Liu Zhongliang: China wants to fall to Europe and the United States before Russia is defeated, and beware of being betrayed by Russia

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Foreword: Before Putin launched a war of aggression and invaded Ukraine, the liberal democracies in Europe and the United States had already focused their strategies on China. Putin launched a war of aggression, which created an opportunity for China to adjust its strategy. Just like the “September 11 terrorist attack” in 2001, China ushered in a golden period of development for more than ten years. However, the current China has embarked on the wrong path of “anti-American and pro-Russian”. Once Russia is defeated , especially Putin’s resignation, if Russia wants to get rid of international isolation and restore its national future, it must restore its relations with Western countries. At this time, Russia’s biggest trump card is to betray China. Therefore,China must repair its relations with Europe and the United States as soon as possible before Russia is defeated, before Putin steps down, so as to prevent it from being betrayed by Russia.

The speed of life and death of China in the Russian-Ukrainian war: China must fall to Europe and the United States before Russia is defeated, and beware of being betrayed by Russia

Original title: The defeat of the Russian army has been determined, and China should be wary of Russia turning to the West after its defeat, and beware of being betrayed by Russia

Author: Liu Zhongliang, author of “The Dangerous Way of a Great Country”

The Russian-Ukrainian war has been going on for nearly half a year. With the support of NATO, the fighting momentum in Ukraine is getting better and better. On the contrary, the isolated Russian military, which has been sanctioned, has recently lost more and more obvious. Recently, the Ukrainian army launched a large-scale counter-offensive in many places on the Unan Kherson front, and broke through many front positions of the Russian army . The Russian-Ukrainian war has entered a critical moment, and China must prepare in advance for possible unfavorable factors to China. What China should be most vigilant about is that Russia chose to betray China in order to get rid of international isolation after its defeat. Therefore, China should adjust its foreign strategy as soon as possible.

01. Putin is in a dilemma, the Russian army “falls into a dead end”

Now, Putin has been caught in a dilemma. It is impossible to win the war in Ukraine, and it is impossible to voluntarily withdraw from Ukraine and give up the annexed Crimea.

First, it is impossible for Russia, which is economically and technologically backward, to win the proxy war with NATO in Ukraine. This Russian-Ukrainian war, nominally a war between Russia and Ukraine, is actually a proxy war in which NATO weapons support Ukraine. Without the advanced weapons and modern military training previously aided by NATO (including a shift in Ukraine’s own strategic thinking), Ukraine would have been unable to withstand the initial Russian offensive. Then, a steady stream of NATO advanced weapons assistance allowed the Ukrainian army to form a dimensionality reduction attack on the Russian army. Whether it is economic confrontation or weapons confrontation, Russia is definitely not an opponent of a powerful NATO.

For NATO, especially for the United States, the proxy war to aid Ukraine is the “lowest cost and most profitable” war for the United States since World War II! The Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Afghan War, the Iraq War, etc., the United States has paid a huge price, or a huge sacrifice, or a huge amount of military expenditure, but the United States has achieved very little. The cost of this aid to Ukraine is far lower than the major wars that the United States launched after World War II, but it can defeat the Soviet Union-Russia, the second military power. With such low cost and high yield, if the United States does not take the opportunity to defeat Russia, it will be a fool! Obviously, the United States and NATO cannot give up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use Ukraine to defeat Russia!

Of course, I’m not saying the US and NATO are bad. On the contrary, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is a robbery, and Ukraine’s resistance is a just act of self-defense. Just like when Japan invaded China and China resisted Japanese aggression, this is a just war for the Chinese people. The United States continued to provide weapons to assist China in its fight against Japan. Later, the United States sent troops to defeat Japan and save China from the iron hoof of Japanese aggression. The United States’ weapons assistance is just help. Therefore, the aid of NATO and the United States to Ukraine this time is also just aid.

Russia’s “Victory Day” military parade on May 9 was originally expected to be a big news, but there was little movement. Russia did not expand the war, and the war situation did not change much. Why? Because Putin knows that it is impossible for Russia to win. If the war is expanded, Russia will pay a higher price, and Putin will also pay a higher political price for it. For example, it is difficult to recruit new recruits, and the parents of recruits are strongly opposed to sending their sons to death. Expanding the war will only increase Russia’s losses, will only make more Russians oppose Putin, and even cause a coup d’etat in Russia to overthrow Putin. Therefore, not expanding the war is a wise move for Putin and Russia as a whole.

It is a wise move by Russia to withdraw from Ukraine and return Ukrainian territory voluntarily. However, this seriously damaged Putin’s face, and even made Russians feel that Putin was weak, or caused Putin to step down. Perhaps, when the war is over, Putin worries about being ousted. The Russian-Ukrainian war is slowly consuming, perhaps it is Putin’s helpless choice! Of course, this consumption is also partly beneficial to the interests of the United States, China, India and other countries.

You can’t retreat, you can’t advance, so Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Russian army “falls into a dead end.” In this way, the fate of the 200,000 Russian army is the “cannon fodder” of NATO weapons and Putin’s face. The end of these cannon fodder also means that Russia has since become a second- and third-rate country.

Even, the failure of Russia this time will sow the seeds for the disintegration of Russia, and the great power Russia may cease to exist! Because Russia has invaded the land of many ethnic groups, but there is no system, culture, economy and people’s livelihood to regain people’s hearts. When the glory of the great power and the economic and people’s livelihood are lost, leaving the “cage” of Russia is the eager choice of some allied countries, just like the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

02. Be wary of being betrayed by Russia, Russia will be defeated or fall to the West to “serve soft”

Gong Fangbin, a professor at the National Defense University, published an analysis of the Russian-Ukrainian war, which was widely circulated on the Internet. Professor Gong Fangbin has two important concepts: ” One is that Russians look down on neighboring countries or nations, including the Chinese, and the other is that once Russia is defeated, it will quickly fall to Europe and the United States instead of China, which is based on cultural similarity. This shows that both politics and culture determine the starting point and direction of the Russian dream. ”

In fact, this concept coincides with mine. The reason why Putin dares to launch a war of aggression against Ukraine is that Putin believes that the United States and Western allies are besieging China, the biggest rival, and that Europe and the United States need to win over Russia to confront China. But Putin got it wrong. Russia’s occupation of Ukraine’s Crimea in 2014 has made the West reflect on the consequences of its appeasement policy, and will not tolerate Russia’s intensified aggression and arrogance.

More importantly, both Russia, the United States and the world have grossly underestimated Ukraine’s spirit of resistance, and at the same time grossly overestimated the so-called Russian military power. A few days later, the world found that Russia’s “blitzkrieg” against Ukraine was so unbearable, and it never occurred to Ukraine to hold on. At this time, facing the “paper tiger” Russia, the United States and NATO were overjoyed and resolutely supported Ukraine, and the Russian-Ukrainian war became a proxy war for NATO.

Now, Russia has been subject to the most sanctions on earth, Russia’s economic and technological development has been stifled, nuclear deterrence and energy weapons have all failed, and Russia has almost no capital to play cards against the West. In the future, if Russia is to save itself, it must allow the West to lift sanctions. The long-term opponent of the West is China, and Russia’s last trump card is to sell China. Just like when the West fought against the Soviet Union, China, a poor and white country, had the biggest capital to trade with the West was to fight against the Soviet Union together. Therefore, the defeated Russia’s biggest trump card is “falling to the west and betraying China”.

In any case, Russia’s defeat is certain. Because Putin dares not and cannot use nuclear weapons, and the use of nuclear weapons means that Putin and Russia will seek death. Moreover, the corrupt Russian high-level is definitely not willing to be buried with Putin’s face. When Putin is about to press the nuclear button, not only will the Russian military not carry out the order, but it is the “dead period” of Putin’s power! Therefore, Putin will not choose “suicide”, and Russia will not carry out Putin’s “suicide” to Russia.

Putin is bound to lose power in Russia, either because of illness, or by being ousted. When Putin can’t control Russia, when the Russian people get rid of Putin’s rule, Russia will definitely fall back to the West. In order to show its “softness” to the West and to show its friendliness to the West, Russia will betray China to Europe and the United States. This is what China must be vigilant about!

Putin is a disaster for the Russians and a risk for the Chinese. Putin launched the Russia-Ukraine war, which dragged down Russia and forced China to choose among risks. Putin has reunited the loose, intriguing West like never before, redrawn the world into two parts, and started a new long-term Cold War. It can be said that Putin’s launch of the Russian-Ukrainian war was the “passive designer” of the new world pattern, and two heroes, Zelensky and Biden, were born—one reshapes Ukraine and the other reshapes the world pattern.

03. China must stabilize relations with the US before Putin fails

The Russian-Ukrainian war can be an opportunity for China to change its relationship with the West, but if it supports Russia, it will cause fire and China will become the “price” for Russia to invade Ukraine. Therefore, before Russia is completely defeated, China must cut itself off from Russia’s aggression, and even become a messenger for maintaining peace. More importantly, before Russia betrays China to the West, that is, before Putin loses power in Russia, China must take the lead in establishing good relations with the United States, and not let China become the “price” of being betrayed by Russia.

Recently, Qin Gang, the Chinese ambassador to the United States, has maintained Sino-US relations in all aspects. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Xinhua News Agency, etc. have also begun to change, which is a good turn. In fact, maintaining Sino-US friendship is extremely important to China’s future, the well-being of the Chinese people and the development of the Chinese nation.

China is the world’s largest trading nation and the world’s second largest economy. The United States is the world’s largest economic power and the world’s largest power. China is the largest trading partner of the United States, and the United States is also China’s largest source of trade surplus. Data show that China will have a trade surplus of US$676.4 billion in 2021, of which the US will contribute half of the surplus. In other words, the United States is China’s largest source of trade profit. Just like for a company, it is the most profitable customer. Can you be friendly to big customers?

The United States is not only the largest economic power, but also the largest scientific and technological power. In the past 300 years, China has almost no original technology that has made important contributions to the world. China’s rapid development for more than 40 years after the reform and opening up, including the previous economic and technological development, is the rapid study and absorption of the Western technological development of nearly 300 years. Especially after World War II, the United States has become the world’s largest technology original country, and China’s development is even more dependent on American technology.

The United States is not only the world’s number one military power, but also the world’s number one rule maker. The United Nations was initiated by the United States, and the World Trade Organization (WTO), the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the global currency cross-border payment system SWIFT are all led by the United States. China’s accession to the global economic and trade system means joining the US-led world economic, trade, technological and financial system.

After the reform and opening up in 1978, China developed rapidly, that is, it joined the world economy, trade, technology and finance system dominated by the United States. China was able to become rich by standing on the side of the United States against the Soviet Union in the 1970s, gaining recognition from the United States, and then supporting China’s reform and opening up. Both the left and the right, the poor and the rich, have achieved material improvement. Of course, we do not deny the problem of the gap between the rich and the poor. However, problems such as the gap between the rich and the poor in China are not caused by the United States.

In 1979, Deng Xiaoping visited the United States for the first time after his comeback. Li Shenzhi, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, who accompanied him on the visit, asked Deng Xiaoping on the plane: “Why do we attach so much importance to the relationship with the United States?” Deng Xiaoping replied: “Look back at these dozens of Over the years, all countries that have good relations with the United States have become rich.”

If China and the U.S. fall into a complete confrontation, it will have little impact on the development of the U.S., and even help the U.S. to gain further dominance. However, it has a huge impact on China’s development, even blocking the process of China’s rise and returning China to poverty. From Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States and Europe jointly sanctioning Russia, which led to a major setback in Russia’s economy and technology, we can see the huge damage of screwing up relations with the United States.

Just think, if the U.S. also sanctioned China as it sanctioned Russia, the situation for China would be even worse, because China relies heavily on international trade. China’s $3 trillion foreign exchange reserves were immediately unavailable. Currency payments in China’s foreign trade were immediately unavailable, and foreign trade was almost interrupted. International energy purchases, raw material purchases, component purchases, product exports, etc., were interrupted almost immediately. Various key technologies and advanced equipment immediately lost their source. China’s industrial structure has collapsed, China’s economic structure has collapsed, a large number of factories have closed down, a large number of companies have closed down, a large number of people have lost their jobs, and the economy has retreated significantly. Those pro-Russian elements may be forced to beg for food!

Therefore, Sino-US friendship is not only related to China’s development, but also to the life and death of China’s economy and people’s livelihood! If Sino-US relations are screwed up, China’s economy and people’s livelihood will be in trouble for a long time, which will further promote China’s ultra-low fertility rate. The 2020 Chinese census shows that China’s total fertility rate has been reduced to 1.3. According to the fertility rate of 1.3, China’s next generation population will be reduced by 40%, two generations by 64%, and five generations by 92%!

If China abides by international rules, the United States will not take the initiative to attack China. However, once the Sino-US relationship is screwed up by the five-mao-brained wolf, it will seriously hurt China. Therefore, those idiots who screw up Sino-US relations are the real enemies of the Chinese people!

04. Tsarist Russia-Soviet Union Huge Damage to China

In the past 300 years, Tsarist Russia has done the most damage to China. Tsarist Russia seized more than 13 million square kilometers of land in the Far East and Siberia from the nomadic peoples in northern China and the Qing Dynasty. Later, the Soviet Union promoted the independence of Outer Mongolia, causing China to lose huge territory. The names of Sakhalin, Vladivostok, Lake Baikal, etc., have become eternal historical pains for the Chinese people.

In the past 100 years, the United States has contributed the most to China. Starting from preventing the Eight-Power Allied Forces from splitting China, starting from the Boxer indemnity to support Chinese students, starting from the United States supporting China to fight against Japanese aggression, the United States is the most friendly power to China. The United States did not divide up an inch of China’s land, nor did the United States invade China by burning, killing, and looting. On the contrary, the United States has given the greatest support to China in resisting aggression.

During World War II, the United States supported the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, China, and the fascists to fight, and at the same time directly fought with Japan and Germany, becoming the most critical force in the world to defeat the fascists. The United States during World War II almost saved the world and was the most critical external factor for China to win the Anti-Japanese War! It can be said that the United States rescued China from the deadlock of anti-aggression against Japan and ended the 14-year Anti-Japanese War.

In 1931, Japan invaded Northeast China. In 1932, Japan established the puppet Manchukuo, and then Japan built Northeast China into the largest industrial base in Asia at that time. In 1945, the production capacity of heavy industry in Northeast China was the largest in Asia, the industrial output value had exceeded that of Japan, and the output of industrial products such as machinery and cement accounted for more than half of Asia’s, making it the most industrially developed region in Asia.

At that time, the Northeast had already established various industries such as steel, metallurgy, machinery, and automobile manufacturing, and had a very complete industrial system. From bicycles and cement to automobiles, airplanes, tanks, and even man-made oil and special steel, it could produce. From Shenyang to Dalian, there are many factories and dense cities along the way, forming a famous “long industrial zone”, and Shenyang Tiexi District is also known as the “Oriental Ruhr”.

However, when the United States was about to completely defeat Japan and occupy the Japanese mainland, on August 9, 1945, the Soviet Union sent troops to Northeast China a few days before the Japanese emperor announced its surrender. After the Soviet Union invaded Northeast China, it looted all the machinery, equipment and materials in the Northeast, and even took away the railroad tracks. If it could not be taken away, it was destroyed. The industry in the Northeast was almost completely destroyed.

If it wasn’t for the Soviet Union’s plundering of the Northeast in 1945, how could China’s industry be poor in 1949? If it weren’t for the plundering and destruction of the Soviet Union in those years, China’s industrial output value is directly the first in Asia, why should the Soviet Union be aided later? The modern industry that China paid a huge sacrifice for was completely ruined by the Soviet Union.

Later, in order to support China to fight against the United States and to compensate China for the Soviet Union to fight against the United States and aid Korea, the Soviet Union has assisted China in 156 industrial projects since 1953. In other words, the Soviet Union’s aid to China was also exchanged by the Chinese with blood. What’s more, the Soviet Union has robbed China of a lot of industrial equipment!

The Soviet Union’s preparation for a nuclear attack on China in 1969 was the biggest support given by the United States to China. When the United States learned that the Soviet Union was going to carry out nuclear strikes on Chinese military bases and important industrial cities, it exposed the Soviet conspiracy through the media and informed China. At the same time, the United States threatened the Soviet Union that if the Soviet Union carried out a nuclear attack on China, the United States would do the same to the Soviet Union. Only with the cooperation of China’s war preparation efforts and the international support of the United States, the Soviet Union’s nuclear conspiracy against China was smashed!

“A powerful neighbor is the most dangerous enemy” and “attacking from afar” is the most basic geopolitical common sense. Tsarist Russia-Soviet Union is powerful, seriously threatens China, and invades the most territory of China. Japan is powerful and has also threatened China. The United States is strong, but it can contain China’s powerful neighbors to weaken the close threat to China. For example, the United States helped China defeat Japanese aggression, and the United States helped China mitigate the threat of the Soviet Union. However, some people can’t see this common sense, but they hold the greatest friendliness to the Tsarist Russia – the Soviet Union, which has hurt China the most.

In fact, what Russia is most prepared for is China, because Russia knows that it has invaded the most territory of China, and is most afraid of China becoming stronger. Therefore, the weapons that Russia sells to China are always reserved. On the contrary, India, which has always had territorial conflicts with China in recent years, has been given the largest arms support by Russia. India is China’s biggest near-neighbor competitor in the future. Russia always hopes that India will contain China, and thus maintain Russia’s occupation of China’s territory (the application of “far-reaching close attack”)!

05. To destroy Sino-US relations is to destroy China’s future

Since the second industrial revolution, the United States has gradually become the world’s largest scientific and technological power. China’s rapid development in the past four decades has largely absorbed the technology of developed countries headed by the United States. Companies from the United States, Japan, and Europe invest in China, and China trades with developed countries, becoming the most important external force for China to learn advanced technology and gradually develop into a prosperous and strong country.

After the reform and opening up, China’s economy and technology can develop and the Chinese people can live a richer life, thanks to the contribution of the United States. However, some people turn a blind eye to these. Some people use American-invented electric lights, telephones, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, and digital cameras, watch American-invented televisions, listen to American-invented radios, ride on American-invented airplanes, and drive American The 4-wheeled car invented by people uses mobile phones, computers, and the Internet invented by Americans, and then scolds the United States as heinous, and even threatens the interests of the United States. If you were the president of the United States, would you want to beat this asshole?

In fact, the “anti-American” of those five-haired and brainless warriors is handing knives to the “anti-China forces” in the United States. Don’t think that you openly scold the Americans, the Americans are blind, deaf, can’t see, can’t hear. The U.S. intelligence system, Americans in China, and Chinese in the U.S. can all hear and see those anti-American remarks. These anti-American remarks continue to promote the growth of anti-China forces in the United States, and at the same time continue to weaken the pro-China forces in the United States. Think about it, if you hear some people scold you every day, or even threaten you, do you want to teach them a lesson? If someone persuades you to be friendly, is the person who persuaded you also ignored, or these people stopped persuading you?

Those who are “anti-American” are actually constantly promoting and cultivating “anti-China forces” in the United States, which in turn harms China’s interests. Therefore, those “anti-American elements” who think they are “patriotic” are in fact the traitors who really betray China’s interests! On the contrary, those “pro-American factions-traitors” who are reviled by the 50-cent-brained are the ones who strive for China’s interests to the greatest extent and are truly patriotic.

Those “anti-American” idiots have sold out not only the interests of China, but also the interests of the Chinese in the United States. These people scolded the United States every day, and handed knives to the anti-China forces in the United States every day, which also affected the interests of Chinese Americans and increased Americans’ hatred of Asians.

A good relationship between China and the United States is the greatest guarantee for China’s future development. Those five-haired and brainless warriors are sabotaging Sino-US relations everywhere, and even trying to turn China into North Korea. This is the biggest enemy of the Chinese people! On the contrary, those who actively maintain the friendship between China and the United States are not “traitors”, but are actually real patriots.

06. The Russian-Ukrainian war is an opportunity for the transformation of Sino-US relations

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, which focused the United States’ greatest attention on the Russian-Ukrainian war. At this time, the United States urgently needs China’s cooperation. In fact, the Russian-Ukrainian war is an opportunity for the improvement of Sino-US relations. Just like the “September 11 terrorist attack” in the United States in 2001, Jiang Zemin decisively decided to support the United States in its fight against terrorism, giving China nearly a decade or two of development opportunities.

However, those idiots are asking China to support Russia, which is tantamount to placing China on the brink of secondary U.S. sanctions, or even facing full U.S. sanctions, which will ruin China’s future development! So betrayed China’s interests, so betrayed the future of the Chinese nation, is there any “traitor” bigger than the five-haired brainless wolf?

In the face of almost all developed countries supporting Ukraine, Russia’s defeat has become a foregone conclusion. Supporting Russian aggression is itself a serious distortion of values. It would be super stupid to support the failed Russia and let the Chinese people pay for Russia’s aggression. However, those five-headed wolves are just so stupid!

After Russia’s defeat in the war, especially after Putin’s resignation or sudden death from illness, in order to take a breath, Russia must curry favor with the United States. And Russia’s biggest capital to please the United States is to sell China. Just like back then, China’s biggest capital to strive for a good relationship with the United States was to fight the Soviet Union together! Therefore, the future Russia will definitely betray China. Therefore, before Russia betrays China, China must establish a good relationship with the United States in advance, so that Russia has no chance to betray China. This is China’s grand strategy!

In the 21st century, the struggle for hegemony among great powers has been thrown into the trash can of history by the whole world. Only people with outdated concepts such as Putin still insist on the idea of ​​hegemony. Although the relationship between China and the United States has conflicts of interest, it is not irreconcilable. The root of the conflict between China and the United States is the conflict between China’s autocratic state system and liberal democratic values. As long as China starts reform and opening up again and enters into liberal democratization reform, there will be no irreconcilable contradictions between China and the United States. Therefore, China has every opportunity to repair relations with the United States, just as Vietnam repaired relations with the United States after its democratization reforms. For China, the best period of opportunity is to repair relations with the United States in advance before Russia is defeated. Therefore, there is not much time left in China.

If Russia is severely weakened after defeat, or if Russia’s nuclear arsenal is severely weakened, or if Russia is dismembered, it is best for China. Because this will not only create opportunities for China to recover a large number of invaded territories in the future, but also reduce the possibility of Russia harming China in the future, including Russia selling China to the United States, or Russia supporting India against China. A weaker Russia, especially a divided Russia, is a great strategic benefit for China in the long run! In fact, this is still the United States helping China, that is, when the United States helped China fight the threat of the Soviet Union.

Only by adhering to the long-term friendship between China and the United States can China achieve long-term development. However, China will not be the number one in the future, because China has been in an ultra-low fertility rate for a long time. China’s annual new population is less than half of India’s, and after 2024, China’s new population will be less than one-third of India’s. In the next hundred years, in the face of a rising India, China can only rely on the United States to check and balance India. Instead, Russia relies on India to counterbalance China. In particular, Russia occupies a large amount of Chinese territory, and Sino-Russian relations will reverse sooner or later! Only then will China and the United States be friendly, and it will be possible to check and balance India and Russia together. Otherwise, China will face global isolation, possibly worse than Russia who invaded Ukraine!

Since 1991, China’s total fertility rate has been lower than the developed country standard of 2.1, which means that the population will inevitably decrease in the future. Since the mid-1990s, China has been in an ultra-low fertility rate, which was fully revealed in the 2000 census. However, China did not cancel its family planning until 2021 and introduced some policies to encourage births, but it was already too late. By 2023, China will become a “severely aging country”. In 2033, China will become a “super-aging country”. Therefore, in the future, China will inevitably fall into the development crisis of ultra-low birth rate and super-aging.

Population is the life carrier of economy and technology. Without population, there would be no strength and competitiveness of economy and technology. Japan is small in size but has a population of 126 million. Mongolia is relatively large, but its population is only over 3 million. Japan’s economic and technological strength is far higher than that of Mongolia. However, as Japan has fallen into a vicious circle of ultra-low fertility and super-aging, Japan’s GDP and per capita GDP have been stagnant for 20 to 30 years, and many industries have lost their advantages. In the long run, in addition to institutions and culture, population strength (including population quantity, quality, and structure) determines the long-term fate of nation-states.

The 2000 and 2010 censuses showed that China’s total fertility rate was only 1.2, that is, a woman of childbearing age only had 1.2 children in her lifetime, and the sex ratio was seriously unbalanced. Due to the stacking effect of liberalizing the second child, the 2020 Chinese census shows that China’s total fertility rate has been reduced to 1.3. If the second child factor is not released, it is estimated that China’s total fertility rate in 2020 may only be around 1.1.

In 2022, China’s new population will be less than 10 million (the lowest level in hundreds of years), and it will kick off the prelude of negative population growth. At the same time, India’s population surpasses that of China, and India has a new population of up to 25 million every year. By 2024, China’s new population may only be around 7 million, which may be lower than it was a thousand years ago. If China’s encouragement of fertility is somewhat effective, even if China maintains a fertility rate of 1.3, China’s next generation population will be reduced by 40%, two generations by 64%, and five generations by 92%! The population foundation accumulated by the Chinese nation for five thousand years may be destroyed in one or two hundred years!

Therefore, China must adhere to Sino-US friendship, improve the external development environment, and do its best to solve China’s own crisis. Only in this way, the Chinese nation may still have some opportunities to save itself. Otherwise, if China falls into confrontation with the United States, or if China is betrayed by Russia and falls into global isolation, the Chinese nation may really have no chance. At that time, the United States and Russia will support the rise of India together, and the rise of China may be completely betrayed by the idiots!

I recognized China’s ultra-low fertility crisis in 2008, and then began to publish a large number of articles on the Internet, calling for China to change its population policy, and at the same time publishing “Great Power in Danger”. Because I know that the ultra-low fertility rate will lead to China’s future super-aging and population collapse, which will ruin the fate of the Chinese nation. Since then, I have been called “traitor”, “lacking dog”, “traitor”, “American dog”, etc. However, more than a decade later, when China cancels its family planning in 2021, some people praise me for being very visionary and for my long-standing patriotism.

History is very sad: behind Yue Fei, there will always be a group of mad dogs Qin Hui, who desperately frame Yue Fei, attack Yue Fei, and report Yue Fei! When they reported Yue Fei and hurt Yue Fei, they still gloated at the misfortune! Who is saving the country and the people? In the end who is wrong for the country and the people? History finally gives the answer! But the reality is that shameless interests and idiots always attack patriotic patriots in the name of “truth” and “patriotism”! Shameless people know shame, but the brain is not even a bit shameful! I think the biggest shameless thing in the world is brain damage!

Author: Liu Zhongliang, author of “The Dangerous Way of a Great Country”

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September 1, 2022