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Photo- 1 day ago VOA Yuwen Vision: The 20th Congress Xi Jinping will build an absolute power control system

About 30 years after the death of Mao Zedong, who deceived and enslaved the Chinese people by means of Shang Yang’s ignorant, tired, weak, humiliated, poor and other emperors’ techniques, he was finally pulled down from the altar and restored his true face as a tyrant and devil. Mr. Nie Gannu asserted, “All good things are said, bad things are done, evil is full, no descendants are left, and no good death is allowed.”

After Mao, Deng Xiaoping and Mao were infamous for thousands of years because of the atrocities of the “June 4th” massacre. What Dumbledore was brilliant about was that he knew that he could not escape the guilt of the “June 4th” massacre in future generations, and he took the initiative to destroy his bones and ashes without leaving a trace.

Now, another person is beginning to surpass Mao and Deng in taking the initiative to act evil. This person, history has given him excellent conditions far beyond the reach of Mao and Deng. He originally had the once-in-a-lifetime timing, location, and people to choose to be good. Doing evil is an enemy of the Chinese people and the people of the world, and universal values ​​such as constitutional government and democracy.

This man began to be generally disgusted by the entire Chinese and the international community in just three years or so after stealing the throne, so that the mention of his name would make people disgusted. It is not only unique among the leaders of the CCP, but also unique in the entire communist autocracy and other autocratic regimes.

Who is this?

This is a person who is ruthless on the inside and shy on the outside.

In 2009, less than two years after being listed as the party reserve, this person lectured in the CCP embassy in Mexico, inexplicably and without any reason, saying “some people in the world who are full of food always say three things to China. Dao Si”, “China doesn’t need teachers” and other extremely tough and extremely communist far-left nonsense words, put on a posture that he will be a strong person when he takes office, and performed it to the embassy staff and sent it back to the country. The high-level CCP and the people at home see it. At the same time, deep in his heart, he even tried to convince the top officials of the CCP and the Chinese world that his nonsense was aimed at the United States, which is Mexico’s neighbor to the north and is dominated by a superpower.

On the surface, it pretends to be an opponent, bluffs, and is extremely tough, but in essence, it is stern on the inside, strong on the outside and cadre on the outside, and does not dare to directly target the United States. She is so ruthless on the inside and shy on the outside, it’s not bad for the steamed buns and Emperor Qingfeng’s large size that will be given away by the people in the future!

He and his superiors have repeatedly staged this kind of stage show of being stern at home and strong at the outside. The posture of a strong enemy, but he is afraid to point out that the object of his inner struggle is the United States, but he is still a fake enemy and a virtual opponent, showing his illusory strongman attitude inwardly and at no cost, while cautiously avoiding publicity. against America.

Exquisite Ah Q’s Spiritual Victory Method!

In 2020, this person went to Ningxia to return to his hometown for an “inspection”. Facing the indistinguishable peasants at the bottom, he performed the same live show of ruthlessness and bravado, shouting, “After so many years of accumulation, China has become powerful, and it’s here. It’s time to explode”, accompanied by the sign of a street hooligan who made a fist with his right hand and bent his right elbow to fight fiercely, but he was also entertaining himself, and he did not dare to say that he wanted to explode the power he thought he was powerful to against. Who can see that, he has obtained the recognition of “a tough leader who is not afraid of American imperialism” cheaply from the indistinguishable civilians at the bottom, and has precisely avoided challenging the United States. The level of the Spiritual Victory Method is comparable to Ah Q!

However, although this person pretended to be ruthless internally, he immediately changed his face on the outside. In the face of the huge gap in strength, he had to admit his counsel many times. He repeatedly told President Trump that “there are a thousand reasons to have a good relationship with the United States” and that he “has no intention to challenge the leadership of the United States.”

The above words and deeds show that this person is still a standard two-faced person, that is, a “two-faced person” as he himself calls CCP officials. Two-faced people and two-faced people are inevitable products of authoritarian regimes such as the CCP. It is impossible for non-duplicative people and two-faced people to gain a foothold in the CCP system. How can this person be free from vulgarity? When this person was the head of the CCP’s Zhejiang Province, his “Bole” Li Rui suggested that he submit a letter to the highest level of the CCP against the CCP’s abusive governance. Didn’t he also say “How dare I” with a two-faced face?

When this person made a false comment on the collapse of the communist dictatorship in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, he refused to recognize the incurable endogenous corruption of the communist autocracy. Instead, he rebuked the Soviet Union and Eastern countries for “no one is a man”, and was pretentious, claiming that he was saving the corrupt CCP. The best choice for him, he promises himself as a real man and a political strongman. However, the above words and deeds of this person pretending to be ruthless on the inside and admitting cowardice to the outside show that he is really just an Ah Q-style fake man and a real coward.

This person is an authentic Boxer-style Red Guard who is capable of brutality, a Hun Buu and Hun Erqiu who is always arrogant, tyrannical, and jerk toward the people. This person’s classic jerk logic is that “no one is allowed to eat the Communist Party’s rice and smash the Communist Party’s pot”. He is openly hostile to the Marxist-Leninist cult’s doctrine of the supremacy of the people, which he claims to be a firm believer, exposing his extreme anti-people and extreme contempt. The pseudo-Marxist-Leninist nature of the people.

This person is a fake doctor, a real scumbag. It is well known to the world that fake doctorate degrees of CCP officials account for the vast majority of corruption in China’s academic degrees, and the Chinese media has also exposed many fake doctorate scandals of sacked high-ranking officials. However, due to this person’s absolute authoritarian status, there is only public skepticism about this person’s fake doctoral degree scandal, and it is strictly blocked in China’s cyberspace. This person occupies a high position as governor in Fujian far away. Before the Cultural Revolution, he did not graduate from junior high school. He was a worker, peasant, and soldier student who graduated from Tsinghua University with no knowledge and skills. Within three years, he “wrote” a doctoral dissertation on the rural market economy with a mathematical model, defrauded Tsinghua University for a doctorate in law (the so-called Marxist theory), and could guess with his heels that his dissertation must be caught by someone else. This person is the biggest degree corrupter in China! Just because of the corruption of his doctorate degree, this person should be dismissed and investigated!

This person’s fake doctor and genuine background are in the farce of his long list of books that even professionals may not be able to read. “Innovative” application, has been exposed.

This person compares and divides himself and looks like Mao Taizu. He is domineering, greedy for power, and domineering, but he does not have the demagogic power that Mao Taizu has accumulated for decades. Mao used three years of famine to torment old fools, and this person tossed new fools with three years of CCP pneumonia. This person is a morbid anti-social personality, three-pointed like Hitler, cruel, tyrannical, paranoid, but without Hitler’s incitement. This person is so overjoyed with his achievements as Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty. He has the unfinished thousand-year plan of Xiongan New Area on the inside, and the Belt and Road Initiative, which has bought failed countries and lost everything; Treat the common people harshly, do nothing, and don’t deal with the slaves of the family.

This person betrayed the country and treason, comparable to Shi Jingtang. Inside, to the grass-roots civilians, they call “the people” empty, false words and deceives;

This person is Emperor Chongzhen, who is self-willed, narrow-minded, suspicious, ruthless, and eventually betrayed by the people and hanged himself in the coal mountain.

This person is the Western Empress Dowager, greedy for power, stubborn, clinging to the shortcomings, stubbornly self-righteous, for the self-interest of one party and the red privileged family, and against the constitutional government and freedom of the people, clinging to dictatorship, resisting democracy, and violent to civil progressives Opposite and punished. The end of this person will be like Emperor Yang of Sui, Emperor Chongzhen, Pol Pot, Ceausescu, Saddam, Gaddafi, and Putin’s “Great Emperor” who is overturning Taiwan…

This person is Yuan Shikai, who has a thirst for power, does not know the weather, and moves against the mighty world trend. The virtue is weak but steals the throne, the intellect is small but seeks the emperor’s career, the strength is small but strong and bears heavy responsibilities, with stupidity, arrogance and stubbornness, within a hundred years, this person will be the first, Xiangcheng will be the second!

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