Lin Baohua :Thunder striking & Screening: The Lies of Rogue XI and the End of the Liar Nation


1291ee1f7144f8f34af9affd531dfd2fPhoto – 4 people were hit by lightning while dancing square dance

At about 7:25 p.m. on August 26, there was an accidental lightning strike in Nanling Square, Jishan Town, Nanling County, Anhui Province. Four square dancers were struck by lightning, and Yang  and Li  had no vital signs. , in line with the characteristics of lightning strike death.

This is the official statement of Nanling, but the video circulating on the Internet shows a large number of people queuing up for nucleic acid screening. In other words, people waiting for screening were struck to death by lightning, but officials lied that they were struck to death by lightning while dancing square dance, and avoided screening. This is also the beginning of many media reports. Faced with the facts, although the official admits it reluctantly, it is believed that it will also delete or suppress these truths, because it is a very bad omen for Xi Jinping.

“thunder strike” is a classic of the Chinese culture of swearing for 5,000 years. The people who are now being screened by lightning is naturally the misfortune of these people, but from the perspective of heaven and man, it is a warning from God to Xi Jinping to use screening to achieve zero. Helpless, this rogue country “has 1 billion people and 900 million are deceiving, and 100 million are still training.” It has become accustomed to lying with no moral bottom line.

Xi Jinping insisted on the dynamic clearing, ostensibly to prevent the spread of Wuhan pneumonia, and to maintain political stability; however, after the influenza epidemic, he insisted on clearing, which inevitably exposed his interests. Because zero-checking must normalize nucleic acid testing at the lowest cost for the entire population, according to the calculations of domestic financial experts in China, the monthly normalized nucleic acid cost is capped at 121.2 billion yuan, or about 1.45 trillion yuan a year. If you add that vaccination can only be a domestic vaccine with low efficiency, it is the same mentality of “fat water does not flow to other people’s fields”. According to China’s crony capitalism model, this benefit will naturally fall into the hands of Xi Jinping’s gang, and the ranking of China’s richest people will also be greatly changed in the future. Whether Xi Jinping will achieve “common prosperity” again in the future depends on everyone’s imagination.

Although the reset will bring political and economic benefits to Xi Jinping, the damage it brings to the people has also reached the point of anger and resentment, which is close to the extreme in 1976 at the end of the Cultural Revolution. Therefore, it not only triggered a rebound from all walks of life, but also the student movement is just around the corner, especially The middle-class support that the CCP has brought about because of its reform and opening up is disintegrating. The rogue state of the CCP has come to a dead end!

In 1976, God made Mao Zedong, who will live a long life without bounds, died. This time, God has also made a contribution. Not only is the drought in the Yangtze River Valley unprecedented, but it also brings lightning strikes in Anhui. However, Xi Jinping is still “aged and strong”, unlike Mao Zedong’s dying breath. This has to rely on “manpower” to change the situation. Either the CCP is completely ruined, or the rogue Xi Jinping, who is the most angry among the people, will be ousted to save the century-old party.

At this sensitive moment, Taiwan’s “Economic Daily” (United Daily News) news network published a “compiled” article on August 22, “Source: “Li could go up and Xi can’t go down” has become a foregone conclusion, and the two sides of the strait are more likely to go to war.” This was originally the most important message of “exports to domestic sales” after the Beidaihe meeting, but because it involved the former chairman of the Kuomintang Hong Xiuzhu, she told Xi Jinping that she had “bribed a large number of high-level military and political leaders on the island. As long as the Taiwan Strait war breaks out, the forces on the island will actively respond to it.” “. Hong Xiuzhu also filed a complaint against the Lianhe Daily because of the pressure from the top KMT leaders, and the Lianhe Daily was about to take the news off the shelves. As a result, the news of “Li could go up and Xi can’t go down” was washed away.

The so-called “Li could go up and Xi can’t go down” refers to the promotion of Li Keqiang to the general secretary of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and Xi Jinping to retain the positions of president of the state and chairman of the Military Commission. I believe this news is not completely unfounded. Even if it is not 100% accurate, it reflects the expansion of Li Keqiang’s power and the reduction of Xi Jinping’s power, as has been the case recently. However, there is still a period of time before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and there are unforeseen circumstances. Will Xi Jinping accept this reality in his heart? For the Communist Party, compromise is relative and struggle is absolute. So continue to wait and see, but what is certain is that the CCP has less and less room to choose.

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