Fang Fang: Why am I not writing anymore?


Many friends have advised me not to write anything and let time tell. Those who understand you will understand after all. However, I am insightful of human nature. Even if time has passed, the dirt that has been poured on me still remains in this world, in the doubts of those who do not know the truth. And those few people who hate me will still vent their hatred in various despicable ways. So I thought, if there is no detailed description of myself in this world, maybe those dirty things will become permanent traces.

Now, those who attacked me have supported some of my friends online in a gang way, “human flesh”, and launched a siege against them. So, I think it’s up to me to face it. In fact, the most important thing that no one can deny is that the only reason for this series of events is that during the days of the lockdown, as one of the nine million Wuhan people trapped in the city, I wrote A record of sixty days. All attacks against me, or against others, are due to this diary. So, I cleaned up those doubts, explained it again with as much patience as possible, and made a memo for my life.

The word “extreme left” is mentioned repeatedly in my diary, and it has also caused many people to wonder, why do I have to repeatedly mention the extreme left? It is my responsibility to make this clear. Because I don’t tell the reason for it, I can’t explain why some small things, such as sending my niece to the airport and sending a mask, etc., will be placed in infinity to attack me personally; and it is also incomprehensible, Why did a person trapped in an epidemic area write a diary for 60 days, causing such a big storm.

Growing up, I was one of those people who had little interest in politics. For a long time, I didn’t know much about the factions in the country. Because of my career, most of the things I pay attention to are the morals of the world, literature and art, natural scenery, and new construction. Because of my lack of interest in politics, I have never joined any political party, I don’t like reading political books, and I have escaped all kinds of political studies. Even, there are many opportunities to be an official, and I have chosen to avoid them. I just want to be a writer, and I think writing novels will make life very interesting. Those who are familiar with me probably know that this is my ideal.

In the summer of 2016, I published the novel “Soft Burial”. The following spring, suddenly and inexplicably criticized, just like this time. Some people seemed to make an appointment and attacked in groups. That year, I was a little stunned. I didn’t know why this criticism came from and who it came from. At the time, I happened to be in Mexico and Cuba, and I was in Cuba when the criticism was loudest. Because of the difficulty of surfing the Internet, I didn’t know it at all. When I got back to Mexico, I saw some information. At the same time, a friend told me that the people who criticized you mainly came from the website of Nowhere, and gave me a brief introduction to the situation of the leftist website. Only then did I know what leftist websites were in China, and one of them was called “Nowhere”.

I posted a Weibo post on March 24, 2017, and I wrote: “Because of a novel “Soft Burial”, the extreme leftists were infuriated for some reason, and came in droves wielding knives. Criticize, reprimand And insults filled my Weibo comments. Most of the comments made people laugh or cry. Most of them didn’t read novels, or only read a few critical articles, so they took it for granted and speculated. You don’t even need to be angry with these kinds of people.”

To be honest, I am the beneficiary of reform and opening up. In 1978, I was lucky enough to be admitted to Wuhan University, and my fate changed forever. I thought, if I didn’t go to university and became the first batch of laid-off workers in China, would I be one of them? Because the moving station I work in is almost the first enterprise to be dissolved in China. One day I heard that my former leader set up a stall selling vegetables, and I felt really uncomfortable. Social progress and the reform of unreasonable systems will always hurt some people, which seems to be a helpless thing. What we need to reflect on is how to make these injuries less, less, or even none. Therefore, it is very important for a society to record and reflect on the major events in the history. This was true of the land reform, the anti-rightist movement, the Cultural Revolution, and the reform and opening up.

Literature is human studies. As a writer, I focus on people in various social events, living people. Because a speck of ashes in the turbulent times falls on a person’s head as a mountain. Especially people living at the bottom of society, their demands and wishes are often ignored. As you can see from my work, this is the group of people I pay particular attention to. Here’s why: I was blood-bonded with them.

The publication of any novel has the reader’s feeling after reading it. Some write one or two, some write ten or eight, and this is entirely their own business, not the author. Normal criticism, with a friendly attitude, to discuss, study, and even sharply criticize the text of the work will naturally be respected by the author and may respond when necessary. However, the use of hats and sticks, big-character posters and big-character posters is an inferior way of writing articles that have neither goodwill nor sincerity, so why bother? The real completion of a work is always a matter of both the author and the reader. You can’t read, or you can’t read, how can the writer save you!


That confrontation lasted for half a year, and then the matter was over, and there was no winner or loser. The extreme left continued to find targets and beat sticks everywhere, and I continued to write novels and publish works. Three years later, this is the time. Wuhan was under an unprecedented lockdown, so I was asked by Harvest to start documenting life in the epidemic area. On February 3rd, which was a very tense period in Wuhan, I wrote in my diary: “I only wish we could have memories: remember these unknown people, remember these innocent people, remember these sad days and nights. , remember what caused them to interrupt their lives during this supposedly happy Spring Festival.”

A few days later, someone sent me an article, which should be the first criticism of my journaling I’ve seen, published on February 6th. The writer was the most diligent person who criticized my novels back then. In order to criticize my novel, he wrote almost ten articles three years ago. I read one of them, and felt that the person’s cognition had entered a misunderstanding and his writing was poor. And this year, he began to criticize me again, believing that the “dead in vain” written in my diary was a framing of medical staff. The text even used the following words: “To describe all those who died of illness as ‘dead in vain’, so as to stir up hatred and hysteria among his supporters, which is similar to the turmoil in Hong Kong. The ‘big stage’ behind the waste youth is doing the same thing, what is the goal that Fang Fang, the former chairman of the Writers Association, wants to achieve?”

This kind of logic, this kind of frame-up, and this kind of vicious criticism are his usual methods. This is a typical Cultural Revolution-style article, and he can totally ignore it. However, in the next few days, I suddenly discovered that almost all those who criticized my novels were dispatched. Various articles criticizing me once again flooded major leftist websites. The people are still those who were three years ago, and the level and tone of the articles are still the same three years ago.

Knowing the antecedents, I continued to ignore it. Until the so-called privileged incident of “sending my niece to the airport” and the so-called rumor-making incident of fabricated “mobile phone photos”, and then with the help of the society’s mentality of “hatred of officials and wealthy”, they deliberately arranged “department-level cadres” and fabricated so-called “small property villas”. The criticism gradually escalated only after the rumors had attracted more attention. The stigma against me has gotten to the point where I can’t keep silent.


That’s why I keep referring to the “extreme left” in my diary. This is a continuation of the criticism of my novel three years ago, with a strong “personal hatred” in it. And I personally feel extremely disgusted with the word “hate” of the extreme leftists who want to drag society into the quagmire of “beggar-thy-neighbor” class struggle, and I must fight back.

Frankly speaking, it is perfectly normal for a society to have left, center, and right. No, it’s not normal. As for myself, neither leftist nor rightist. I agree with some of the views on the “left” and “right”. I stand for what I think makes sense, but I never take sides. But I have always been opposed to the extreme views in the two factions.

I remember that I wrote in my last diary: I will say again and again: the extreme left is the existence of China’s disaster, and they are the biggest resistance to reform and opening up. If we allow this ultra-leftist force to run rampant and let this virus infect the whole society, the reform will definitely fail, and China will have no future. Now, I still have to shout like that.