Weng Tianming: “Xueyou Zhang” may be confused because they didn’t estimate that the 20th National Congress is just around the corner


Weng Tianming: “Xueyou Zhang” may be confused because they didn’t estimate that the 20th National Congress is just around the corner

As of July 1 this year, the Hong Kong regime has been vested in the CCP for 25 years. In the past 25 years, Hong Kong has experienced many changes, especially the series of turmoil in the past few years. A ruling party’s sworn international commitments became the laughing stock of the world.

Recently, Jacky Cheung’s speech has aroused the anger of mainlanders. In fact, this is not the first time Jacky Cheung has appeared in front of the public because of the rumored “Hong Kong independence”. It was his wife’s remarks that brought him to the forefront. .

The author has read Jacky Cheung’s speech several times, and neither does he feel any dissatisfaction with China or the CCP, nor does he feel from his words that Hong Kong in his eyes has become better. Probably, the latter is the main reason why he was attacked online.

Some people say that when there is no voice of opposition, it is a crime to not praise enough.

After Xi Jinping came into power, the Chinese environment has become more and more corrupt, and many positive words in the past have become neutral or even derogatory. For example, the “compliment” mentioned above is actually flattering.

The reason why Zhang Tianwang was criticized has something to do with this sentence. However, more importantly, I think that the 20th National Congress is about to start, and it is also good to use the reputation of Tianwang to beat the party representatives of the provinces. Of course, the reason for this is related to the complicated mentality of mainland Chinese when facing Hong Kong.

Before “liberation”, Hong Kong, the Four Asian Tigers, a city with a population of millions, should be the center of the world’s Chinese-language film and music scene. Many celebrities have brought countless rich cultural enjoyments to the mainland which has just reformed and opened up – it turns out that the world can still be like this – this is probably the most direct perception of Hong Kong music and movies by mainlanders in the 1980s and 1990s.

As a mainlander who has been brainwashed and educated by many Chinese traditions such as unification, collectivism, etc., he is undoubtedly envious of Hong Kong people, envious of their freedom, and envious of their life. Whether it is the brotherhood portrayed in Young and Dangerous, or the incessant eloquence of the lawyers in the court, or the life of the rich and the fierce business battles.

After the “liberation”, Hong Kong is still the dream of many mainlanders. There, many people have seen the appearance of civilization and experienced the feeling of freedom. Otherwise, the staff sent by mainland state-owned enterprises to Hong Kong will not stop. Enjoy the right to be a Hong Kong resident after 7 years.

However, behind the envy is inferiority, followed by hatred. As a highly civilized society under the rule of the British Empire, everything in Hong Kong has nothing to do with the mainland regime, at least nothing to do with the CCP. Therefore, how can a “liberated” Hong Kong escape the clutches of the CCP officials? On the mainland, all the negative news about Hong Kong is constantly being amplified and incited, blaming it all on the so-called “Hong Kong independence”, “Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong” and the “capitalist system”. Then, the net army appeared in the high ground of online public opinion in a neat and uniform manner. Overnight, in public discourse, Hong Kong was despised by mainlanders, although many people may still have documents from Hong Kong on the table at home. Purchased baby formula.

Inferiority stems from the same kind of different fate, for example, Mr. Ni who just drove a crane to the west. What would have happened if he hadn’t gone to Hong Kong back then?

“Fate” – to put it bluntly, there are only two: one’s own efforts and the social system. The latter is precisely what the vast majority of mainlanders dare not speak. Historically, all the members of the Communist Party of China who have become powerful are all flattering people. Otherwise, why do they need to work hard every day to build the party and talk about the party style? There is one thing that is good about the mainland. If you look at the propaganda things in reverse, you will not push yourself into a desperate situation. For example, what kind of moral models they have set up, spread out their deeds and summarize them in one sentence: The moral models personally bear the responsibility of the government’s dereliction of duty, and they are silent.

Therefore, when mainlanders see Hong Kongers who are fighting, mainlanders are terrified. They never thought that they could fight against their masters and fight for their rights. As a result, mainlanders who were used to being slaves were incited by a few words of “independence, independence” and spontaneously defended the interests of their masters. As for why Jacky Cheung was found, it was because the Hong Kong people who were fighting were not scattered overseas and were already behind bars. It was difficult for mainlanders to not see any news about them, so they could only find fault with the obedient “Jacky Cheungs” in exchange for The meat and bones thrown by the master.

This year, the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China may be held, of course, it may not be held. Find a few more mad dogs and bark at “Xueyou Zhang”, can’t you also mention those provincial party representatives who are not fully praised and in place?

Therefore, Xueyou Zhang also made a foolish statement, claiming that he couldn’t figure it out. Your so-called “non-political” principle is there, and it’s almost impossible to figure it out. Xueyou Zhang, your success is certainly due to your hard work, but if you were in the mainland back then, would you really have a chance? Maybe now, we’re both lying shirtless in a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan waiting for an ambulance?