Lin Baohua: Li Keqiang and Xi Jinping are far apart

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The Beidaihe work conference ended, and the top CCP officials disappeared from July 31 to their reappearance on August 16. It took more than two weeks. It is conceivable that internal disputes are intertwined and difficult to settle. The party media first reported that Li Keqiang visited Shenzhen on August 16, and then reported Xi Jinping’s appearance in Liaoning the next day. It was also on August 16. Why was Li first and then Xi? This is not because of Li Qingxi, but Xi Jinping has always been afraid of death, and the media can report him only after he leaves completely, so as to avoid being chased and killed by the enemy. This is what he took from the so-called Lin Biao during the Cultural Revolution to blow up the special train that Mao Zedong took on the road when he toured Beijing. In fact, I have always been skeptical about this, because I have never presented any evidence, and it is all the words of the Maoists. It is just to add the blame to Lin Biao and force him to escape.

When it comes to Li Keqiang and Xi Jinping, one goes south and the other goes north, they are really diametrically opposed, completely disregarding the image of unity. The focus of their investigation is also different, and it is really the same. But can they all find a cure for China’s current predicament?

Li Keqiang went to Shenzhen to preside over a symposium with the principals of the provincial government, a major economy, to talk about saving the economy, and to pay homage to the bronze statue of Deng Xiaoping, which means implementing Deng Xiaoping’s line. However, history has proved that Deng Xiaoping’s so-called chief architect of reform and opening up, as I said in my recent book “A Hundred Years of CCP History Written with Blood and Lies”, is fundamentally a scam designed by him, including the so-called “one country, two systems” in Hong Kong. . This scam was declared bankrupt during the June 4th Massacre in 1989. It was rescued by the Southern Spring Festival tour in 1992 and continued to be deceived. Western countries also continued to be deceived and adopted palliative policies to make the CCP become more powerful. Now it is too late to wake up.

At that time, the development of China’s economy mainly relied on foreign capital, including Hong Kong capital, Taiwan capital, and later Chinese private enterprises. However, now that foreign capital has gradually withdrawn, how much foreign capital is there to save the life of the Communist Party? The result of the advance of the country and the retreat of the people has led to the loss of economic vitality. As long as Xi Jinping is still on stage, no one will dare to believe what he has to say, let alone what Li Keqiang said.

Deng Xiaoping “let some people get rich first”, the result is that the second generation of red and princelings get rich first. Deng Xiaoping’s youngest son, Deng Zhifang, established Sifang Real Estate in Shanghai. Relying on Deng Xiaoping’s power, he obtained cheap land to develop properties in Hongqiao, mainly selling them to foreign businessmen such as Taiwanese. He then went to Hong Kong with Zhou Guanwu’s son Zhou Beifang, secretary of the Party Committee of Capital Iron and Steel Company, to find Li Ka-shing and Cheung Kong Industrial. The group’s “head of the four parties” is listed in Hong Kong to make money, how dare Li Ka-shing not follow? Deng Xiaoping’s youngest daughter, Deng Rong (Mao Mao), opened a real estate company in Shenzhen, and then came to Hong Kong to sell to the rich in Hong Kong. How dare the rich in Hong Kong not buy it?

Before this, at the end of 1986, Miss Deng Lin held an art exhibition in Hong Kong, and two rich people snapped up her works, one for 600,000 Hong Kong dollars and the other for 500,000 yuan. The two rich people remembered that one was the owner of Shaw Brothers, Run Run Run Shaw. , one is Wharf Group, the ship king Bao Yugang. Before this, Deng Lin’s paintings were sold on the wall of the Central China National Products Company, and a painting was 3 to 4,000 Hong Kong dollars. Since then, Deng Lin has become a first-class painter in China, and is often interviewed by Hong Kong media to talk about her patriotic artistic creation. The CCP officials, big and small, and their families have also followed suit. This is Deng Xiaoping’s reform and opening up. Is Li Keqiang going to follow this path? Hong Kong has almost been deprived by you. Where can there still be the elegance of the Pearl of the Orient? Hong Kong is China’s window. For the loss of Hong Kong, can other major economic provinces in China be exceptions?

The key project of Xi Jinping’s visit to Liaoning is to visit the Memorial Hall of the Battle of Liaoning and Shenyang. This is in line with his wolf warrior character, and he also uses this to demonstrate to the political enemies who fired at him at the Beidaihe Conference, because Beijing is the nearest place there; if you want to demonstrate to Taiwan, you should go to the Fujian front line and pay homage to the dead souls of the Guningtou Battle. But I also doubt whether there are undercover agents in the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China? Because I just posted the book “Snow White and Red” on Facebook a few days ago, which wrote many dark sides of the Northeast Field Army during the Second Kuomintang-Communist Civil War. This book was published in Hong Kong in 1991, causing some old revolutionary dissatisfaction, but two cousins, Yang Shangkun, the executive vice chairman of the Military Commission at the time, and Yang Baibing, director of the General Political Department, did not severely punish the author, Zhang Zhenglong, who later wrote a praise for his virtues. works to salvage the impact. Therefore, I have a positive attitude towards the relatively open-minded attitude of the Yang family. Before and after June 4th, Yang Shangkun sympathized with Zhao Ziyang. Therefore, at the 14th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Jiang Zemin and Deng Xiaoping joined hands to eliminate the Yang family’s influence in the army.

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The picture shows the cover photo of “Snow White Blood Red” 2022 08 19 08 51 25 Provided by Lin Baohua

Zhang Zhenglong conducted a large number of field investigations on the “War of Liberation” in the Northeast, exposing the tragic situation of the Changchun siege and the inhumanity of the CCP. There is also a description of Wang Zhen’s troops producing opium in Nanniwan and bringing them to the Northeast to participate in the Liaoshen Campaign. No wonder the old revolution is about to jump. Here is what he wrote:

“The 10th 28th Division, which made great achievements in the Black Mountain Blockade, was the old base of the famous 359th Brigade in the Yan’an Great Production Movement (the main force went south, but did not reach the northeast).

“Military Materials of the Three-Year Liberation War in Northeast China” commented on the 28th Division as follows:

‘It is one of the troops with the oldest historical foundation among the troops in the Northeast. Many of them are the backbone of the Land Revolution and the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. Most of the cadres above the company are veteran cadres who joined the army in Guannei. The style of the troops is very tired and lacks vitality. Conservative, slow progress, passive fighting style, and insufficient combat effectiveness, its troop history should be included in the main divisions of the northeastern troops, but its combat effectiveness is not as good as that of the general old troops and the new troops that have improved rapidly. ‘

“The old people said: Before the Battle of Liaoshen, the 28th Division had hardly fought any good battles on the black soil.

“Some old people said that when they came to the Northeast, they were very rich, ‘there is a lot of black (smoky soil) and white (silver) goods’. Some old people said that they were able to do things in the Northeast and made a fortune, ‘there is a lot of housework’, The burden is heavy. Some old people say that every time they transfer, they are full of big and small vehicles, like a baggage team. Some old people say that during the Siping defense battle, Lin Feng asked the brigade to withdraw from the Meihekou, and the logistics minister did not Shit, he said he wanted to ask the brigade for instructions. Lin Feng said, is the Northeast Bureau leading you, or are you leading the Northeast Bureau? If you are not active in fighting, you can make things. If the Northeast is lost, can you keep your things?

“Lin Biao and Liu Yalou both said: If you don’t fight well, you will be demoted and become an independent division.

“The 359th Brigade was downgraded to an independent division when some new units were continuously upgraded to the main column.”

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The picture is “Military Materials of the Three-Year Liberation War in Northeast China” photo 2022 08 19 08 51 29 Provided by Lin Baohua

Many of the elderly people visited by Zhang Zhenglong were veterans who had participated in the “Northeast Liberation War” (including the Liaoshen Campaign) and had been retired from the army, retaining some of the true history of the CCP’s military. These old people dare to say this because of the active period of thought brought about by the reform and opening up in the 1980s after Mao Zedong’s death, and then they became increasingly closed and shut up.

Because the National Army was more corrupt than the Communist Army, the Northeast Field Army received all the equipment of the Japanese Kwantung Army from the Soviet Red Army, and the rich products of the Northeast finally defeated the Kuomintang Army. The Liaoshen campaign was the beginning, and the next Pingjin campaign and Huaihai campaign (Battle of Xu Beng) wiped out the main force of the national army and finally drove the Kuomintang to Taiwan.

But the U.S. military is definitely not the Kuomintang army of the past, and the current Communist army is more corrupt than the Communist army of the year. How can the official position bought with hard money be willing to give up his life because of the war with the United States? More than ten years ago, the position of a regiment leader cost 300,000 yuan. Has the price increased now? Therefore, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan. During a telephone discussion with U.S. President Biden, Xi Jinping stated that he would not go to war with the United States, for fear that the U.S. misjudged and missed the gun, revealing his character of always fearing death, but he also introduced Hu Xijin is bragging, pretending to be a “man” to fool his little pink, who is really a shameless two-faced beast of a wolf warrior and a paper tiger.

At present, many political, economic, financial, diplomatic and other problems existing in China, as well as a series of natural and man-made disasters, are not caused by Xi Jinping’s line or Deng Xiaoping’s line, but problems arising from one-party dictatorship. If the system is not reformed, no matter Li Keqiang or Xi Jinping, Neither can save China, and China will continue to decline.

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