Gancheng: Correcting the name of Nanjing – if the CCP collapses, can Nanjing be the capital of the new China?


Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum

Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum

Xi Jinping has done the opposite, and for ten years in power has brought China to the brink of collapse. Due to the severe deformity of the economy, it is very likely that a general crisis will break out within a year and lead to the collapse of the CCP. If so, which city should post-crisis China choose as its capital? All things considered, I think Nanjing should be the first choice. There is often a saying in the world that “the capital of Nanjing must be a short-lived dynasty”. This is actually a nonsense of the lack of serious research on Chinese history and culture. Today, Nanjing is rectifying its name, and it has absolved its long-standing injustice.

  1. Three thousand years of national history can be seen as a ridge and a peak, which can be summed up in such a way that the history of ethnic conflict between the north and the south, and the fate of Nanjing is the epitome of this general feature.

  2. Since the Zhou Dynasty, China has entered into a conflict between the North and the South for three thousand years. It is also a conflict of civilizations, that is, a conflict between farming civilization and nomadic civilization.

  3. Why is it that the northern ethnic groups in China always dominate the south and unify the south without exception (before the contemporary era)? Because the victory of barbarism over civilization in ancient society is a common practice in human history, it is by no means that the Han people are the only weak, the Roman Empire was also conquered by the northern barbarians, and the four ancient civilizations were all wiped out by barbarians.

  4. From this point of view, Nanjing is often a bridgehead and base for the Han government to oppose the northern peoples after being forced to cross south. According to Zijin, along the Yangtze River, and separate from the northern people, it not only preserves the Han civilization, but if the stalemate can last for a long time It can also lead to the revival of a period of civilization, as in the Southern Dynasties and in the Southern Song Dynasty (Hangzhou is vaguely Nanjing, and it plays the role of Nanjing, but it is only two hundred miles away).

  5. Therefore, contrary to the “short-lived theory”, from the perspective of the Han culture of the Han nationality, Nanjing is a heroic city that survives and dies, and a city of rejuvenation of the Han civilization! Today, Nanjing should be completely rectified.

  6. It is precisely because of the Han nationality’s insistence on Nanjing as its bridgehead that it not only retains the remnants of the pre-Qin and Han civilizations, but also breeds evil. Since the Tang Dynasty, the “cultural northern expedition” has been achieved for thousands of years (at the same time, the opposite is the political south. The cultural elites of the Song, Ming and Qing dynasties were mainly from the south, such as Ouyang Xiu, Wang Anshi, Zhu Xi in the Song Dynasty, Wang Yangming, Li Zhi, Xu Wei, and the three Confucian scholars in the late Ming Dynasty, not to mention the Qing Dynasty, whether it was the imperial examination or the imperial examinations. Pure cultural creation, the southern per capita occupies an overwhelming advantage. As for the contemporary era, Sun, Jiang, Wang, Mao, Hu Shi, and Lu Xun were all from the South.

  7. Therefore, looking at the three thousand years of cultural history, social history, and national history, Nanjing is definitely a city of shelter for the Chinese nation and civilization. Only Xi’an can stand side by side in its importance, followed by Beijing and other capitals.

Eighth, from this point of view, the so-called “Nanjing is the short-lived place of the dynasty” is a nonsense of the laity, only looking at short-term success and failure, not knowing that civilization is the ultimate value of human beings, it should be from gentlemen and ladies. Clear out the mind completely.

  1. Contemporary civilization is the first century of China in the next millennium. Nanjing once again assumed the historical responsibility of the northern expedition of civilization. Although there have been repeated decades or even nearly a hundred years, the general trend has become irresistible. The tragedy of civilization has since ended, “the romantic (barbaric) is always blown away by the rain and the wind”.

  2. Of course, the city that will bear the burden of civilization for thousands of years in the future, like a relay race, has changed from Nanjing to Shanghai. It is difficult for Nanjing’s unique value to be brought into play again. Nanjing can rest in peace. She has completed her historical mission and deserves the admiration of future generations.

  3. The above description mainly looks at China and Nanjing from the perspective of the conflict between the north and the south of the nation and civilization. In general, it has not been carefully polished. The purpose is to remind everyone to cherish civilization and peace. Be considerate.

Twelve, add one last item: The most influential seminary in China since modern times is located in Nanjing, namely Jinling Seminary. Therefore, Nanjing not only nourishes the north and the south, but also undertakes the special responsibility of connecting the east and the west.