Zhang Xiaozhou: “Hot waters” people’s grievances reaffirm Xi’s ten-year failure in power


China’s President Xi Jinping leaves the podium after speaking following his arrival via high-speed rail across the border in Hong Kong on June 30, 2022, for celebrations marking the 25th anniversary of the city’s handover from Britain to China. (Photo by Selim CHTAYTI / POOL / AFP) Image via Weiwei – The Nation Live News

Xi Jinping has been in power for ten years, his achievements are lackluster, and his failures are everywhere. Although he is determined to be re-elected, and he is very proud of his achievements, he brazenly and brazenly bragged about it in the party media, but in the end, it is difficult to hide the truth that it has brought disaster to the country and the people. public grievances.

What is the current level of public grievances in mainland China? The answer to this question, of course, can be seen from a large number of reports outside the wall, and it can also be seen from the hot tweets in the Chinese Twitter circle and the comments under the popular Chinese Youtube programs, but the most convincing answer undoubtedly comes from the mainland. An extensive social survey of society and ecology within the walls.

However, since the CCP authorities have always prioritized maintaining autocracy and covering up their failures, and spent endless amounts of money and money to build a comprehensive and three-dimensional monitoring system, it is extremely difficult to conduct such a large-scale social investigation to get a closer look at the truth of the people’s grievances in mainland China. Small-scale social investigations are also very likely to trigger the almost ubiquitous totalitarian control network, alerting all kinds of network police and spies who are squatting everywhere.

However, when the people’s grievances are like fire, there are always billowing flames that break through the copper wall and the iron wall of control within the wall; when the people’s anger is like a sea for a long time, there will always be a rush of anger to destroy the stubborn embankment and long dam at the mouth of the people. Recently, a short-lived hot message under a hot news titled “Why is the climate “distressed this year” in “Baidu Hot Search” fully demonstrates the current public grievances.

Baidu’s hot search has always been the focus of the CCP’s public opinion control, but there are obviously different levels of control. Those with a high level of management and control are all compiling remarks of 50 cents, and even self-made 5 remarks that have a slight personality from the angle of flattery and a little cause the reader’s suspicion of “incorrect association” are blocked or very rare. For those with a lower level of control, there is still a certain space for the expression of true public opinion in a short period of time after the news is released.

Because this news is a hot news about the weather, it was not paid much attention by the CCP’s cultural and propaganda department and Baidu’s network monitoring department before, and there were not many comments about fifty cents. Therefore, for a certain period of time after the news was released without network monitoring, the high Likes and comments can fully reflect the trend of public opinion in mainland China and the aspirations of the people.

More than ten hours after the hot news titled “Why is this year’s climate so hot?”, the most-liked message was: “It’s more than a hot climate! Isn’t the life of the people?” The biggest difference between a message with a lot of likes is that this message does not discuss the weather like other messages, but asks people’s livelihood difficulties from the sigh of bad weather. Therefore, the highlight of this message’s likes is obviously not in repeating the previous sentence of the news headline, but in the latter sentence that speaks for the people and expresses the bitterness of the people.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the net name of the netizen who wrote the message is “Sit quietly and often think about yourself and chat, don’t talk about others, Xo”. The screen name obviously fully reflects this netizen’s values ​​and thinking habits that he does not like to comment on the right and wrong of others. Most of these people also lack enthusiasm and motivation to comment on social and political affairs, and they are full of awareness such as being wise and protecting themselves. If such people all burst out with blockbuster satire, it is enough to show how far the public grievances are boiling.

However, even such high-flying likes on the totally apolitical hot weather news were deleted a few hours later. This can only show that Robin Li and Baidu and the CCP authorities are in a gang of gangs to suppress public opinion to an outrageous level, and it also shows that the “distressed” people’s livelihood is a major failure of Xi Jinping and his horse and a highly sensitive area that they tried to cover up in every possible way. .

In contrast to the fact that the above-mentioned high-liked message was quickly deleted, under another hot news titled “UK declares a state of national emergency” (the reason is that the UK is also entering a relatively rare high temperature weather), Wu Mao. The remarks filled the screen, and the most “liked” was “We are fine, foreigners are too arrogant, we want to build a great motherland”. This statement is not like the opposite. Even if this is the intention, it is difficult for the general cognition level of netizens in the wall to appreciate the irony color. Therefore, the effect of this message to fool the people is far greater than the value of alternative interpretation. There is no wrongdoing in the remarks attributed to Wumao, and it is a distortion.” The evil effect of the universal values ​​of patriotism has invisibly strengthened the awareness of obedience to the people of a large number of readers, while the awareness of comparative thinking and human rights has been weakened again.

The direct manifestation of the “distressed” people’s livelihood in mainland China is that under the sweltering heat, a large number of people who have worked hard to support their families suffered from heat stroke, and even died of severe heat stroke such as “heat stroke”. This is enough to show once again that the labor laws and other laws promulgated by the CCP authorities are nothing but fake laws that are shameless and ignorant of the people. In the fiery realm, it is the basic fact! At the same time, flood disasters occur frequently in various places, and news or news of people dying in floods is reported from time to time. This proves that the corrupt officials at all levels of the CCP authorities are not interested in flood control and drainage and other basic livelihood projects that are not very profitable. Projects that are not beneficial to people’s livelihood and cause disaster are particularly coveted, such as the huge profits, the forced demolition and the frenzied construction, the Great Leap Forward-style real estate development, and the so-called landmark buildings (face projects) made of people’s fat and plaster.

As the Xi Jinping faction seeks to rule for a long time or stay in power forever, and stubbornly insists on tyranny, evil, and tyranny, such as clearing the epidemic, it exacerbates the inherent drawbacks of the CCP’s autocratic system. People’s livelihood has caused serious damage, which is an important factor causing the current “distressed” situation of people’s livelihood in mainland China. With public grievances boiling over, Xi Jinping was nicknamed “Zero Zong” again. This nickname spread wildly outside the walls, proving that Xi Jinping’s clearing tyranny is extremely unpopular. Xi Jinping and his main horse are the ones who are aggravating the suffering of the people’s livelihood in the current mainland and causing hundreds of millions of mainland people to suffer. The culprit who was placed in a “distressed” situation.

Recently, in Zhengzhou, Henan, in the hinterland of the Central Plains, a large-scale rights protection incident broke out among a large number of people who were unreasonably and illegally prohibited from withdrawing money. Under the shackles of evil government, such as the CCP authorities maliciously assigning red health codes to the rights defenders, there are still so many people who have broken through the blockades to gather in the central towns of the Central Plains, and stick to the banner of rights protection under the scorching sun. This alone is enough to show that a large number of people are unbearable. Forced by natural and man-made disasters, the bank’s untrustworthiness caused by the collusion between officials and businessmen, and the collusion between officials and blacks, which are born in the hotbed of the CCP’s autocratic dictatorship system, have been miserable. Although the rights protection incident was soon brutally suppressed by Xi Jinping’s iron-clad horse in Henan, Lou Yangsheng and others, it has made a strong note on the list of Xi Jinping and his horse’s defeat, which is enough to further highlight the fact that the mainland people are in the ten years of Xi Jinping’s rule. In 2010, it was in a “dire situation”.

High temperature and floods are concurrent, and the people are sick and angry. Man-made calamities are far worse than natural calamities, and the rebellion of the lone husband and the thieves inflicts natural calamities, endlessly magnifying the evil of autocracy. People’s livelihood is in dire straits, and people’s grievances are boiling. The change in people’s minds has been fully reflected in this Henan depositor rights protection incident. The banners displayed by the rights defenders are full of eye-catching words and highly sensitive slogans such as “human rights” and “rule of law” which are the most taboo of the CCP authorities, criticizing Henan. The government officials colluded with each other, and pointed the finger at Xi Jinping’s empty and shameless ignorance of the people: the so-called “Chinese Dream”. Such slogans and slogans are very rare among the rights protection incidents that have erupted since Xi Jinping took office for ten years. , is the inevitable result of the misery of people’s livelihood caused or exacerbated by Xi Jinping and his horses.

When the people are overwhelmed by the suffering of “dire waters” and cry out angrily and call for the rule of law for human rights, if the politicians and the ruling party have a little sense of shame, a little sense of justice, and are willing to pay a little “price” for the people, instead of always putting the people When it comes to “price”, will it stay on stage all the time? !

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