Lin Baohua: Don Xixote vs Wuhan Pneumonia

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Photo – Xi Jinping arrives in Wuhan, first visit to the epicentre since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia – BBC News 中文

Cervantes, a famous Spanish novelist in the 17th century, has a well-known novel “Don Quixote”. Now watching Xi Jinping’s battle with Wuhan pneumonia is a bit like Don Quixote’s battle with a windmill. The “Sinicization” of Don Quixote is called “Don Quixote”. Don Quixote’s battle with the windmill is a farce, because Don Quixote is just a false knight, while Don Xixote is a real dictator of the Chinese emperor who controls the lives and properties of 1.4 billion people. His battle against Wuhan pneumonia It’s not a farce, it’s a big tragedy for China and the Chinese people, but he swears that he is sticking to the idea unswervingly, and it is the “great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation”.

Wuhan pneumonia was born in Wuhan 3 years ago and spread around the world. There have been many variants of viruses. God is pitiful. Now it has become influenza. Although it is easily contagious, it is also easy to treat, and it has not posed a major threat to life. Therefore, the epidemic prevention measures in many countries have been gradually loosened since the beginning of this year, and some countries do not even wear masks at all.

However, in order to reflect the distinctive “Chinese socialist characteristics”, the CCP not only did not loosen the restrictions, but also repeatedly emphasized “dynamic clearing”, and closed cities and districts at any time. Nucleic acid testing is not only normalized, but also increasingly frequent, making people miserable Word. The most typical masterpiece is of course the two-month closure of China’s largest city and the economic and financial center of Shanghai before and after April Fool’s Day this year. These martyrs are different from Li Wenliang, the whistleblower who was fighting lung disease, who was summoned by the police and warned that he eventually contracted the virus and died. They did not contract the virus, but because of other diseases or unbearable pain, they were forbidden to receive treatment. He jumped off the building due to unbearable abdominal pain after being refused treatment. Of course, this martyr won’t receive an honorary award. According to the CCP’s terminology, those who commit suicide without the CCP’s approval are all “self-absent from the people”, which is a manifestation of distrusting the CCP’s ability to solve any difficulties. Even human life is like this. It is even more common for “Dabai” to break into the houses at will and do whatever he wants to become the “White Guard” of Xi Jinping’s new era.

Relative to the loss of individuals or families, the loss of the state is of course more disastrous. GDP growth of 7 up and 8 down has long been a thing of the past. However, Prime Minister Li Keqiang still has 5566 in his heart. Unexpectedly, it is difficult to do 3 or 4. The GDP growth in the second quarter of this year was only 0.4%! Subsequent figures have largely fallen short of economists’ forecasts.

According to the recently released August data, China’s export growth slowed more than expected in August, mainly due to weak global demand and the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in many places in China, which disrupted manufacturing activities; imports grew almost zero, reflecting continued weakness in domestic demand. . U.S. dollar-denominated exports rose 7.1% in August, lower than the market forecast of 12.8% and July’s 18%, the lowest since April this year; imports grew only 0.3%, lower than the market forecast of 1.1% and July’s 18%. 2.3%, mainly due to China’s worst heatwave in decades, a housing crisis and weak consumption. The trade surplus was $79.4 billion in August, down from $101.3 billion in July and the lowest since May. China’s exports to the United States shrank by 3.8% in August, the first time since May 2020; exports to Taiwan also contracted in August for the first time since January 2020. In addition to natural disasters, the closure of districts and cities without warning in various places is of course also the reason. China’s military exercise to blockade Taiwan waters in a disguised form in August, wouldn’t it have an impact on trade to Taiwan? Exports and domestic demand are two of the three major engines of China’s economic development. Cutting interest rates will not save lives. Youth unemployment is still high, and Xi Jinping insists on clearing it? If the economy is stagnant, can national rejuvenation be achieved only by fighting?

The clearest fact is that the flu is absolutely different from the plague or smallpox, and therefore cannot be zeroed out. Only the elementary school-level Xi Jinping lacks common hygiene knowledge to make such a ridiculous decision. Of course, this decision by Xi Jinping may involve maintaining the stability of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in October this year. However, has the Western world stopped their normal social and political activities because of the Wuhan pneumonia? The general election in France is over long ago, the Russian-Ukrainian war is going on as usual, Japan will hold a state funeral for Abe, and the death of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, etc. Only Xi Jinping wants to maintain stability and clear it. Is he too unconfident in himself and is a paper tiger? But Xi Jinping himself is going to visit abroad, which means that he knows that even if he contracts the Wuhan pneumonia, he will not die. So he continues to treat the Chinese people as idiots. Is it to test the Chinese people’s loyalty to him or don Quixote? German-style pedantic and far from the earth?

Therefore, even with an iron fist, at the expense of arresting or dismissing people, and fighting the whole country, the Wuhan pneumonia still occurs one after another. Chinese officials reported 1,404 new cases of Wuhan pneumonia on the Bacon Festival on September 9, including 1,292 local cases. At present, the epidemic has spread to 103 cities in 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, hitting a new high since 2020. Among them, 33 cities are under the so-called “static management” of disguised closure of cities and districts, while people in Guiyang have been hungry for three days without food. In contrast, Taiwan has 30,000 to 40,000 cases a day, and people in all counties and cities are infected with the virus. Everyone still happily celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival, barbecues and eats moon cakes. The domineering, stupid, and naive of the Tang Dynasty Xihote not only appeared, but also the contrast between the two opposing systems of autocracy and liberal democracy. If the Chinese are envious of Taiwan’s system, they should act on their own to replace the sick man Don Xixote with a normal man.

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