Kuiyang: Adaptation and Inevitability in the Era of US-Taiwan Resumption of Jiaotong University


Kuiyang – US-Taiwan Relations

On August 2, 2022 local time in Taiwan, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Ms. Pelosi, led a delegation to Taiwan, starting the visit of the highest-level official U.S. official to Taiwan in the past 25 years. During this period, he met with senior officials from the Presidential Office of the Republic of China, the military, the Legislative Yuan, and the National Security Bureau in Taiwan. The visit of a high-level U.S. government delegation to Taiwan this time brought new focus and hotspots to international politics, and even triggered a nuclear-explosive diplomatic stress response to the CCP regime. And the remarks made by the current heavyweight politician and former Secretary of State Pompeo in the public media in support of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan have made this time the evolution of US-Taiwan relations attract worldwide attention.

As we all know, the United States and the Republic of China have a very long history of exchanges. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1913, it has experienced the alliance of World War II and achieved comprehensive victory. Even from 1951 to 1979, the US military was stationed in Taiwan, and all sectors of the United States had long-term exchanges and support with Taiwan at the level of science, technology, commodities, and energy. It can be said that it was a political honeymoon period for the two countries. The rapprochement between the United States and the Republic of China came to an abrupt end in 1979. Based on the balance of various interests, the then US President Carter and his ruling team suddenly announced that they would cut off diplomatic relations with the Republic of China, and chose to establish diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China. From that moment on, the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the international community has been reduced from a formal regime with legal inheritance qualifications that represents China to a marginal person and bystander in international affairs. Even sports events and scientific research activities of international health organizations, Taiwan cannot participate decently and formally. In this process, the CCP regime has spared no effort to squeeze the orthodox and legal status of the Republic of China. Using the threat of big sticks and the temptation of candy, many countries that used to have diplomatic relations with the Republic of China broke off diplomatic relations with the Republic of China and joined the friendly camp of the CCP regime. The most recent and most typical object of alienation is the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific.

Evil neighbors push each other, old friends forsake. It has made the living space of the Republic of China more and more cramped, squeezed out of the legitimate status of the international community, and constantly threatened by the CCP regime’s military. Surviving through the cracks, what a difficult situation! However, the Republic of China did not succumb, nor did it rot. After perfecting the democratic electoral system, the Republic of China (Taiwan) completed the modern democratic transition from the post-Chiang era until the DPP Tsai Ing-wen formed the cabinet. In one fell swoop, it became a modern and civilized country with outstanding strength and remarkable achievements.

We have been misled by the CCP regime, they always lead us to focus and discuss Taiwan’s “independence” or “unification”. After careful consideration, this is actually a false proposition, because the Republic of China (Taiwan) has long been a rigorous and solemn sovereign state, so why discuss it! Taiwan is a sovereign country for six reasons:

First, the traceable historical documents show that the Republic of China has an impeccable ruling legal system, and it has inherited the Manchu and popular mandates. The CCP regime, which claims to have pan-China dominance, happens to be a puppet regime cultivated by foreign forces (Soviet Russia).

Second, the Republic of China has more than 23 million citizens and a land area of ​​36,000 square kilometers. The complete history that can be traced back, the legal orthodoxy of inheritance, and the complete Constitution of the Republic of China and the national flag and national anthem. There is a democratic electoral political system of “one government and five houses”.

Third, the Republic of China has an independent military and national defense system. Taiwan’s military strength ranks among the top 15 of all 197 sovereign countries in the world, which is extremely powerful!

Fourthly, the Republic of China has an independent and reputable citizen passport. The passport of the Republic of China enjoys visa-free treatment in more than 110 countries around the world, including almost all developed countries. This is a high-level form of recognition of sovereign countries by the international community.

Fifth, the Republic of China has an independent monetary and financial system. The exchange rate of the New Taiwan dollar is stable, and the Central Bank of the Republic of China has an excellent reputation for orderly functioning.

Sixth, the Republic of China has a good international status and industry reputation in the fields of medical care, culture, science and technology, agriculture, aquatic products, and shipping. Among them, the national health care system and electronic products are among the best in the industry.

It is extremely absurd that the CCP regime, at the age of 70, attempts to subdue the Republic of China at the age of 110 and “recognize the ancestors and return to the clan”!

At present, for Taiwan, it is only subject to the “rejection” of abnormal international institutions such as the “United Nations” that are held hostage by China and Russia. And an organization like the United Nations that has been manipulated by evil forces is predictably bound to be collectively rejected by civilized countries. Only the original can clear the source, so Taiwan’s international status does not need the recognition of the United Nations at all, that is, it has natural and logically complete political legitimacy. The trump card of the CCP regime is simply to use gold-dollar diplomacy and great power deterrence to force other countries not to establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan. As far as Taiwan is concerned, allies without a sense of justice are not worth it, and they will not affect their orderly operation and vitality at all.

Most countries in the world have chosen to establish diplomatic relations with the CCP regime based on different interest demands or historical reasons, and refused to recognize Taiwan’s sovereign state status. However, the 23 million Taiwanese have made indelible contributions to responsibility, progress promotion, and participation in co-construction in the modern history of mankind! It even wrote a rich and colorful space in the era of a sovereign country.

The greatest good news for the Republic of China is that the United States has re-examined and re-evaluated Taiwan’s security and important economic and strategic position under the constant provocation and disruption of the East Asian Axis of Evil groups in Russia, China, and North Korea. Americans have seen the political consequences of promoting communism and suppressing Taiwan more than 40 years ago, and they are also beginning to reflect and make corrections.

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan this time, as well as Pompeo’s positive support for Taiwan, will allow the world to see the public opinion of the United States and the direction of the future situation in East Asia. The British “Guardian” Elliot (Larry Elliot)’s article in the Economic Edition Opinion column believes that the visit may accelerate the catalyst for the economic decoupling between China and the United States, and the world’s major economies seem to be unprepared in this regard. Change is inevitable, whether

For the United States, the Taiwan Relations Act alone is not enough to ensure the stability of the people of Taiwan and the situation in East Asia. Because in the late period of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping has been trying to invade Taiwan by armed force. This is a crisis in the Taiwan Strait, and it is also a major threat to the security, stability, and prosperity of the world. On both sides of the Taiwan Strait, on one side is the Republic of China, a legitimate regime that has continued the orthodoxy in power for thousands of years, has chosen a democratic system, and has built a prosperous and prosperous regime. On the other side is the puppet regime, the People’s Republic of China, the spokesperson of the Soviet Union, which advocates violent conspiracy to usurp power and steals the country, avoids resisting foreign enemies, insists on dictatorship and tyranny, supports international dictatorship and violent terrorist forces, and loses the hearts and minds of the people and the country. What choice will the United States make?

It is hoped that the U.S. government and U.S. voters will realize that the most urgent task is to formally resume diplomatic relations with the Republic of China and promote it to enter various political, economic, military, technological, medical, sports and other national organizations as a formal sovereign state. Including the Republic of China as a sovereign country into the protection system of international laws and regulations is also the best measure to solve the Taiwan Strait crisis once and for all. Once the Republic of China is restored to its international status, Xi and the Communist Party will no longer have the opportunity to coerce and “unify by force” against Taiwan on the grounds of “resolving internal conflicts within sovereign states.”

The United States has established formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Since then, it has added a righteous ally in a key position in Asia, and can also maintain maximum suppression and combat capabilities against dictatorships and terrorist organizations in specific regions. It is a harmless move for the United States to maintain world peace and promote universal values. The United States holding hands with the Republic of China and the world embracing a civilized Taiwan are good actions that conform to the trend of history and the evolution of civilization.

It is hoped that the 70 years of humiliation of the Republic of China will be pacified with the assistance of the United States. The Republic of China stands in the east of the world. It is an adaptation to people’s hearts and justice in the great era of the 2020s, and it is also an inevitable necessity for history to set things right and clear the source. The resulting regional stability, ethnic prosperity, and demonstration of justice are truly the blessings of Taiwanese, the Chinese, and the people of the world.

(Written by Kuiyang at 9:10 am Western Time on August 14, 2022 in Los Angeles, USA)