Lin Baohua | The prosperous age of nucleic acids: water can overturn a boat, A Peng Zaizhou is the herald of autumn.

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At the sensitive moment on October 13, the eve of the 7th Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the opening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, a warrior named Peng Zaizhou hung up a banner against Xi Jinping on the Sitong Bridge in Haidian District, Beijing, shocking both China and foreign countries.

Peng Zaizhou’s “counter-revolutionary activities” are quite comprehensive and convincing. Because of the so-called counter-revolutionary slogans (counter-revolutionary slogans) in the past, especially during the Cultural Revolution, there were only a few numbers, such as “Down with Chairman Mao”, and the media were prohibited from reporting them. Do not repeat these words, otherwise it will be the current counter-revolution 2.0, which can only be said to be “beast-like language”. However, this time, Peng Zaizhou not only called Xi Jinping a national traitor, but also listed Xi’s crimes. The most important thing is as he said, “Don’t need nucleic acid, you need to eat, don’t block and control, you need to be free.” The infinite expansion and endless nucleic acid testing has caused public outrage , was ridiculed as “nucleic acid prosperous world”, and also broke the false detection incident to deal with Xi Jinping, using this as a trigger point to fight for the goal of “freedom”. It can be seen that this warrior knows strategy and strategy very well.

His specific appeals also include “don’t lie for dignity, don’t want reform in the Cultural Revolution, don’t want leaders to vote, don’t be slaves and be citizens”, the content is a practical universal value, hitting the key point of Xi Jinping and the Communist Party, and it is even more eloquent to read Catchy, quite rhyming, showing his literary talent. Peng also prepared a large number of colorful flyers, including the three strikes held across the country at the opening of the 20th National Congress, demanding the removal of Xi Jinping, a national thief, and equating Xi Jinping with Yuan Shikai, who was proclaimed emperor at that time. How these flyers ended up in the hands of the people is very mysterious, or is there anyone else involved? However, after Peng’s arrest, is there any possibility for others to escape?

Even more remarkable, he not only wore a striking orange costume (reminds me of the Japanese orange devil who performed brilliantly at the Double Tenth Celebration), but after hanging up a long banner, he could light a wolf smoke to attract people’s attention, and then took out a trumpet. express specific demands. Under the strict monitoring of the CCP, he was able to carry all the equipment on the viaduct to light it up and hang out to call out his demands, which is a very remarkable feat. The first person in China since the beginning of the year!

According to legend, Peng Zaizhou, formerly known as Peng Lifa, was from Heilongjiang, and the name “Zaizhou” comes from the phrase “water can carry a boat, and it can also overturn it.” Wei Zheng quoted from “Xunzi.” “Ai Gong”‘s advice to Tang Taizong shows that he played the role of giving advice on the Internet, but it never worked, and finally made this earth-shattering event on the eve of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Foreigners are trying very hard to separate the CCP from China, and the CCP from the Chinese people. However, the CCP has repeatedly claimed that it is the representative of China and the Chinese people. There are not many Chinese people who oppose it, or the voice of opposition is very weak, especially in China. It’s almost hard to hear, because no one dares to say, so the CCP is getting more and more complacent, and Xi Jinping’s head can replace the heads of 1.4 billion people. This can only be attributed to the brutal rule of the CCP and China’s 5,000-year-old servile culture. “I would rather be a dog of peace than a chaotic person” caters to Xi Jinping and the CCP’s methods of maintaining stability. Therefore, shooting the first bird with a gun has also become a rule for rulers to maintain stability, and no one dares to come forward, because after the early stage, there will be people who will fall into the trap.

Now there is Peng Zaizhou who stands up as a manly man and speaks the heart of many people. He is determined to die, and he does not know whether other Chinese people will respond, silently sympathize, or verbally criticize? This is another test for the Chinese people, and it is also a concern of foreign countries, that is, whether the CCP can be separated from China and the Chinese people, and whether the Chinese can escape the fate of being “represented”.

Of course, the CCP imposed a network blockade on this, but this blockade was nowhere near the blockade during the Cultural Revolution, because many people would climb walls. Can the Tiananmen Square Incident of 1976 break out in the late ten years of the Cultural Revolution, and can a similar incident occur in the last ten years of Xi Jinping’s rule? The Tiananmen Square incident of April or May was a combination of the anti-Mao factions within the party and the people. Can the current anti-Xi factions stand up, or at least “instigate” them behind their backs? The thousands of representatives of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China came to Beijing. Do they know what happened in Beijing? I guess Xi Jinping does not dare to let the delegates know, dare not publicly denounce Peng Zaizhou in the media, but secretly persecute. Western countries must show due attention and give necessary warnings, but the CCP is not allowed to take Peng Zaizhou as a hostage with the West. State quid pro quo.

Xu Qingen, a popular man who has the title of “high-quality human male” in China, recently joined the ranks of supporting the Sitongqiao incident, but the others are in France. The most important thing now is the domestic response in China, because it is a matter of life and family, it is hard to expect many people to come out, unless many places are closed at this time and officials force the people to rebel. Therefore, only follow-up development can be observed. But no matter what, Peng Zaizhou dared to make a breach, which can be said to be a Ye Zhiqiu, indicating that Xi Jinping is not long away from the doomsday.

China’s revival depends on people like Peng Zaizhou, not swindlers like Xi Jinping to incite narrow-minded nationalism. The swindlers lead the country and the people down the wrong path just for their own fame and fortune.

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