Zhang Xiaozhou: It is strongly recommended that the U.S. government and the government of the Republic of China help the mainland people to tear down the “Oriental Berlin Wall”

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Since Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, completed her visit to Taiwan, the democratic countries (regions) led by the United States have stepped up their pace and reached a new level in besieging the CCP and playing against autocracy. For the mainland people who suffer from suffering, information control, speech suppression, and spiritual enslavement, the progress of the democratic countries (regions) led by the United States in the game against the CCP is limited. Urgent, solve the suffering of the mainland people.

What is the fundamental level that the mainland people need to solve urgently? Without him, the eyes to obtain information have been deceived for a long time, the pursuit of true knowledge has been frequently suppressed, the desire to seek the truth has been curbed, and the desire for freedom has been shackled forever! The main reason for this is that the CCP authorities have spent a long time using huge amounts of people’s fat to cover the eyes of the people and defend their mouths. And the people who fool the people the most harm and cause the most calamity should be the “Great Firewall”, “National Firewall” and “Data Cross-border Security Gateway” that the CCP has implemented for decades, but is actually the “Oriental Berlin”. “Wall” network blocking!

“Eagle strikes the sky, fish soars to the shallow bottom, all kinds of frost and sky compete for freedom”, yearning for freedom and pursuing freedom are the instinct of all things and human nature. Closing the net and building walls, imprisoning the hearts of the people, suppressing human nature, and rebelling against the conscience of justice and universal values. To paraphrase President Reagan’s famous words in his famous speech “Tear down this wall (Tear down this wall)”, that is: “All autocratic high walls cannot stand the test of conscience, cannot stand the question of truth, and cannot stand freedom. Expectations!” As long as there are dictatorships and tyranny, there are bound to be brave people who break through the walls. Mr. Chen Guangcheng, a famous blind human rights fighter who has been fighting for the democratization of the mainland for a long time, has a famous Twitter saying “Only those who climb the wall will be free.”

However, in order to maintain the autocratic dictatorship, the CCP’s tyranny has spared no expense in closing the Internet, building walls, and blocking news. Many mainland netizens have never even heard of the idea of ​​”climbing the wall”. For the people of the mainland, knowing that they can jump over the wall is already a chance meeting. Being able to climb over the wall is a rare good luck. It is a blessing to be able to continue to climb the wall. Being able to continue to safely climb over the wall is simply a blessing.

Don’t you see, I wonder how many mainland netizens search for information only know Baidu but don’t know Google, browse videos and watch Youku but don’t see YouTube, and only use WeChat but not Twitter for social networking?

Don’t you see, I don’t know how many mainland netizens have been trapped in the high wall of the Internet for a long time and have no choice but to endure the online monopoly giants such as Baidu and Tencent in the highly authoritarian, highly monopolized, store bullying, and highly introverted network ecology. All kinds of overlord rules, cheating clauses and endless lies poisoning, fooling and torture of the party media department, culture and education department?

Don’t you see, I wonder how many mainland academics are scratching their ears, restless, and beating their chests and feet because of the sudden heightened height of the “firewall” during the “sensitive period” and the difficulty in “climbing over the wall” and being unable to obtain the latest research trends and data?

Don’t you see, I don’t know how many mainland people have been misled and fooled by the one-sided words found on Baidu since their youth, blind faith in the CCP’s propaganda, and ignorance of democracy and freedom, so that they have planted in their hearts a long-lasting, even lifelong The remaining autocratic toxins and brainwashing heresy have turned into “Little Pink”, “Boxer”, and “Little Wolf Warriors” that are scorned by the civilized world in the confusion?

Don’t you see, I don’t know how many elderly mainland netizens die without knowing what “Wikipedia”, “Facebook Twitter”, “Google Search”, “Freedom of Information”, “Freedom of Information”, “Right to Know” and “Freedom of Speech” are, and how can they not let people Sighing, grief and indignation? !

Don’t you see, I don’t know how many mainland netizens are fortunate to climb the wall, but they are afraid of pink everywhere, suffering from the fact that the foolish people are all over the streets. Spending your own internet bills, using your own mobile phone, and exercising your own innate human rights, is like stealth and useless.

Don’t you see, in mainland China under the rule of Xi Jinping, authoritarian means and privileged forces are increasingly rampant. In order to curb the wave of netizens in mainland China surfing the wall, the CCP authorities promulgated various vicious laws, and imposed fines and detentions on netizens who surfed the wall, VPN providers, and service providers. All kinds of official media can openly enjoy and show off the privileges of overcoming the wall, promote big propaganda on Twitter and other places, and fool overseas Chinese and foreign people! The tyranny of the tyranny of the tyranny of the law and the dictatorship of the mouth of the people, how can people not get angry, and be more free! !

Internet freedom, to a large extent, belongs to the freedom of information and information. It is an important foundation of the information society. It is closely related to the right to know and freedom of speech. , by the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, “International Covenant on Human Rights”, “International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights”, “International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights”, “Information Society and Media Law” and other important international laws and the United Nations, Reporters Without Borders, Information Society It is recognized, supported and protected by a large number of international organizations such as World Summit, Global Network Initiative, Hacktivismo, and most governments in the world.

However, when people in the vast majority of countries and regions in the world regard the enjoyment of Internet freedom as a breath of air, it is only natural and justifiable that China, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Myanmar, Cuba, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Russia (invading Ukraine) After the Internet freedom has been repeatedly restricted) and other countries and regions, there is still no Internet freedom. South Korea and North Korea are just a short distance away and they are completely different. Kinmen and Xiamen are separated by water and completely different. “Why should the Qiang flute complain about the willows, the spring breeze does not pass through the Yumen Pass”, although the human rights slogan is beautiful, the international benefits are separated by thousands of mountains. I don’t know all kinds of human rights activists in democratic countries who are known for supporting and promoting Internet freedom, information freedom, and freedom of speech. Whenever I think of the billions of human compatriots who live in the high wall of the Internet, millions of brothers every day When sisters have to spend money, time and even take the risk of political persecution (fines, detention, etc.) and frequently “climb over the wall” to strive for basic human rights, do they feel guilty and ashamed?

It is often heard that people from liberal and democratic countries (regions) and overseas democrats make remarks to the mainland people, such as “mourning their misfortune, angering them and not fighting”, “the party and the people are the same structure”, and “the government and the people are one”. However, I don’t know if these people have ever put themselves in their shoes Think about it for the people of the mainland: The CCP’s Internet blockade is so severe, and the people are fooled by all means. How can the people obtain true knowledge, how to know the truth, how to accept enlightenment, how to compare and think, and how to awaken to democracy and a wide range of people?! Instead of condescending, pointing fingers, narrow-minded, radical, and unhelpful empty talk about the mainland people who have been trapped in the network wall for a long time and have been in the dark night of information for a long time with a narrow sense of superiority, how can I help the mainland people to break and tear down the network wall? Power?!

It is common to see various pro-democracy activists and groups publishing various “plans,” “programs,” “paths,” and “constitution” in overseas media. How to make it widely known to the mainland people? How to build a reliable and timely interaction channel with a sufficient number of mainland audiences? If there are very few people who know and respond to the Internet blockade, even if the planning is reasonable and the ideas are exquisite and literary, why are you masturbating and building a pavilion in the air?

From the perspective of a democratic government that has been playing with the CCP for a long time, it should be far better than ordinary democracy activists and human rights activists. Taking the government of the Republic of China as an example, almost all of the current senior officials of the DPP have personally experienced the pain of banning speech and information and information control during the Kuomintang authoritarian rule. They should also understand the more severe information blockade and speech suppression under the totalitarianism on the other side. It should be very clear that once the CCP’s network blockade is completely broken, the wave of democratization in the mainland will surely come. When President Tsai Ing-wen attended the opening ceremony to commemorate former President Chiang Ching-kuo, he also agreed with Chiang Ching-kuo’s line of “anti-Communist and protect Taiwan”. The best way to “anti-communist and protect Taiwan” is to use the strategy and tactics of “four liang and a thousand pounds” to obtain key support from the mainland people with extremely limited efforts, help the mainland people to break the CCP’s network blockade, and widely stimulate the freedom of the mainland people. The awareness of human rights and the pursuit of democratic constitutionalism will strengthen the people’s belief and strength to resist the Communist Party, promote the self-change of the mainland, and start the process of democratization. From the perspective of being conducive to the peaceful development and future well-being of Taiwan, Penghu, Jinma, and Malaysia, a democratic and constitutional government, free, open, rational and tolerant mainland China is many times better than an autocratic, rigid, conservative, and arrogant mainland China! The democratic mainland and the democratic Taiwan can use the democratic constitutional system as the basis for cooperation and the link, coupled with the cooperation advantages of the same culture and the endless opportunities for complementary resources, I believe that after the two sides of the strait return to democracy, there will be a win-win cooperation and democratic reunification of China. The establishment and take-off is not far away. Therefore, if the CCP’s network blockade is completely broken, it will mean the beginning of benign changes and the beginning of future miracles for the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

The U.S. government has always bathed in the light of universal values, and has always promoted the concept of universal values. It should also be well aware of the great significance of Internet freedom, freedom of information, and the right to know for the enlightenment of people’s wisdom, support for people, and the process of democratization in one country and one place. Although the U.S. government has lingered for half a century and spent dozens of years on the road of alliance and inclusiveness that began with Nixon and Kissinger, the successive U.S. governments have not lacked people of insight who played against autocracy, called for human rights, promoted democracy, and resolutely opposed the Communist Party. , such as Reagan, Gingrich, Giuliani, Navarro, Bannon, Pelosi, Pompeo, etc., to a considerable extent, they have represented, coordinated, and led the anti-communist forces in the United States, enabling the United States to promote the democratization of mainland China Some of the policies of China have persisted tenaciously, and accumulated rich experience in playing games against the CCP and fighting against autocracy. In the final stage of Pompeo’s tenure as US Secretary of State, he once said that the government needs to help the Chinese people obtain free information and tear down the CCP’s Internet firewall: “Our basic job is to ensure that the Chinese people have access to information and data, all they need to know. This way they can also share in the freedom we cherish. We need to have the ability to allow them to tear down the Internet firewall that holds China in place, which will allow the Chinese people to make a completely different decision than what leaders are taking them away today. This news greatly inspired and inspired countless mainland people who yearned for freedom and democracy, and many well-known democrats at home and abroad expressed their support. With a cautious optimism, he said: “This is a big deal, and I am fortunate not to break my word.” However, it is extremely regrettable that Mr. Pompeo’s promise was ultimately not fulfilled. Mr. Maochun Yu, who was Pompeo’s chief China policy and planning adviser, later said: “We once did a special project for this at the State Council. We allocated 50 million US dollars to break this firewall… I think the wall needs everyone to tear down. ”

In my understanding, Mr. Yu Maochun’s “the wall is down and everyone pushes” is theoretically good. In fact, civil people at home and abroad who are unwilling to submit to the tyranny of the CCP have been working hard to break the CCP’s network blockade with very limited small group strength and individual strength, and have achieved admirable achievements. Take the famous free circumvention software “Unbounded Browsing” as an example. It has been downloaded more than 10 million times in the “Google Play Store” and has an average rating of 4.6. Netizen rights, the vast majority of mainland software with low or very low ratings in the “Google Play Store”. Free over-the-wall and connection software such as Psiphon pro, ACI, and Bridgefy Bluetooth sharing (without internet connection) are also well-known. In the “Google Play Store”, Psiphon has more than 100 million downloads and a score of 4.3 . In addition, there are a large number of paid VPN providers that serve a large number of mainland Chinese circumvention groups.

However, the power of the wall-climbing promoters, mainly domestic and overseas civil forces, is limited after all, and their overall strength, such as capital, technology, and manpower, cannot compete with the huge power of the CCP’s authoritarian control of the network closure. The power is still quite scattered. Its outstanding manifestations are:
first, compared with the total number of mainland netizens, the total proportion of mainland netizens who have overcame the wall is still very low. The proportion of mainland netizens who frequently jump over the wall is even lower.

In addition, objectively speaking, among the mainland netizens who overcame the wall, a considerable proportion of netizens came from pornographic entertainment websites. Although this part of netizens who circumvent the wall can also drive the wave of circumvention to a certain extent, it will reduce the political attention of the circumvention group, which is of fundamental significance, and weaken the overall significance of circumvention.

According to articles such as “How Can Chinese VPN Users Be Punished for “Climbing the Wall”? It is conservatively estimated that the number of netizens in mainland China who frequently circumvent the wall is about 20-30 million. However, taking the popular Chinese political programs on YouTube as an example, the number of hits in a single episode is 50,000-200,000, and the number of hits in a single episode is about 2-3 million at most, and the maximum number of subscriptions is no more than 1 million. Moreover, these numbers also need to deduct the number of fifty-mao navy, national security and national security personnel, and subtract a considerable proportion of the number of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan audiences, overseas Chinese audiences and a small number of foreign audiences who do not need to go over the wall; in addition, the same There are a lot of cases where people who jump over the wall click and subscribe to multiple programs, so the total number of subscriptions and the total number of clicks on Chinese political programs cannot be simply added up. To sum up, the percentage of netizens concerned about mainland political issues among the over-the-wall groups is very low.

Therefore, compared with the total number of hundreds of millions of netizens in mainland China, the current proportion of people who have overcame the wall is very low, and the proportion of politically concerned groups is even lower, which is not enough to trigger a wave of ideological change and civil resistance in mainland China.

Second, among mainland netizens who circumvent the wall, the proportion of mainland netizens who use free circumvention software is very high. However, the technical maintenance power of free circumvention software is not strong. This means that once the CCP increases and strengthens the network firewall during the “sensitive period”, a large number of netizens who use free software to circumvent the firewall will not be able to circumvent the firewall.

Third, under the increasingly perverse actions of the Communist Party of Xi Jinping, the service groups whose VPN charges are over the wall have been increasingly suppressed, and the overall service capacity has continued to decline. The enthusiasm and frequency of mainland netizens over the wall.

Fourth, nowadays, VPN charging over the wall industry is basically a gray industry in mainland China, so it lacks effective management, and it depends on the moral self-discipline of service providers to fulfill service commitments and maintain service quality. If the service provider commits fraudulent acts, the deceived has no way to complain, and it is difficult to defend their rights. Therefore, some netizens are deceived and never think about going over the wall again, or their enthusiasm and frequency of going over the wall are greatly reduced.

Therefore, although Mr. Yu Maochun’s statement of “the wall is overthrown by everyone” is theoretically reasonable, the above-mentioned numerous practices and results have proved that the non-governmental forces at home and abroad that promote overturning the wall cannot compete with those who continue to strengthen autocratic dictatorship. The “wall-building” power of the CCP’s tyranny is comparable, so it cannot completely break the CCP’s network blockade. At present, the proportion of people who have overcame the wall in the mainland is not high, and the proportion of political followers is even lower, which is not enough to fundamentally promote the democratic transformation of the mainland. If the righteous forces of the U.S. government and the government of the Republic of China do not intervene and push the wall, relying solely on civil forces at home and abroad to completely overthrow the CCP’s ever-increasing “Great Firewall” and stimulate the tide of democratic reform in the mainland, it will be a long way off!

Twenty-five years ago, the great US President Ronald Reagan delivered his famous speech “Tear down this wall” near the “Berlin Wall”, which symbolizes the confrontation between communist dictatorship and liberal democracy. He pointed out that as long as Berlin The scars caused by the wall are still allowed to exist, so it is not just the German problem that persists, but the freedom of the entire human race!

Today, the tyranny of the CCP has already become the world’s strongest bastion of autocracy after Nazi Germany and the former Soviet Union.

As long as the pain caused by the Great Firewall of the Communist Party of China is still allowed to exist, it will not only be the issue of China and the CCP, but also the issue of the freedom of the entire human race!

In Europe, the Berlin Wall has existed for 28 years, and the youth of a whole generation is shrouded in the shadow of the communist totalitarian dictatorship symbolized by the Berlin Wall. Deprived, humiliated, slaughtered. In mainland China, the “Great Firewall” of the Internet has existed for 24 years (according to Fang Binxing, the “Father of the Great Firewall” of the CCP, the system started in 1998). Compared with the Berlin Wall in Europe, although it is virtual, there is no danger of life if you cross the wall, and you will face fines, detentions, and sentences at most. The function of brainwashing the foolish people, or assisting the brainwashing and foolish people is far better than that of the European “Berlin Wall”. An entire generation of mainlanders has spent what should have been the best years of their lives under the CCP’s “Great Firewall”, and has been brainwashed into “Little Pink”, “Boxer”, “Little Wolf Warrior” and so on. They are despicable, but they are also pitiful, because the culprit who has brainwashed them so far is the tyranny of the CCP, and the most significant effect of brainwashing is the high network wall built by the tyranny of the CCP and the blood and sweat of countless Chinese taxpayers.

Therefore, friends in the U.S. government and the government of the Republic of China who really hope that China will embark on the road of democracy, when you or your colleagues, relatives and friends have infinite contempt for the “little pink”, “boxer” and “little wolf warriors” in mainland China , When you are full of hatred, please put yourself in their shoes and consider for them: Will a person who knows only Baidu but not Google, only checks Zhihu but not Wiki, only uses WeChat and not Twitter since he was a child, will become a person who yearns for freedom and democracy? Moreover, in addition to being brainwashed by the Internet, these poor people have also been brainwashed by extremely high-intensity authoritarian education (such as politics, history, and language) and ubiquitous traditional media (such as news broadcasts).

Friends in the U.S. government and the government of the Republic of China who really hope that China will embark on the road of democracy, when you enjoy the freedom of the Internet like breathing air, there are still more than one billion compatriots who do not know what Google Twitter Wiki is, and thousands of people. Thousands of fellow human beings go to great lengths, time and money, and even take risks in order to use Google Twitter Wiki, don’t you think this is a common shame and sorrow for all mankind?!

Friends in the U.S. government and the government of the Republic of China who really want China to embark on the road of democracy, the Berlin Wall in Europe has existed for 28 years and has hurt an entire generation, and the Eastern Berlin Wall—the Great Firewall of the Chinese Communist Party has also existed for 24 years , has also hurt and fooled an entire generation! The youth of hundreds of millions of people has been annihilated and swallowed up in the high walls of the Internet! I can’t imagine how long this “big internet prison” and “the whole country is imprisoned” will last? Don’t you want to help the people of mainland China to tear down the CCP’s network wall as soon as possible?

Friends in the U.S. government and the government of the Republic of China who really hope that China will embark on the road of democracy, I believe you have some understanding: people who have been living in the Eastern Berlin Wall and the Internet Prison are often narrow-minded, irrational, and servile. , ignoring freedom, resisting democracy, supporting dictatorship, and supporting dictatorship. Today, there are more and more little pinks, little wolf warriors, and Boxers in the “Oriental Berlin Wall”, and they are constantly pouring into anti-civilization trends, anti-universal values, and anti-US, Taiwan, and Japan. Han’s turbulent and vicious waves are likely to sweep across East Asia and rush to the world. Don’t you hope that this extremely bad situation will end as soon as possible?!

Friends in the U.S. government and the government of the Republic of China who really hope that China will embark on the road of democracy, “The eagle strikes the sky, the fish soars to the shallow bottom, and all kinds of frost and sky compete for freedom”, yearning for freedom is the instinct of all things, it is human nature, in this world , no one is born a little pink, a little wolf, a boxer. Instead of using infinite hatred to resist opponents to increase game costs and expand hostility, it is better to use limited effort to help opponents get rid of brainwashing toxins and turn enemies into friends. President Reagan’s speech warmed the suffering hearts of countless people under the Communist iron curtain with his fraternity. President Reagan helped the East German people break the Berlin Wall with practical actions. Don’t you want to build a political system that can equal or surpass President Reagan? Merit and fame through the ages?

Friends in the U.S. government and the government of the Republic of China who really hope that China will embark on the road of democracy, the United States is the beacon of democracy in the world, and the governance of the Republic of China has also become a beacon of democracy in China and a model of freedom in Asia, helping more than one billion people on the mainland to overthrow the “Oriental” It is the sacred responsibility of the United States and the Republic of China to build the Berlin Wall and let the people of the mainland bathe in the rain of freedom as soon as possible and march on the road to democracy. The United States was founded on the concepts of freedom, democracy, fraternity, human rights, and constitutionalism. Since the founding of the United States, it has made countless contributions to the promotion of democratic constitutionalism and the practice of universal values, and has made illustrious achievements. American Wyze. However, the U.S. government has also made many mistakes and twists and turns in its policy toward the Communist Party. The 50-year mistakes of the United States and the Communist Party must not continue, and should be stopped from now on! It is the right way to unite democratic countries to contain the CCP and help the mainland people to tear down the “Oriental Berlin Wall”! And the Republic of China, in terms of jurisprudence, has a duty to promote the freedom and human rights of the mainland people! Recalling the past, the West German government and opposition helped the East German people cross the Berlin Wall and escape the totalitarian oppression of the Communist Party without hesitation. The hearts of their compatriots were moved to tears, and they naturally got a lot of help. Looking at the present, the South Korean government has generously and loyally supported the North Korean people to get rid of the Kim family’s totalitarian terrorist rule. The brotherhood is touching, and has long been known all over the world. On both sides of the Taiwan Strait, the Republic of China, which is of the same language and species, has high hopes and affection from countless mainland compatriots and is regarded as a beacon of democracy, should also refer to Han De’s past and past, deeply consider anti-Communist plans, reflect on local policies and a sense of partial security, and must not live up to a shred of water, The high hopes and deep feelings of the mainland compatriots who are rooted in the same spirit and have a heart for democracy!

Friends in the U.S. government and the government of the Republic of China who really hope that China will embark on the road of democracy, although Pompeo and other people of insight and justice have not yet been able to break the CCP’s network wall, they have proposed and implemented this This kind of plan is also a good start to inspire the people of the mainland. I believe this plan will not be put on hold for a long time, but will soon be restarted by the benevolent, wise, brave and great politicians among you! Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan demonstrates the belief and determination of friends in the U.S. government to promote the democratization of the mainland from another aspect. I hope that the U.S. government and the government of the Republic of China will take this as a driving force and opportunity to be more powerful and effective. To promote China on the road to democracy, first of all, we should provide assistance within our capacity to the mainland people who are struggling to overcome the wall, and work with the mainland people to tear down the CCP’s Internet wall, so that the mainland people can use Google, Youtube, and Twitter as freely as the people in Taiwan. , WhatsApp, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc., let the radiance of freedom and democracy penetrate into the “Eastern Berlin Wall” and the hearts of the mainland people as soon as possible, and let the deep and broad roots of the same language and culture on both sides of the strait grow stronger under the light of freedom and democracy. Tighten, like East Germany and West Germany, on the ruins of the Berlin Wall, the combination of pearls, cohesion, nirvana, rebirth, and more splendor!

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