Yan Jiaqi: Three Elements of Chinese Traditional Concepts (Reply to Mr. Edmund Ho’s “Two Americans’ Comments on the Chinese”)

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Yan Jiaqi2023-1-7

① The concept of “equalizing the rich and the poor” derived from “benevolence”

② The concept of “benevolent government” and the supremacy of imperial power, “rights are not guaranteed and power is not restricted”

③ Replace the relentless pursuit of truth, justice, and perfection with “benevolence, righteousness and morality” (2023-1-7)

Two Americans’ comments on the Chinese

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary (Hillary) gave a speech at Harvard University in the United States, predicting the future of China:

In 20 years, China will become the poorest country in the world. The basis she gave is:

  1. Judging from the situation of applying for immigration, 90% of family members of high-ranking officials and 80% of rich people in China have applied for immigration or have the intention to immigrate. It is puzzling why the ruling class and vested interests in a country lose confidence in their country;

  2. The Chinese do not understand their responsibilities and obligations to the country and society;

  3. The Chinese are one of the few terrible countries in the world that have no beliefs. The only worship of the whole people is power and money, and they are selfish;

  4. The masses of the people used to be slaves of power and have evolved into slaves of money. How can such a country win respect and trust;

  5. Most Chinese people have never learned what is the meaning of life that is decent and respectable. Only gaining power or money is everything in life is success. The phenomenon of corruption, depravity, and bewilderment of the whole people is unprecedented in human history;

  6. The unscrupulous destruction of the environment and the plundering of resources are almost crazy. How many earths are needed to supply such an extravagant and wasteful way of life?

US Ambassador to China Gary Locke’s evaluation of the Chinese people is even more intriguing:

  1. Very smart, but very believe in rumors;

He likes to scramble for everything, from the bed at birth to the cemetery at the end of life, from the beginning to the end;
He can swallow his anger on big things, but he cares about small things;

Things that can be done through relationships will never be resolved through proper channels;

It’s not about unfairness, but about not being the beneficiary;

Often criticize the outside world, but rarely reflect on themselves;

It doesn’t matter if you are happy or not, you can’t make others happy anyway;

Instead of cheering a friend’s success, he will contribute to the misery of a stranger;

Do not reach out for the persistence of the strong, but shed tears for the compromise of the weak;

Don’t want to be burdened by the implementation of the rules, and would rather suffer for adapting to the unspoken rules;

Instead of fighting for everyone’s interests, I am willing to roar for everyone’s misfortune;

Don’t seek happiness for the long-term future, willing to take risks for small profits in the immediate future.

Americans have a better understanding of Chinese people than we Taiwanese. In Taiwan, there are still some people who hold the dream of being annexed by China, unified by China, and ruled by such a regime? ?

This is how Hillary Clinton and the former US ambassador to China commented on the Chinese people.

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