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Editor’s note: Everyone’s article in the wall comprehensively sorts out the disaster brought about by Xi Jinping’s ten years of rogue rule on China and the importance of Sino-US relations, pointing out that the United States should not “continue to allow Xi Jinping to do evil, even if the dictator’s personal indulgence, … It is not good for the United States. The United States should support China’s democratic movement and issue a formal statement against Xi’s re-election. The content of the article is informative, refined and profound.


As we all know, Xi Jinping is a villain and a dictator. He became China’s top leader by deceit, bribery, viciousness, insidiousness, and backsliding. Beginning in 2012, China-US relations, under the influence of US factors, were exploited by Xi Jinping and turned into a mess. It also affects inflation in the United States, technological development, climate issues, rising supply chain costs, etc., especially the great retrogression of global democracy.

  1. What did Xi Jinping do when he came to power?

1) The Chinese dream and selective anti-corruption. When he came to power in 2012, he put forward the Chinese Dream, which sounded the rallying cry of Chinese nationalism. But the Chinese dream was soon seen by many people and turned into a Chinese nightmare. Sino-US relations were stirred up by his nationalism, and the “Chinese Dream” became the biggest stumbling block in Sino-US relations. At the same time, through Wang Qishan’s anti-corruption campaign, a large number of political opponents were sent to prison. Although at first it was unanimously supported by the people of the whole country, with the passage of time, especially the selective anti-corruption campaign, such as Jia Qinglin’s family was never arrested. It has been investigated and dealt with, for example, all high-level officials know that Li Zhanshu is a huge corrupt, for example, all his cronies are corrupt but the anti-corruption policy does not apply to him. Therefore, his anti-corruption campaign is a villainous act without any rule of law or human rights;

2) The Belt and Road Initiative is the international corruption of “big money-spending”, which pollutes the international political environment. In 2013, under the planning of the national demon Wang Huning, he proposed the ” Belt and Road” strategy and invested heavily in buying international relations. From 2013 to 2018, he and his wife visited no less than 10 countries every year. At the G7 summit, in order to curry favor with Xi Jinping, Papua New Guinea organized more than 100,000 people along the route passed by Xi Jinping’s car at 6 p.m., holding up plastic flowers (all provided by China) and cheering “Xi Jinping”. In order to get $1 billion in aid, the United States and Australia joined forces to sabotage Papua New Guinea’s attempt to lease an island to China.

3) He wrote Equal Life, but not a single word of a book was written by him. Li Rui, Executive Vice Minister of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSYQpaAI90A on April 15, 2018 ) disclosed to the outside world for the first time that Xi Jinping’s real education is primary school education, because Li Rui was at that time Responsible for the inspection of provincial and ministerial-level cadres, and checked Xi Jinping’s files. When Xi Jinping was promoted to the secretary of the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, he needed to review his political qualifications again. Li Rui found that Xi Jinping was unqualified. All of Xi Jinping’s papers, assignments, graduation certificates, and degree certificates were written by others. This is an open secret in China. Tsinghua University admitted him to his undergraduate degree during the Cultural Revolution because of his father’s relationship, all the way to his Ph.D. The shooter does it for him. At present, the Party Construction Research Institute of the Organization Department of the Central Committee, a bureau unit, has more than 200 people at the level of most famous universities in China, and writes books for him. Why write books? There are two core purposes, one is to use books to brainwash him, indicating that he is very knowledgeable, but in fact it is to cover up his weakness and inferiority, and more to use books to compare himself to Mao Zedong (Chairman Mao); the second is that his essential purpose is to make money, Xi Jinping’s manuscript fee income has exceeded 5 billion yuan, and all government agencies have bought his books in the past 10 years, so that all Communist Party members and all government officials can read them. To put it bluntly, he used government money to buy his personal book.

4) Xi Jinping’s family corruption is an open secret around the world. The Xi Jinping family controls the Geely Group, yet all Volvo sellers don’t know that they work for a boss of Li Shufu, whose wife is Xi Jinping’s sister, and all the dollars that Geely bought Volvo from are China’s policy bank – State Development The bank, the principal of 4.5 billion US dollars has not been repaid for 12 years, and has almost no interest; Xi Jinping’s brother Xi Yuanping controls all security agencies in China, including surveillance, detention, and selective anti-corruption of all retired leaders. At the same time, he is in charge of China’s huge maintenance and stability costs, accounting for about 12% of GDP; the real owner of the Juilliard branch in New York in Tianjin is his wife Peng Liyuan.

5) He destroys democracy all over the world and wants to establish a new dictatorship and emperor system in China.

6) He undermined the collective decision-making mechanism formulated by Deng Xiaoping, he turned politicians and other standing committee members into his subjects, the Chinese Communist Party did not have a mechanism for discussion and correction within the party during his 10 years, such as the forced zero policy, 3 Over the years, it is an extreme manifestation of his reckless behavior. No one can correct his mistakes. Whoever dares to be dissatisfied with him, or has a different opinion, has the gun in his hand. His assistant once openly talked to old comrades who had opinions on him. If he didn’t shut up, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection would come to investigate and deal with your corruption.

  1. Are there any politicians and strategists in the United States?

Obviously, the two-party political structure in the United States has led to fierce competition and confrontation; coupled with elections every four years and parliamentary re-election every two years, American politicians have only short-term interests and short-term means in the eyes of American politicians, because they care too much about votes Now , as for how to get votes, it doesn’t matter whether it is just like Trump, relying on flickering, accusing, drinking disinfectant to treat covid19, etc., or scolding each other, it doesn’t matter, even if a Chinese threat is established to guide public opinion. Therefore, American politicians never think about things in 4 years, and things in 10 years are not what any politician cares about, because for a 4-year term, the most realistic means must be taken to obtain votes. And because the two-party system has been running in for a hundred years, it has become evenly matched. The two cattle are always watching each other, and there is no strategic depth at all. There is no room for a thinker and strategist to become the president.

The decoupling of Sino-US relations is essentially a false proposition, and it is essentially a meaningless idling. Before COVID19, the trade deficit between China and the United States was about 400 billion US dollars. At present, it is almost 550 billion US dollars. Moreover, the US government has strongly suppressed it and passed a high amount of money. Tariffs prevent Chinese products from coming to the United States. Over the past few years, how many companies in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Southeast Asia are Chinese companies? What’s the point of engaging in false decoupling? Is it a vote fraud? The world economy is far from the economic model of the World War II era. Now all kinds of so-called decoupling or tariffs are meaningless, because people, technology and capital flow internationally. No matter how many small countries you make friends, it will still be Iraq. , Saudi Arabia, therefore, controlling China, a huge economy, should be a top priority for American politicians.
With the development of the Internet and information technology, the integration process of the global economy is accelerating. The international rules established by World War II are seriously hindering the development of the economy. For example, for a long time, including in the thinking of the Biden administration, non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries has been regarded as the basic international rule. But obviously, with the accelerated process of world economic integration and the development of technology, international democracies should not be so condoning to dictators like Xi Jinping, and should correct the principle of non-intervention, after all, 77 years have passed between the world in 1945 and the world today. Now , we can’t stick to an old rule to follow it, just to prove that we follow the rule. Democracy is a universal value, and dictators are not allowed to use the international rules set by World War II as a reason to escape, especially for the dictator’s personal indulgence and accommodation.

Should Sino-US relations be completely decoupled, completely shattered, or should they be reunited? Where are the problems in Sino-US relations?
1. American politicians missed the best period for reforming the Communist Party, which was from 2000 to 2010. American politicians did not set a goal of transforming the Chinese Communist Party into a democratic country, and provided necessary means, including tough and enforceable means;

  1. China and the United States have the best complementary relationship, industry, economy , humanities, finance, etc., in addition to politics. In particular, the economic scale has found a good outlet for American capital, the huge single market has avoided more market segmentation, and the Chinese people are extremely hardworking and tame, especially suitable for large-scale manufacturing. The United States is more suitable for technology, innovation, finance, etc., because you can’t ask American workers to sleep on construction sites, in factories, or even under desks. But in China, it’s commonplace, no extra compensation is needed, and it’s nice to have a good job that makes 1.4 billion hardworking Chinese people rich.

  2. The current predicament of Sino-US relations is largely caused by Xi Jinping. His whimsical, self-reliant, insidious, cunning, vicious deceit is a huge challenge to world democracy, but American politicians obviously have no way to treat him as a fair lady When encountering a hooligan, there is no result other than being raped. This is the status quo of Sino-US relations, because the Chinese Communist Party sees every person, every policy, and every move of the US government very clearly. Because Xi Jinping knows that you will not make tricks that are useful to him for the sake of votes.

  3. Continuing to let Xi Jinping do evil will not benefit the United States.It is a great threat to world democracy, including Sino-Russian relations, and it is also not conducive to the global governance of the United States. Although China’s domestic affairs seem to have nothing to do with the United States, in fact, the stakes are very important. The Biden administration is well aware of the situation in China, but it just doesn’t act. This is related to his age, because he is in his 80s. This has been the rule for the past 77 years . Fighting is related, because no one dares to act rashly to prevent any piece of the vote cake from being lost. Politicians who are familiar with the Chinese people should wake up and must support China’s democratic movement, oppose dictators, and oppose acts that violate the Chinese constitution.

  4. American politicians must issue a formal statement to Xi Jinping and cut off the way he continues to do evil his disguise. We request:

  5. Allow the Chinese people to petition the White House. The U.S. government officially declares its support for China’s democratic cause; supports the democratic rules of collective leadership within the Communist Party of China, opposes dictatorship, and opposes behaviors that violate the Chinese Constitution; smashes Xi Jinping’s emperor dream from international public opinion;

2, officially announced that from March next year The end of China’s “two sessions” in December, which no longer recognizes the illegitimate leader Xi Jinping; For Xi Jinping and his lackeys who do not listen to advice, allow the Chinese people to donate money and materials, and set up anti-dictatorship and anti- humanity action organizations, including providing information to support the Chinese people in removing Xi Jinping.

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