Wen Donghai: Impression of Attorney Li Guisheng

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Editor’s note: Lawyer Li Guisheng, lawyer of Tan Yongpei’s lawyer, was arrested by the Guiyang police shortly after the publication of this article. Pay attention to Chinese human rights lawyers. They put personal safety at risk in the dark and pay a huge price. They work hard for justice and the rule of law. Salute to them!

Lawyer Li Guisheng founded Hengquan Law Firm. It can be seen from the name of the firm that he hopes to be a mediator between the government and the people, not to let the power of one party expand and the power of the other party to be unbalanced, and to avoid this as much as possible. This kind of power imbalance may cause humanitarian disasters. He thinks so and does so. On the one hand, he helps Falun Gong practitioners to safeguard their rights, and on the other hand, he is vigilant about some of Falun Gong practitioners’ words and deeds. The trainee clients are quite critical of him.

He is a devout Christian. He may think that if the world must have faith, then believe in Christ. He has always tried his best to defend Zhang Kai, not because of anything else, but because they are Christians, maybe they still There are some shared battle experiences that bind them together.

His parents were persecuted during the Cultural Revolution. I talked to him many times about some of his parents’ experiences, but unfortunately I couldn’t empathize with him, so I only had a general impression of his experiences, but I couldn’t tell why. I often admire his mentality of wanting to prevent the Cultural Revolution from reviving. He may have felt his mission. Therefore, when epidemic prevention became a major Cultural Revolution, in my opinion, he, who has always been cautious, chose to betray the so-called new era. Brave the crowd blindness.

He sincerely hopes to reconcile with the system, and always has hope for improvement.

He is a serious and responsible lawyer. I cooperated with him on the corruption case of Wu Chuanyuan of Guizhou Forestry School. He took out a lot of evidence he collected and forced the Guiyang Intermediate Court to retry the case. The agent of the internal audit bought time for him.

He has his pride and always thinks that he can persuade the judge and his opponent with his three-inch tongue, so that he represented me in the case of my lawyer’s license being revoked. Due to the sudden incident, the hearing was suspended by the Hunan Justice Department. It is even harder to let go than I, the client, to be brooding over the illegal termination.

His son Li Yan said that he was under the control of the police, and I suddenly realized why he didn’t answer my call. I hope he is safe!

September 6, 2022