Wang Qingpeng: Are you ready for the CCP to step down? (3) —— Write to you in the system


Photo – youTube Xi Jinping down, or the Communist Party down? Can overseas Chinese organize themselves on July 2: Study backwards! Uploaded by: One Sword Piaochen, Jun 4, 2022

Are you ready for the CCP to step down? (3)

——Written to you in the system

On August 5, it was reported on the Internet that the prison guard who was assassinated in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province was because the suspect was unfairly treated by the cadre in the prison. On August 6, it was reported on the Internet that two policemen were killed because the suspect wanted revenge. Yesterday I saw someone with a kitchen knife chasing the traffic police…

In the last years of the Red Dynasty, the contradiction between officials and the people was unprecedentedly tense. All kinds of contradictions in society would eventually evolve into contradictions between officials and people. The whole society became more and more hostile, and the authorities had no time to take care of it. The CCP has reached the point of change.

From this, I think of Fan Huapei , Yang Jia, who killed 6 officials of the public security system because he was arbitrarily insulted by the police to seek justice, and Xia Junfeng who killed the urban management team members because of violent law enforcement. , Jia Jinglong, who killed the secretary of the village branch because his house was forcibly demolished, and Zhang Koukou, who bullied his mother and killed a fellow villager because of insults.

Both the murderer and the murdered are victims of this system.

With the current inhumane reset policy, isolation policy and nucleic acid kidnapping in China, people’s livelihood is getting more and more difficult. From the perspective of farmers, a lot of land has been occupied at one time and there is no ration land for survival; from the perspective of urban migrant workers, it is becoming more and more difficult to work due to the CCP’s interference in the economy and various nonsensical policies. As housing loans and car loans are cut off, deposits are swallowed, business operations are difficult, and it is difficult for college students to find jobs after graduation, more and more people will not be able to eat. In the past, Shinobu used to eat for food, but now Shinobu has no food and can no longer bear it.

If the staff members of the system who take taxpayers’ hard-earned money and do evil, meet citizens who cannot eat and seek justice, but the officials killed above may be your fate. Even if you don’t do evil, don’t forget who your parents are. Your source of income is not the government, but the people who support you. If the people’s livelihood is in difficulty, you are not far from running out of food. Even if your livelihood is temporarily unaffected, will your children not be vaccinated with unsafe vaccines? Will your children not drink milk powder of substandard quality ? Don’t your kids get introverted in school, and aren’t they brainwashed and educated to become new slaves? Does your family not breathe toxic and harmful smog? Don’t you bow your head and beg for help?

In fact, ordinary people in the system are also victims of this system, but they seem to have a guarantee compared to those who do not receive government salaries. I just wrote this and saw another piece of news (today, on August 13th, there was a flash flood near Longcaogou in Pengzhou, Sichuan, and many people were washed away. It is reported on the Internet that the flood was released by a dam), such incidents are all public power Unsupervised, arbitrary behavior. Even within the system, your children leaving the Iron Chain Girl and the beaten woman in Tangshan are just a slap in the face and an easy meal. In addition to these practical problems, after the Communist Party has stepped down, it is necessary to liquidate the members of the system who have done evil.

Of course, if you have to have the job in order to support your family, you can:

  1. Do not speak ill of each other, and do not hurt others.

  2. When performing the task assigned by the superior, not only do not intensify, but also raise the muzzle of the gun by an inch.

  3. If you still have a conscience, properly support those protesters and dissidents who pursue democracy and the rule of law, because you are also a beneficiary of their protests.

A dictatorship can fester faster than anyone can imagine !

The Communist Party will step down. As you in the system, are you ready?

Wang Qingpeng

August 13, 2022 in Seattle, USA