Zhang Xiaozhou: Re-discussing the “Berlin Wall in the East” and the “Berlin Wall in China”

Photo-GNEWS: "It has been more than thirty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the long-ago demise of East Germany, and the long-ago reunification of the two Germanys. However, the same barbaric and authoritarian internet Berlin Wall,..."

Mr. Pompeo, a world-renowned anti-communist, democratic politician and former U.S. Secretary of State, recently said in Taiwan that no one in the world expected the Berlin Wall to fall so quickly in 1989, and he believes it will happen in China soon, and sooner than anyone imagined. Mr. Pompeo’s view greatly inspires the belief of people who long for the early liberation of mainland China from authoritarian dictatorship and the realization of democratic transformation. This has led me to think about the “Berlin Wall in the East” and the “Berlin Wall in China”.

The Berlin Wall, as a product of the intense game during the Cold War, has not only become an important historical symbol and historical marker, but also frequently appears in the speeches of contemporary politicians as a symbol of the long-term confrontation between the authoritarian and democratic camps, and as the Chinese Communist regime continues to strengthen its authoritarian dictatorship and foreign expansion, it is increasingly used in the public domain as a term with a specific geographical reference and containing important authoritarian means. The term “Berlin Wall in China”, “Berlin Wall in the East”, “Berlin Wall on the Internet”, and so on, are frequently used in the public domain.

Based on the current phenomenon of “Berlin Wall” dissemination, the meaning of the study and dissemination of “Berlin Wall” has been expanded, including but not limited to: remembering the pain of blood and tears in history; re-examining the hardships of the road to freedom and the cost of obtaining freedom; re-examining the hardship of the pursuit of freedom and the cost of obtaining freedom; paying tribute to and remembering those who have risked “scaling the wall” in pursuit of freedom, either successfully or unsuccessfully, or even being brutally killed; summarizing the experience and lessons of gaming dictatorship; cherishing the current democratic system; raising the attention to the real dictatorship; and so on.

Nowadays, those who are called “Berlin Wall” do not need to have a realistic wall. However, the “Berlin Wall” in the academic sense and in the scope of realistic research should at least have the following characteristics: it has been in the front line of confrontation between the authoritarian and democratic camps for a long time; it is used to suppress and restrict the people’s pursuit of human rights, freedom and democracy on the authoritarian side on a large scale and continuously; it has distinctive features; it is widely known; and it is a wall that can be brought down. The effect of the “wall” is highly predictable and extremely predictable.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the authoritarian countries (regions) on one side of the “Berlin Wall” to prevent, restrain and suppress those who cross the wall, the democratic side on the other side of the “Berlin Wall” is not always sympathetic, tolerant and friendly to those who cross the wall. Some democratic countries (regions) lack the necessary empathy, tolerance and trust for those who have crossed the wall, and regard their crossing the wall as “smuggling”, and sentences and deportations of former political persecutors, democrats and dissidents have occurred from time to time. These democratic countries (regions) are certainly responsible for such incidents and their consequences, but from the perspective of institutional differences and differences in the base of interests of both sides, it is ultimately the authoritarian side that has created the “Berlin Wall” and the confrontation and mutual restrictions between the two sides, as well as the large number of people who have crossed the wall, and the “repatriation” of those who have suffered. The persecution of those who suffered “repatriation” and failed to cross the wall was also mainly carried out by the authoritarian side. Therefore, this phenomenon does not diminish or weaken the above-mentioned characteristics of the “Berlin Wall”.

In terms of such features, the “38th parallel” on the border between North and South Korea, the narrow sea between Kinmen and Xiamen, the Shenzhen River and the land border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen during the British rule, the important border zone between authoritarian and democratic countries that is often used by the people of authoritarian countries to cross into democratic countries, and the “Internet firewall” constructed by the Chinese Communist Party and other evil regimes is the famous “Berlin Wall” in the modern sense, which not only has existed for a time close to or even far beyond the European “Berlin Wall”, but also is no less harmful than the European “Berlin Wall”. The harm is no less than the European “Berlin Wall”, and even more than ever. They are like an iron curtain, standing between the countries of the East, looking at the people, blocking the storm of freedom and the tide of democracy, and countless brave people who crossed the wall left their unyielding cries under the “Berlin Wall of the East”, or fell in the rain of bullets, or were arrested. Compared with the East Germany, the people of the East today are not as lucky as the East German people, who at least have the “West Berlin”, the “window of the free world”, to send out the light to dispel the darkness of the dictatorship, while the majority of the people of the East today, even the Internet, which has the hardest flow of information and high restrictions in expression, is almost devoid of freedom and has been reduced to a vast LAN isolated from the outside world, an invisible prison.

In some articles, certain literary techniques are used to highlight the “Berlin Wall” in a certain sense and to increase the impact of arguments. For example, in my previous article, I compared the Chinese Communist Party’s “Internet firewall” to the “Eastern Berlin Wall” to make the title more eye-catching and to facilitate the use of certain literary techniques in the article. However, in terms of the actual meaning and academic definition of “Berlin Wall,” it is inevitably a generalization.

At present, the reality of “East rising and West falling” in the sense of alternative interpretations has made the “Eastern Berlin Wall” increasingly regarded as the world’s largest and strongest “Berlin Wall” by democratic countries and civilized world. With the successive defeats of Putin the Great in the war of aggression against Ukraine, the “East is rising and West is falling”, which is often used by the Xi Communist Party as an argument of shameless boasting and fooling the people, is taking on a new interpretative character with great irony: the “Xi (Communist Party) – Pu (Russia)” axis of evil in the West, facing Ukraine as the vanguard and NATO as the backing of the democratic forces, have lost their armor and troops, and their power has been greatly reduced. As for the lack of soldiers, he actually resorted to the trick of “repelling the army with prisoners” in the tsarist era, and the signs of struggle at the end are clearly evident. The unstoppable trend of “western surrender” made the “Xi (The “relative rise” of the Xi Communist forces, which are located to the east of the “Xi (Communist Party) – Pu (Russia)” axis of evil and whose defeat is not yet obvious, has further highlighted its huge and stubborn characteristics. The “rise in the east and fall in the west”, which is reflected in the “Xi (Communist Party) – Pu (Russia)” axis of evil, has made the Communist Party’s sphere of influence more and more the focus of attention and the number one object of game in the world’s democratic camps, and the “Berlin Wall of the East is also gaining more and more attention because of this ironic “rising from the east and falling from the west”. In the opinion of many democratic political strategists and researchers, although the “Chinese Berlin Wall” and the “Eastern Berlin Wall” are not yet as warlike as the Russian-Ukrainian battlefield, the anti-civilizational power and evil energy of the bastions they symbolize are even more frightening.

This is because the “Chinese Berlin Wall” and the “Eastern Berlin Wall” not only symbolize another huge and unprecedentedly powerful authoritarian group that can look down on the former Soviet Union, but also “keep up with the times The “Berlin Wall”, “Big Data Surveillance” and “Internet Foolishness” not only symbolize another authoritarian group that is unprecedentedly strong enough to overlook the former Soviet Union, but also “keep up with the times” by drawing on high-tech power to strengthen itself and enhance the “Berlin Wall”, “Big Data Surveillance” and “Internet Foolishness”. For example, the network firewall built by the Chinese Communist authorities at an astronomical cost to the people is an important component of the contemporary Berlin Wall. Because of the massive project of the Chinese Communist Party’s network firewall, the evil effect of fooling the people is obvious, and it has imprisoned the minds of more than one billion mainland people, and it has become a wall that blocks the freedom of spirit and information and helps to suppress the freedom of expression, thus giving rise to the long-term game of “overturning the wall” and “building the wall” and This has given rise to a long-term game of “overturning the wall” and “building the wall” and a huge silent confrontation and invisible war, just like the “Berlin Wall” in the virtual network world, which in some contexts has even become the “Chinese Berlin Wall” and the “Eastern Berlin Wall”. The “Chinese Berlin Wall” and the “Eastern Berlin Wall” have even become synonymous in some contexts.

Since the “Chinese Berlin Wall” and the “Eastern Berlin Wall” are very similar in many aspects, they can be equated in many contexts. But strictly speaking, there is a difference between the two. While both symbolize a wide range of confrontation, the latter symbolizes a wider range and greater evil. Figuratively speaking, the contrast between the two symbolic forces of evil is about the difference between ten fingers and nine fingers. The Chinese Communist regime, which corresponds to the “Chinese Berlin Wall,” has a wide range of roots and is the leader of the “Eastern Berlin Wall,” which corresponds to the eastern bastions of dictatorship, occupying nine out of ten, while the remaining twelve out of ten correspond mainly to the neighboring dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, including but not limited to North Korea under the hereditary dictatorship of the Kim family, Vietnam and Laos where the communist dictatorship is still entrenched in the political arena despite certain reforms, the restored dictatorship of the Burmese military government, and so on.

Although the “Berlin Wall of the East” and the “Berlin Wall of China” are different in some aspects, they are essentially one and the same.

The Chinese Communist regime is not only the same as the Kim family dictatorship in North Korea, the half-religious, half-communist dictatorship in Laos, and the dictatorship of the Burmese military government, but the Chinese Communist regime is also the leader of the Eastern dictatorship, which regularly and continuously “measures the material resources of the people and makes friends with the country”, and “gives money” to the neighboring vassals. and it is sparing no effort to support its number one brother, North Korea, to strengthen the real power and potential crisis of the confrontation between the Eastern autocratic group and the world democratic camp, which makes the “Berlin Wall” of physical and virtual characteristics strengthen simultaneously. Whether it is the battle between drone attacks and counter-attacks near Kinmen and Xiamen, or the increasing cyber “firewall” in mainland China and Myanmar, and the harsher crackdown on “wall climbers”; whether it is Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in in 2018, or Kim Jong-un and Trump in 2019 The so-called “historic” meetings between Kim Jong-un and Trump in 2018 and 2019, which were more for show (and for the DPRK and the people) than for real, could not change the nature of the confrontation on the front line, and in 2020, there were “balloon leaflets on the border” and the building of the inter-Korean liaison office was blown up by the DPRK, or the strengthening of certain border zones between the mainland and Southeast and South Asian countries, which have long been used by persecuted and suppressed pro-democracy dissidents and religious believers to seek refuge, or the increasing number of Burmese war refugees and political refugees on the important border between Thailand and Burma, or the unabated number of Afghan refugees fleeing across the border between Taliban-ruled Afghanistan and neighboring countries, it is closely related to the Chinese Communist regime’s increasing confrontation with the democratic camp and its continuous support, either explicitly or implicitly, for the authoritarian regimes in neighboring countries, e.g., the Chinese Communist regime’s support for Burma’s military government and military dictatorial forces is long-standing, which is the main reason for Burma’s coup, the civil war, and the mass exodus of Burmese refugees to Thailand, as well as the “Berlin Wall in Southeast Asia” along the Thai-Myanmar border.

As the Chinese Communist regime continues to strengthen its confrontation with the democratic camp, it has not only led to the extension and strengthening of the “Berlin Wall in China”, but also prompted the simultaneous tumbling of the evil waves of authoritarian restoration in some neighboring countries, causing the authoritarian regimes in some neighboring countries to strengthen their confrontation with the democratic camp, each strengthening its “Berlin Wall”. It can be said that as the “Berlin Wall in China” continues to be extended and strengthened, the “Berlin Wall in the East” is also being extended and strengthened at the same time. Therefore, the “Eastern Berlin Wall” is to a large extent an extension of the “Chinese Berlin Wall.

Although the “Chinese Berlin Wall” and the “Eastern Berlin Wall” still appear to be strong and seemingly impenetrable, in fact, a large number of cracks, visible or hidden, already exist and are spreading and expanding. The Chinese Communist Party’s tyrannical and corrupt regime is already riddled with holes, not to mention the “Berlin Wall” it has constructed. The key point of the “China Berlin Wall” is the “China Network Berlin Wall”, if it completely collapses here, the whole “China Berlin Wall” will not be protected. If the “Network Berlin Wall” in mainland China is completely knocked down, it will certainly set off a torrent of ideological changes and a wave of democratic movements in a short period of time, and the “Chinese Berlin Wall” with communism, socialism and Marxism-Leninism as symbols and camouflage will be completely knocked down. The “Berlin Wall of the East” is also likely to collapse.

In 1987, former U.S. President Reagan delivered a famous speech entitled “Bringing Down the Berlin Wall” in Berlin, on the border between East and West Germany, and Mr. Pompeo, who was working diligently to patrol the borders between West Germany and East Germany and Czechoslovakia to protect the people, must have been inspired and influenced by this speech. Now, Mr. Pompeo, who has left numerous achievements and accolades as Secretary of State and is aspiring to run for the presidency, has also expressed his firm belief that the “Berlin Wall” will fall in the East of the world where the “Berlin Wall” is erected, and is the successor of President Reagan’s ambition to fight against communism. I believe that with the encouragement and leadership of the world’s anti-communist heroes such as Mr. Pompeo and Speaker Pelosi, the wave of bringing down the “Berlin Wall in China” and the “Berlin Wall in the East” will be brewing and surging in the East of the world in the near future.