Liangzi Yueqian: Take a look at the archway of the CCP to deceive the world and confuse the public one by one to dissect the CCP (2)

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File photo: Zhongnanhai Xinhuamen, the seat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

The archway is a unique element of Chinese traditional culture. The archway evolved from the ancient “Hengmen”. It arose in the Han Dynasty, prospered in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and reached its peak in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The establishment of the archway is used to promote the feudal etiquette, and its function is mainly manifested in the performance of merit and glory. The torii is a false and hypocritical cloak of cannibalistic feudal ethics.

The CCP is a wicked party that likes to flaunt itself the most. It always decorates its facade by boasting to cover up its evil deeds. Saying one thing and doing another is the essence of the CCP, so it combines all the characteristics of the archway and the bitch. There are as many as 96 so-called “spirits” that the CCP has summed up, such as “Red Boat Spirit”, “Yan’an Spirit”, “Lei Feng Spirit”, etc. These 96 spirits are the 96 archways erected by the CCP. Among these numerous arches, we picked out a few representative arches to see what filthy things are hidden behind them.

  1. ” Serving the People”

“Serving the people” was first put forward by Chiang Kai-shek in his speech to the “Gannan Military Training Corps” in 1937. Later, it was embezzled by the Maoist Communist Party and was used in the activities of selling dog meat. “Serving the people” is the number one golden archway among all the archways of the CCP, because the so-called ” legitimacy” of the CCP regime is stolen through this archway . Borrow this archway to carry forward. All other archways of the CCP are based on this signboard and are all derivatives of it. It is extremely ironic that an anti-people’s regime that hates the people of the Lebanese people so much has erected an archway “serving the people” at the gate of Zhongnanhai, which shows the archway’s status in the CCP’s political arena.

What lies behind this archway is how the CCP deceives the world and steals its name? After careful study, it is not difficult to find that the CCP’s spells have two distinctive features:

First, the CCP is particularly good at separating the abstract from the concrete. For example, “the people” is an abstract concept. Who is the “people” in reality? No one has ever seen the ” people”. The CCP takes advantage of the illusory and deceptive nature of abstract concepts to put the “people” on the tablet like a god. From the name of the country, government departments to the military and judicial organs and other state machinery, “people’s republic”, “people’s republic” and “people ” can be seen everywhere. Signs such as the government, the people’s army, the people’s court, and the people’s bank all enshrine the “people” in the shrine. But in reality, when confronted with the specific “Zhang San,” “Li Si,” and “Wang Wu” who make up the “people”, they show their true vicious faces and do their best to oppress. They are respectful in front of the “people” and vicious in front of the people.

The second is that the CCP is particularly good at playing with the separation of “name” and “real” to do its tricks. Separating the abstract and the concrete is actually toying with the separation of name and reality, that is, doing the opposite ugly things under the sign of a good name. Beauty and ugliness, good and evil, yang and yin, bright and dark. For example, what they talk about every day is ” serving the people” the most, but in reality, they have done bad things against the people under this sign.

In other words, separating the abstract and the concrete and doing evil in a good name are the core secrets of all the arches of the CCP!

  1. ” Chinese Nation”

“Chinese nation” is a modern concept pioneered by Liang Qichao. In 1902, Liang Qichao formally proposed the term “Chinese nation” in his article “On the General Trend of Changes in Chinese Academic Thought”. I have deep doubts about this concept because it forcibly binds together many ethnic groups with completely different historical origins and cultural lines , providing false ethnic groups for the “great unification” of feudal dynasties and the totalitarian “great unification” of the CCP Identity and a sense of historical belonging. The “Chinese nation” has become the cultural armor of the CCP’s autocratic regime to promote “state authoritarianism”.

The “people” is the core of the “nation”, and the “nation” is the shield of the “people”. The relationship between the two can not be messed up. “People” is a political concept, and ” nation” is a historical and cultural concept. The former is current, while the latter is ancient. Only by establishing the “people” brand can we control the “nation” brand.

It is along this logical line that the CCP kidnaps the national identity of all Chinese people, and through the wedge of the “Chinese nation”, it embeds its “legitimacy” deeply into Chinese history, and attaches itself to the “shoulders”. National Rejuvenation” gold foil, in order to manipulate the public’s nationalist sentiments. We know that nationalist sentiment is the most exciting theme for the people of any country, and it is also the cultural nerve that is most easily instigated and provoked.

Therefore, the “Chinese nation” occupies a very important position in the CCP’s archway group. It and the “patriotism” behind it constitute a pair of twin tablets, which are the shelters for the CCP’s illegal regime to hide.

  1. ” Patriotism”

As a political concept, “patriotism” can be traced back to the French Revolution at the end of the eighteenth century. The original definition of “patriotism” is the love of a country’s citizens for their own country.

It is important to note that “Motherland” and “Country” are two completely different concepts: “Motherland” is a historical and cultural concept, the homeland where every citizen and his ancestors were born and raised in Sri Lanka. Thousands of years of history is a continuous and uninterrupted cultural bloodline; “state” is a political concept, a political entity of a political organization, which includes a complete set of political and legal systems and the state machinery that implements this system. It is a government system that needs to be replaced at regular intervals. Therefore, “the motherland” and “country” cannot be confused, and true patriotism is to love the motherland, not the country.

For ulterior motives, the CCP deliberately confuses the boundaries and distinctions between “motherland” and ” country”, and tampered with “patriotism” by stealing the beam and changing the column . By hijacking the archway of “people”, the CCP controls the archway of “nation” , and then uses the emotion of “nationalism” to link up with “patriotism”, and then quietly inserts love for the CCP in the connotation of “patriotism”. The country’s private goods, thus turning ” patriotism” into a talisman for the CCP regime.

The main function of the “patriotism” advocated by the CCP is to mislead and manipulate the patriotic enthusiasm of the general public. Through thousands of times of propaganda and brainwashing, it has cultivated a large number of “patriotic thieves” and encouraged the ” patriotic thieves” to act as patriotic thieves. Cannon fodder for the CCP.

As mentioned earlier, in all the archways of the CCP, “patriotism” and ” Chinese nation” occupy an equally important position, and are the two hosts of the CCP virus that is latent and parasitic. It is difficult for ordinary people to recognize and identify the CCP virus in the sense of “nation” and “patriotism” .

  1. “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”

The “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” archway designed by Deng Xiaoping for the CCP best reflects the CCP’s anti-universal civilization values. The ingenious function of this archway is: under the guise of “special national conditions”, it can not only resist the input of universal values ​​such as Western freedom and democracy, but also can sneak into the Western world without changing the fundamental Marxist-Leninist ideology. cheat to drink. This is the original intention of designer Deng when he built this archway.

Therefore, for 40 years, under the guise of “Chinese characteristics”, the CCP has successfully introduced the living water of capitalism to irrigate the saline-alkali land of socialism, making it revitalized; at the same time, it has successfully shut out the universal civilization. Besides, it uses capitalist money to maintain and consolidate its own dictatorship.

Therefore, whether it is democratic elections, freedom of speech, separation of powers, party rotation, etc. in the political system, or private land, property, market economy, free competition, etc. in the economic system, they have all been annihilated by “Chinese characteristics”. It can be seen that ” socialism with Chinese characteristics” is the CCP ‘s windshield to maintain its dictatorship and resist the universal civilization of the West.

  1. ” Ruling the country by law”

This is the fig leaf the CCP uses the most to cover up its tyranny in the country .

What is “rule of law”? On the surface, this archway is high-sounding and virtuous. It seems that everything is done in accordance with the rules and regulations, and there is no chaos. The most confusing part of this archway is the word “law”, because ” law” is a neutral concept, it includes both good law and bad law. In terms of expression, there is nothing wrong with “governing the country according to the law” . This reflects the cunning and rogue nature of the CCP.

Here, we can see another major feature of the CCP’s deceit: the use of neutral concepts or neutral words to hide evil intentions. Therefore, since the “reform and opening up”, the CCP has been using the guise of “governing the country by law” to build momentum for its brutal tyranny of oppressing the people. The so-called “rule of law” means to rule the country with evil laws!

  1. ” Reform and Opening Up”

“Reform and opening up” is an archway created by the CCP to move from self-isolation to the world. The size of this archway is so grand that the CCP official has always believed that it can solve all problems in China.

Deng Xiaoping said: The purpose of reform and opening up is to let some people get rich first, and then let these people get rich first to help the poor get rich and lead everyone on the road of common prosperity. As for which part of the people will get rich first? Deng didn’t say it; and what if those who got rich first were unwilling to help the poor, but they were not benevolent to the rich ? Deng didn’t say anything. Today we know that those people who got rich first were the second generation of red and the second generation of officials. After they became rich, they not only did not help the poor, but also intensified their efforts to oppress the poor. What Deng Xiaoping was reluctant to speak out were these major issues endangering the Chinese roots.

The archway of “reform and opening up” is composed of two parts: reform and opening up. Among them, reform is based on opening up. Open first. By definition, “opening up” means opening the country’s doors and removing the fences that hinder economic development. However, the 40-year history shows that the CCP has completely violated its WTO commitments, and firmly closed key industries (such as telecommunications, insurance, finance, etc.) Let foreign capital enter the country but not the market. The so-called “open” is just a narrow passage through the gate. Of course , reforms based on such openness will not have good results.

The word “reform” originated in 307 AD when King Wuling of Zhao ordered to change his school to “Hu Fu Qi and Archery”. The meaning of “reform” is to change or transform existing things. It is a neutral word in itself, with no distinction between praise and criticism. It can not only represent the innovation and development of emerging forces, but also reflect the restoration and struggle of corrupt forces. Therefore, in Chinese history, in addition to those reforms of progressive significance, there was another type of reform: backward reform. For example, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty implemented the “nationalization of salt and iron” in order to raise funds for the northern expedition of the Xiongnu; the adjustment of the tax system by Emperor Suzong of the Tang Dynasty; the public ownership of land in the Northern Wei Dynasty; the land reform of Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty ; Under the banner of “reform” , it is a restoration move back to reform. In the past ten years, Xi Jinping has carried out all kinds of retrograde actions in the name of “reform” , reversing history.

There is no doubt that the CCP completed its original capital accumulation with the help of the huge dividends brought by “reform and opening up”. Therefore, in China, ” reform and opening up” is essentially the CCP’s cash cow, and the people’s profits from it are not as small as the CCP’s fraction, so its negative meaning is far greater than its positive meaning. Therefore, all views that give positive evaluations to “reform and opening up” are nothing but visions based on the framework of the CCP’s rule.

In addition to the above-mentioned major arches, there are many more archways of the CCP, too many to count. In the political arena of the Communist Party of China, it can be said that there are many arches, various names, fireworks and demons. Behind these arches, there are all kinds of bitches of the CCP. All evil crimes and dirty transactions are carried out and completed under the cover of these arches.

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