbitrarily discuss the major policies of the Party Central Committee, not to spread politically negative remarks, and to maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee with Xi Jinping at its core in ideology, politics and actions. Violators will be punished according to party discipline and state law.

Because the inner circle of the party ignored Xi Jinping’s “give-up order” , Xi Jinping began to use the military and police to put pressure on the party elders.

For example: On June 15, 2022, Xi Jinping signed an order of the “Outline of Military Actions for Non-War Military Actions of the Army”. The CCP official media reported the news at the first time, but did not announce the details of the outline. The report just stated vaguely: “The “Outline” has 6 chapters and 59 articles, which mainly systematically regulate the basic principles, organization and command, types of operations, operational support, political work, etc. Actions provide a legal basis.” To put it bluntly, this is to put a coat on his re-election through the military.

Less than 10 days after the “Outline” order was issued, Xi Jinping began to snatch the “knife handle” again. For example, on June 24, 2022, Xi Jinping appointed Wang Xiaohong, his former ministry in Fujian, to succeed Zhao Kezhi as the Minister of Public Security.

It can be seen that today’s Xi Jinping is ready for everything, and he only owes him to be the emperor.

Will Xi Jinping end up better than Yuan Shikai?

After Yuan Shikai announced his proclamation as emperor, he was quickly opposed by all walks of life, especially those ministers who persuaded him to become emperor. In front of him, the army was defeated like a mountain.

On June 6, 1916, Yuan Shikai died of uremia due to a sudden fire attack. Yuan Shikai became the shortest-lived emperor in Chinese history.

There is no comparison between Xi Jinping and Yuan Shikai. Whether it is personal talent or personal merit, Xi Jinping is far worse than Yuan Shikai, but Xi Jinping’s tactics of stealing the country are very similar to Yuan Shikai. Of course, today’s Xi Jinping will definitely not proclaim himself “emperor” , but change the name. Such as: the president of the state, the people’s leader, etc., in fact, it is just a change of soup instead of medicine.

Yuan Shikai was overthrown by the National Protector Army less than half a year after he declared himself emperor, and his fate was obviously tragic. Some netizens asked: “If Xi Jinping is re-elected, I wonder if there is still a ‘discussing Xi Jinping’s army for protecting the country’ in today’s China? What will Xi Jinping end up doing in the end?” ‘, Xi Jinping’s end will definitely be worse than Yuan Shikai’s.

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