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10月 1, 2023 9:22 上午

The incident of beating up four girls by gangsters in Tangshan on June 10 shocked China and the world. However, to this day, there is still no specific information: what is the condition of the four girls? Are they still alive? What are their names? If they are really good, why can’t they show their faces and tell what happened to them that night?

Well, this is privacy, not to be published. So, what to do with those hooligans? Didn’t they say they were caught? and then? Let it go or protect it? Did they just let it go? Do you want to protect their privacy too?

In fact, among the cases that shocked the world in China this year, the biggest one is not this one, but the Xuzhou Iron Chain Girl. It’s been half a year. Where is the chain girl today? Has she been rescued? Have those village cadres, township cadres, and county party cadres all been dealt with? How many women are trafficked in Xuzhou? Are they all saved? There has to be an explanation for this, right? It seems to be over. The tragedy continues…

The fact that depositors in Henan cannot withdraw their money in the four banks is snowballing. In order to prevent depositors from out of town from withdrawing money, Henan officials actually resorted to the “red code”, an indecent method, and telephoned to warn depositors who plan to go to withdraw money not to go there. More and more savers find that they can’t get their money out overnight, and they really want to cry without tears.

Some places in Guangdong and Guangxi are now experiencing monstrous floods, and the floods in Yingde are once every 50 years. At the same time, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake occurred in Afghanistan. Chinese military planes brought a large number of relief supplies and arrived in the disaster-stricken areas of Afghanistan in time. Um? Why didn’t the Chinese military plane arrive in the disaster-stricken areas in China in time with a large number of relief supplies? Don’t tell me that the flood disasters in China are not that serious and do not need rescue. That’s fart!

These unreasonable things are becoming more and more frequent, more common and more serious in China! The crime rate was high before, and there was a “strike hard” to quell public anger. Now it’s a gag – gag people’s mouths and keep people from talking! The girl who investigated the chain girl was caught and has not been released until now. In the past, there were high officials such as Zhou Enlai, Jiang Zemin, and Wen Jiabao who went to the disaster area in person, rolled up their trousers to inspect the disaster, and pretended to pretend. Now Xi Jinping doesn’t even bother to go around the disaster area by plane. What a piece of crap this is!

Mao Zedong also committed evil when he was alive, but he always had to find some theoretical basis for his evil, such as “don’t forget the class struggle”, “the theory and practice of the proletarian revolution”, “the road of the October Revolution”, in a word He introduced a set of theories that were popular in the West at that time to kill people. Moreover, Mao Zedong did not recognize his six relatives. Even the Communist Party’s own high-ranking officials were killed by him, and Xi Jinping’s father was almost killed. Mao Zedong basically still followed the Marxist-Leninist theory and only tried to provoke the rich and officials. Otherwise, why would there be so many people in China calling the murderer the great savior?

Now the situation is completely different. No matter what happens, the poor and the unfortunate must be the poor, the common people, and the leeks! Have you ever seen a high official’s mansion demolished? Have you ever seen a Huawei store being swarmed by city officials and smashed to pieces? Have you ever heard of a group of hooligans who beat a certain official’s wife so that her nose was bruised and her skin was ripped apart? Have you ever heard of any official being refused money from the bank? Have you heard of any retired cadres taking a pay cut? Why are those 600 million people who earn less than 1,000 yuan a month now the targets of all official agencies to crack down, exploit, extort, and rectify? What about getting rid of poverty and getting rich? Haven’t they all entered a moderately prosperous society? In which document of the Communist Party are these meanness and ruthlessness towards the common people written? Is this all Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought?

All right! I found the answer! These are all “Xi Jinping’s new ideas, new ideas, and new strategies for comprehensively governing the country by law”—”Xi Jinping’s new ideas, new ideas, and new strategies for governing the country are based on a scientific and rigorous methodology, highlighting the scientific thinking of Marxism, and serving our party in the new situation. Effective governance of the country provides the basic compliance.” Who in the world doesn’t know that Xi Jinping only has a primary school education? Does the diploma of his worker-peasant-soldier student count? Has he taken courses with that shit Ph.D.? Did he write the paper himself? Is there a rigorous defense? I was just curious: Did he read Marx, Engels, Lenin? Can he read it? Did Marx say that bullying the poor is the best way to govern a country? Did Lenin ever say that senior Communist Party officials can deposit money in capitalist countries? Did Mao Zedong ever say that Communist Party cadres can find lovers outside, and they often have dozens of mistresses and hundreds of concubines?

In today’s China, let alone the rule of law, let alone party discipline, and even the great truth of the Communist Party itself. Xi Jinping has the final say! You can be dissatisfied, or you can fail to figure it out, but you can’t arbitrarily talk about the central government! When people say “clearing”, you have to stay at home honestly for a few months, and you have to test nucleic acid every day! They have forcibly demolished your house, and you have nowhere to file a complaint, otherwise you are called an illegal petition! You have worked hard for a year, but you can’t get a penny. If you ask for your hard-earned money, it is called illegal salary! If the chengguan beat you, he will beat you, what can you do? The promised one country, two systems will remain unchanged for 50 years, and it was officially announced to the world in a document. Is there still heaven in China today?

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