American Spectator: Build a shadow government to prepare for filling the power vacuum after the collapse of the CCP

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Create a shadow government in preparation for filling the power vacuum after the collapse of the CCP

When CCP officials saw that the business elites had made a fortune, they were jealous, so they used the excuse of “dynamic clearing” to comprehensively crack down on the private economy, and state-owned enterprises made a comeback. Xi Jinping sees that people don’t struggle, he only sees a few lucky and successful bosses with fresh clothes and delicious food, chatting and laughing, and luxury cars and mansions, but he doesn’t know that it is difficult for companies to make money, business is full of turbulence, the market is changing rapidly, risks and crises are full of dangers, and there is no shortage of bankruptcy and jumping off the building. others.

Private bosses are careful and risk-taking for their own benefit. But state-owned enterprises are not owned by the general manager. They try their best to earn 10 million yuan and waste 10 million yuan. Between the two, most of them will choose the latter; once they see the market opportunity, in order to save the black hat, most of them dare not take a gamble. As a result, business opportunities are fleeting; but if a new project is personally beneficial to them, they will recklessly jump on it, and it is not their own money that fails anyway.

Chinese society is now completely run by private enterprises, food, clothing, housing, food, drink, entertainment, business and finance, transportation and logistics, and high-tech, all of which are backed by private enterprises. After three years of fighting the epidemic, if it were not for countless private companies to overcome difficulties, insist on production, and deliver goods to their homes, residents would have starved to death, or it would have been impossible to stay at home for a few months .

State-owned enterprises monopolize the market and make huge profits, but there are too many people inside, villains gain power, corruption and waste, and huge losses. The government will only create chaos, abuse its power, use its power for personal gain, ask for bribes, increase the cost of production and circulation, and hinder the normal functioning of society.

The CCP has been in reverse elimination for a long time, from a generation of hero Mao Zhuzhou Deng to a super idiot who was re-elected as the general secretary for three terms .

Business elites and social sages should take precautions, establish contacts, understand each other, communicate with each other, establish peer organizations, and then establish contacts between organizations, form networks, and form synergies to prepare for the coming power vacuum, when the CCP regime collapses. Afterwards, a new social order should be established in time to avoid chaos in the world, or at least to avoid bloodshed in the region where one is located. This is good for myself and my family, good for my business, and a great act of kindness.

This network is actually the embryonic form of a new government, a potential government, a shadow government, ready to take over the management of society and keep it functioning normally.

Democracy has evolved, and a network of communication and consultation among the people can create the basis for a democratic system of government.

The seal is just the surface of power. The core of power is the trust of the people. They believe that they can live a good life with you, so they are willing to obey your management and command, work for you, fight wars with you, and pay taxes to you.
After more than 70 years of tossing, the CCP has completely lost the trust of the common people. Therefore, the power base of the CCP has completely disappeared, and now it is completely dependent on terror and violence to maintain its final rule.

The shadow government can privately contact local government officials and military and police leaders to understand their true thoughts and personalities, and strive for them to serve the new government after the collapse of the CCP, which can bring security and economic income to themselves, It is also a kind of atonement for merit, avoiding the people’s liquidation, or at least being punished lightly.

The shadow government can also connect with intellectuals with a sense of justice and influence, and work together to prepare for the establishment of a new social order. Creating new ideas and formulating new laws and regulations requires the participation of intellectuals.

Of course, all this must be kept secret, and you can use food, drink, social activities as a cover, and do not discuss things such as protests, assassinations, and riots.

Human society is completely different from what it was a hundred years ago. Uprisings and riots, armed separatism, development and growth, and decisive battles with the government army, this method of changing the dynasty is outdated. A pair of night vision goggles can make the guerrillas have nowhere to hide, and a drone can beat a rural base to its knees . . This model also requires the society to pay a huge price. The soldiers on both sides are the children of civilians, and they will die once they succeed.

To make matters worse, violent revolutions often overthrow an old dictator while creating a new one, leaving entire nations spinning in circles. Sun Yat-sen and other people with lofty ideals fought bloody battles to overthrow the Qing Dynasty, but after thirty-eight years of bloody storms, China was born again.

The 40 years of reform and opening up have not only opened the eyes of the Chinese people to the world, but also nurtured a large number of business elites. Doing business cannot be false. Therefore, business elites are the most pragmatic group. Communication skills, mobilization skills, organizational skills, management skills, and the psychological quality of risk-taking are difficult for other groups in society to match. China has once again ushered in a historic turning point. It is hoped that a new generation of politicians will emerge among the business elites and push the Chinese nation out of the cycle of feudal dictatorship.

It is hoped that China’s new politicians can carry forward the spirit of the contract, focus on national justice, be willing to admit defeat, and do not start a new battle if they disagree with one another. .

As the saying goes: “The times make heroes”. This time has come, whether you can become a hero, benefit the common people, and live forever, depends on you.
(American Spectator, November 4, 2022)

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