Yan Jiaqi: Writing and Publishing of “A Decade of the Cultural Revolution”

Writing and Publishing of “A Decade of the Cultural Revolution” By Yan Jiaqi

The Decade of the Cultural Revolution was also published in 1986 . In April 1978 , when I co-authored with Liu Changlin, Li Huiguo and others, the “Documentary of the April 5th Movement” was published, and Gao Gao began to write the history of the Cultural Revolution. At that time, his son Yan Yan had just attended the Suian Bo Hutong Primary School near his home. From 1979 to 1986 , for seven consecutive years, Yan Gan wrote it after he went home from school and arranged for his son to sleep. Only a few were written by me, such as Martin Luther mentioned in the preface, part of the Tiananmen incident. Since the book mentioned the issue of Bo Yibo’s so-called “traitor”, the Central Propaganda Department also consulted Bo Yibo for his opinion before publication. Published by Tianjin People’s Publishing House with more than 1 million copies. After being serialized in Hong Kong’s “Ta Kung Pao” in 1987 , it was published in a single volume by “Ta Kung Pao”. The supplementary edition, published in Hong Kong in 1990 , increased by more than a third in length, mostly by me. This book has been published in more than ten editions, including English, Japanese, Taiwanese, and supplementary editions.

[Figure 17.8] Around 1980, some colleagues in the medical office of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences took a group photo with their family members. Back row from left: Duan Qi Wang Yuehua Hu Huan Township Gao Gao Ding Li Chen Yu Sun Fei Yan Yan Liu Shan Sun Xiang Front row from left: Ding Jianwu Huang Junfeng Chen Chunlong son Tu Mingzhu Yan Jiaqi Dai Kangsheng                 
[Figure 17.10] Taiwan Yuanliu Publishing Company CEO Wang Rongwen (right 1) and Xu Liping (left 1) took a group photo with Yan Jiaqi Gao Gao at Yan Jiaqi’s house in Beijing in 1987. The Taiwan edition of “The Summit” was published before the meeting. Later, Yuanliu Publishing Company published Ten Years of the Cultural Revolution.

After graduating from the Beijing Second Medical College, Gao Gao has always been a doctor and did not write articles. Since 1979 , how could he have such a strong motivation to silently write a 726 -page “Decade History of the Cultural Revolution” for seven consecutive years ? I always thought that during the Cultural Revolution, I collected a lot of tabloids and prints to be the reason why she wrote this book. In fact, the most important reason was that her home was ransacked during the Cultural Revolution. I just listened to her talk about raiding her home, but she did not mention in the book that her home was raided, nor did she talk to me about the specific process of raiding her home, until in 2017 , when she wrote an article about her father, she talked about her father The whole process of how to translate Tolstoy’s works, how to buy a house in Beijing, and how her house was raided because of a note she wrote, this made me know that the raiding of her home during the Cultural Revolution and the occupation of her house changed her mother The whole life of a family of six with her siblings.

” At the turn of the spring and summer of 1966 , the Cultural Revolution began.

“The first thing that hit our house was the loss of the cat. Not long after I came to Beijing, when I was living in Mabi Hutong, my father asked Wu Maosun’s house for a cat for me. ([Note] Wu Maosun ( 1911-1984 ), 1949 ) In September 2009, I attended the first plenary session of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Peiping, and later served as the secretary general, vice president of the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs, and a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) I remember very clearly, I took a small note written by my father, ” The little cat breeder came to pick it up”, I went to Wu’s house alone to pick up a small cat that was born soon. Since then, Xiaohua has become a member of our family. When eating, mix a little rice with vegetable soup and put it on the In the small plate, he ate at the same time with us at the dining table, and put a bowl of water on the floor in the corner of the room, and everything was done. It was such a cute cat Mimi who suddenly didn’t return home at night, which made me anxious and looked forward to it for several times. The sky didn’t come back, it must be the gluttons who justifiably regarded him as a delicacy. At that time, keeping cats was regarded as a petty bourgeois sentiment, and the homophonic sound of cat hair was a disgrace to the glorious image of the great leader, so cats were regarded as The “class enemy” is the object of the revolution. The gangsters in the alleys and alleys laugh and talk about ” shoot to death”. I have heard about catching cats and eating cats. Poor little flower in our family has become a “revolutionary”‘s meal so quickly. . . . 

“The following four houses were raided, and my family was the first to bear the brunt.

“ One afternoon at the end of  July and the beginning of August in 1966 , the Red Guards in my class called a meeting, saying that Beijing had started a house raiding movement, and people from the right and the rich raised their hands to express their welcome. Twenty -eight students raised their hands. I came from an intellectual family and should not be in the black five categories, so I did not raise their hands. The head of the Red Guard glared at me and shouted, “Gao Gao, do you agree to raid your house tomorrow?” I was careless . He said back and agreed, “Don’t go home tonight, take us to your house tomorrow!”  

“Early the next morning, a truck brought me and a group of Red Guards from my class to my house. In order to prevent the raiders from being suspected of tipping off, I opened the door with a key, and the Red Guards with whips rushed into the yard and pressed the button. With their imaginations and designs, they each performed their duties and guarded the exits of the “important roads”, and blasted everyone from the family into the courtyard, shouted harshly, and handed over money. Some Red Guards took their own shovels and shovels to In the yard, the soil was dug, and they said they were digging up the guns buried in the ground. The rest of the people rummaged through boxes and cabinets in the room and moved the furniture out. A Red Guard threw the frame of his father’s portrait from the room and threw it on the ground, saying yes Behind the photo is a photo of Chiang Kai-shek; … After a commotion and chaos, the Red Guards sped away, leaving a mess like a robbery by bandits. Decent furniture, such as piano, TV, gramophone, sofa, bookshelf, The desks, chairs, benches, and even the Simmons bed were swept away, and the bookshelves were rummaged all over the floor. As for books, only one set of Lu Xun’s Complete Works was left intact, and the foreign language version of Mannles Mao was also taken away as a dead old one. Lu Xun is not regarded as a standard-bearer, and his writings are probably the four olds, but he does not know that there are correspondence between his father and Lu Xun in the complete works of Lu Xun, and the Red Guards should tear them down as the four olds 

“There are two whole trucks of what was copied. Fortunately, the Red Guards did not estimate enough. Otherwise, if there is another vehicle, all the beds, tables and chairs may be looted. Looking at the devastated home, I am speechless. Let me What is puzzling is that some of the students in the class who are not from my background are why the Red Guards regard my family as their top priority .

“Until recently, splicing memory fragments, thinking about it, seemed to find the mystery. To paraphrase a fashionable phrase at the time, it was that I was completely different from their standpoints and methods of looking at problems and doing things. In world affairs, he is pure and kind-hearted, and advocates fairness and justice; it is impossible to join forces with those rogue proletarian elements who have poor academic performance and are full of violence and hatred, including transfer cadres and the children of cadres, and cause catastrophic disasters.

“Remember, shortly after entering the school, the class discussed the allocation of stipends, and I participated as the life committee member of the small class. One student Zhao’s parents did not have formal jobs and could not even afford coal. She and her younger siblings depended on the coal for cooking. Picking up coal cores, judging from her clothes, life is very urgent, and giving full scholarships should not be controversial. Who knows, a class cadre said that Zhao was sick and their family was eating fried noodles when they visited her. , and she also wore a pair of new socks, so their family was not the most difficult. I immediately became angry and fought with the class cadres. Usually, I don’t buy the cadre’s account. I hate meetings. Before I was notified, I hid my schoolbag in the quilt, slipped out of the school, and went at ease. When asked why I didn’t have a meeting, I replied confidently, “No one notified me.” Many times , they were so angry that they were suspicious and could not speak out. The biggest mistake was going to the coal mine to work. Due to the sudden cold wave and the sudden cold weather, everyone did not bring clothes to keep out the cold. The school decided to send representatives to carry the notes written by the students themselves. The car goes to each house to pick it up. Our group is led by student Chen, an activist who is close to the “organization”. There is a student Jiang in the class, ([Note] Jiang Dingyue, see Figure 17.11 , a classmate of Gaogao University, Jiang Guangnai’s Daughter) Father was originally the commander of the 19th Kuomintang Army who made great contributions to the anti-Japanese war, the general of the uprising, and the minister of the Ministry of Textile Industry. She lived a good life. Once she fell ill at school, her classmates sent her home, and as soon as she entered the house, her aunt took slippers. Help her put on, help her in, and invite classmates to enter the house as a token of thanks. At that time, ordinary people’s homes were not wealthy, and the furnishings were simple. Where did they see the “luxury” of Jiang’s family . After the classmate returned to school, he asked the “organization” The report was intended to be distributed in the class. Miss bourgeois, bourgeois life, I immediately decided not to let my classmates into my house, so I specially noted it on the note. Who knows, that day, only my cousin was at home, and I didn’t either. Knowing that she is illiterate, classmate Chen read the note and reported it to the “organization” . One can imagine what their class struggle string, which is taut and ready to go, thinks of me.                    

[Photo 17.11] Gao Gao’s classmates 60 years ago, Jiang Dingyue (left 1) and Zhang Xiangzhu (right 1), visited Gao Gao in the suburbs of Washington in July 2014, photo by Yan Jiaqi

“Since the third grade, our dormitory has been moved to Hufangqiao, which is very close to the Beijing Workers’ Club and Tianqiao Theater. Whenever there are top-level performances, students with better family financial conditions will swarm to wait for refunds and watch the performances. I am One of them also caused Genhong Miaozheng’s class cadres to be worried and waited for an opportunity to deal with these people. Besides, in the summer vacation before graduation, I went to travel around Suzhou and Hangzhou with my classmate Wei. At that time, almost no one would have thought of it. Travel, we should not tell our classmates. Somehow, the class cadres knew about it, so I added another account to my account book. Originally, it was my simple naive and inappropriate actions, which fulfilled the “organization” for me. Misunderstood, that I am unfathomable, and my home is even more mysterious. It is not surprising that I was regarded as the first target of home raids.

“The next day, the Red Guards from the nearby middle school came to raid the house again. It seems that they had contacted the police station in advance. As soon as they arrived, the police surnamed Chen arrived immediately and told them that my house had been raided. The Red Guards saw the house was empty, and The messy scene, there is nothing to copy. How can the young “revolutionary” who is burning with the flames of class struggle return without success?! He drove his family to the middle of the yard and held a criticism meeting. Their eyes were full of anger, holding scissors, Yelling at her mother, threatening to shave her head, her mother begged, she is a teacher and she has to go to school tomorrow, so those Red Guards have forgiven her. She turned around and asked her cousin, she had seen this before. She said with trepidation that it was the landlord, and if the Red Guards found a treasure, they shaved her yin-yang head in three or two strokes and ordered her to return to her hometown immediately. How can I go out with a yin-yang head on?! So, I thought of sewing my hair into a hat I might be able to cover up the past. It was late. I found a cloth hat and sewed the cut hair to the half of the hat, aligning it with the uncut hair. Sent on the train. Desolate bursts of desolation hit my heart, which is clearly a goodbye of life and death. I just hope that the wig can get away with it and suffer less.

” 28 classes with more than 100 students were raided, and some were ordered by the Red Guards to send their families back to their hometowns, leaving only the children who went to college. These classmates’ families used to have private housing, but now they are homeless and can only live at school.  

“Faced with the devastation and panic after the house was raided, new bad luck is coming. Amid the clamor of shoot-to- kill , Beijing’s private homeowners have handed over their property certificates to the Housing Authority, and Beijing has wiped out private homes. Peeping into private homes The long-standing street activists have moved into their favorite houses through the police station. A family with 7-8 children living in the same hutong, Dengsanlun, has long been interested in my north house. A woman who murders evil spirits The owner, under the escort of the police, drove us to the south room, and the kitchen facing the south was still ours. After the house was raided, the sparse furniture was piled into the south room. The whole room was like a furniture store. There are almost no places. The biggest trouble is that there are no toilets, so I have to use the public toilets at the intersection of Fuxue Hutong and Bei Scissor Alley. When I get home, the nameless fire of wanting to be honest with the new tenants burns in my heart.”

“My neighbor at No. 7 Fuxue Hutong A next door to my house is an engineer, and his wife is a housewife. He has three children who are in middle school. He has a harmonious family and a prosperous life. All of them were forced to return to their rural hometowns.” ([Note] Gao Gao: “Recalling the Process of Searching Homes during the Cultural Revolution”, written on September 11 2017 )

In another article, Gao Gao said: ” In 1954 , my father was transferred from Jinan Normal University in Shandong to Beijing Times Publishing House, and lived in Ma Shao Hutong (the dormitory of Times Publishing House) next to Dongzhimen Gate. A courtyard at No. Hutong is actually half a courtyard. It and the courtyard on the west side were originally a typical Beijing courtyard with 6 north houses. It is said that the owner of the house is Japanese, so the house itself is relatively low. Maybe in order to facilitate the sale, the owner built a house and a partition wall in the middle of the yard, and divided it into two, which became two courtyards. Fuxue Hutong is located in the northeast of Dongcheng District, Beijing, and it runs from east to west, and the east entrance is east. Sibei Street, the west entrance meets Jiaokou South Street. The famous Fuxue Hutong Elementary School is near the west entrance. It is the former residence of Wen Tianxiang. The branches and leaves of a jujube tree stretch out beyond the high wall, which seems to show the owner’s steadfastness and unyielding. Dongcheng District People’s Court To the east of our house, there is a small courtyard and a small hutong. Not far from , there are North Scissors Alley and Middle Scissors Alley, which divide the hutong into two halves. Shops. To the east of North Scissor Alley, almost all buildings face north and south, and the south side of the hutong is a gray high wall, and some places are also equipped with wire grids. From the red gate on Zhang Zizhong Road, you can peep one or two.” ([Note] Gao Gao: “Beijing Times Publishing House Period”, written in 2017 ) 

  “Memoirs of Yan Jiaqi” published by Taiwan Culture Media Corporation in December 2021 )