Kuiyang: How many second uncles in the CCP era will eventually be hidden in the dust


The era of the CCP is hidden in the dust

Citing the news of Radio France Internationale: “Hidden in the Dust” was suddenly taken off the shelves on the 26th, and the mainstream film and television platforms Youku, iQiyi, Tencent Video, etc. have not been able to find the complete film. The film was pulled from theaters two weeks ago. In February 2022, the only Chinese film shortlisted for the main competition unit was “Hidden in the Dust” written and directed by Chinese director Li Ruijun. This film is also the only Chinese-language film that has been shortlisted in the main competition unit of the three major European international film festivals (Berlin, Cannes, Venice) in the past three years.

A film that is as faithful as possible to reality, one of the few masterpieces in the history of modern Chinese film, and a rare and successful film with double-high box office in the past three years, it was forcibly disappeared by the CCP regime.

We have not seen a very formal reason for banning the broadcast, just like those righteous and good people on the land of China. They originally stood up to the sky, obeyed the law, and asked for orders for the people. However, because they have a completely different value orientation from the rulers, they will Magically ” disappears ” . Some were arrested on various pocket charges such as ” picking quarrels and provoking trouble ” and ” subversion of state power ” , while others were imprisoned for ” economic crimes ” and ” illegal fundraising ” . Others disappeared mysteriously, no news was heard, their life and death were unknown, and there was no way to ask.

What taboo did “Hidden Into the Dust” violated by the CCP authorities, and caused it to be banned and disappeared? It’s just a heart-wrenchingly personal story of tragedy in this country and this era.

However, there is a one-sided speculation in the public opinion that the film was banned because it ” smeared the party and the government ” at a critical moment when Xi Jinping was seeking extended re-election. This reason is so absurd, yet it seems so reasonable and reasonable in China during the Xi era.

Yes, from the very beginning of the CCP’s establishment in 1949 , it has increased its volume to whitewash ” Peace and Prosperity ” . Otherwise, it will be difficult for them to maintain the image of ” great, glorious and correct ” , and it will be difficult for them to maintain an unbreakable sacred image and dominant position among the Chinese people.

The CCP’s strict censorship system for films and literary works has blocked almost all the truth of suffering, because the CCP is afraid that the world will see the corruption under this “ prosperous world ” , glimpse the bones behind the praise, and fear that the Chinese people will wake up after learning the truth. and reverse.

This kind of shielding and control has reached a new height in the era of Xi Jinping, approaching the era of Mao Zedong. In total disregard of the general trend of the information age and the progress of human civilization, this dictatorship and tyranny, imprisonment and bullying will be carried to the end.

It is also a realistic film and television work, but another short film “Second Uncle” has become popular on the Internet, without being censored and banned by the CCP, and even promoted by the CCP’s official media.

“Hidden in the Dust” and “Second Uncle” are both depictions of low-level people in the CCP era. The same misery and embarrassment are filled with the whole content. Why is the treatment different and the ending different?

After careful tasting, the audience can spot the difference between the two works.

In addition to being miserable and distressed, “Second Uncle” realizes the ” positive energy ” of life and society. This is the way the CCP regime has always practiced spiritual massage. Let the sufferers use the forbearance and piety of religious believers to accept the harsh living conditions and endure the injustice caused by the rampant powers. Let people have a cheap heart of gratitude, while ignoring the institutional root of their suffering, not fighting, not fighting.

The story of “Hidden in the Dust” is so tragic that there is nowhere to find any positive space for spiritual massage. The protagonists, Ma Youtie and Cao Guiying, and their couple, in the Chinese countryside under the rule of the CCP, encountered the double murder of the system and human nature, as if living in hell on earth. They have no choice but to escape by death. The story is so tragic! Even if the author modifies the ending to accommodate political censorship, it still makes the CCP authorities tense and embarrassed.

It is also the prosperous lament of ” The wine and meat of Zhumen stink, and the road has frozen bones ” . The second uncle showed everyone the strength of life and the luck of the survivors, while Ma Youtie and Cao Guiying showed everyone that the strength of the individual is vulnerable in the face of the big era.

The fabricated second uncle, even if he can find the prototype, his lucky life is a very unlikely outcome of one in ten thousand. And the realistic Ma Youtie Cao Guiying and his wife, their ending can represent the inevitable destination of the people at the bottom of China!

Speaking of Ma Youtie and Cao Guiying, I will think of Yang Gailan, Wu Huayan, and those days when the ground was full of pus and blood, with a lifeless face as miserable as a corpse.

Speaking of the second uncle, I can only feel in the vagueness that it is just a myth, an opera mask used by the party and the state to eliminate disasters and maintain stability.

Second uncle, or Ma Youtie, Cao Guiying, what is your name and where you live, good luck or bad luck, these are no longer important. In an authoritarian society, the people at the bottom are always slaves, livestock or machines. The regime controls everyone’s living conditions and final destination. No matter how hard you work and how strong you are, you can’t beat this cannibalistic system, and you can’t change the flaws of this system.

Tyranny is not eliminated, bad luck is hard to solve. In this dark era of the CCP, I don’t know how many second uncles will be hidden in the dust.