Lin Baohua: Removal breeds a perverted society, correcting deviations and loosening ties is called “optimization”

习近平的新冠清零政策是中共二十大会议前最突出的话题之一。(Reuters: Phil Noble)

Xi Jinping’s zero-coronavirus policy is one of the most prominent topics ahead of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. (Reuters: Phil Noble)

It has been 3 years since Wuhan pneumonia spread in China and the world. Western countries have found a way to coexist with the disease so that people can gradually return to normal life. However, China, where the disease originated, has stepped up efforts to promote cleanliness regardless of the evolution of the virus and people’s desire for a normal life. The zero policy pushed the general public into a prison-like life, aroused anger and resentment, and led to a severe recession in economic development. This situation triggered extensive high-level discussions at the Beidaihe meeting, so rumors that the ties may be loosened continued to spread. However, each time these rumors followed, it was a statement by the authorities to further strictly clear the ties.

With the zero-clearing policy, many related new terms have been invented, and the compulsory detention is called “silent management”. Anyway, locking people up and keeping them at home and in the community is the essence of these managements. There is also no clear limit on the date of detention, and the previously announced date is often exceeded without credibility, causing people to change their colors when they hear about it, and they don’t know how long it takes to prepare food. The lack of psychological counseling during the detention period has caused many normal people to suffer from depression, and incidents of falling from buildings (a term used to cover up suicide by jumping from buildings) are common. The CCP has always only had class-struggle-style “ideological work” and no “psychological counseling” in a democratic society. Now the CCP relies heavily on violent administrative orders.

What is especially serious is that once the students who were originally gathered in groups were “silently managed”, they would become a large group of hundreds or thousands of people. They were young and active and forced to “silent”, which caused more problems. According to the information revealed on the Internet, there have been some perverted behaviors. For example, it is popular to make carton dogs. They will name the carton dogs, make clothes, take them to the playground to walk the dogs, and even bring their own carton dogs to communicate with other people’s carton dogs, or they may hold competitions in the future. In addition, the strange behavior of college students crawling on the ground has recently become popular in Beijing and Shanghai. The related group is called “Climbing Group”, and members of each other call each other “Climbing Friends”. In the past, we “manuscript writers” in Hong Kong laughed at ourselves as “crawlers” because we bowed our heads on the manuscript paper day and night to write manuscripts, but now Chinese college students are catching up. Why crawl when school has sports? Is it a reaction against the prohibition of “laying flat”?

These should all be very boring and helpless products, not only appearing naive, but also some perverts; however, they can also be euphemistically called “innovative behaviors of socialism in the new era”. In short, this is the product of Xi Jinping’s clean-up, and it should be recorded in the annals of history.

In fact, the top leaders of the CCP themselves also know the dissatisfaction and perversion caused by the blockade, and there are disputes. Xi Jinping also knows that the current “European and American Cron” virus has become an influenza. However, because the health code they invented is a very effective means of monitoring the public, they are reluctant to give up, so they insist on “clearing” as the best excuse for maintaining stability. Otherwise, how can we understand that in the context of the escalating epidemic situation in Beijing, about 30,000 runners participated in the marathon without wearing masks on November 6, especially the fact that Xi Jinping, who is afraid of death, dared to go abroad to participate in international conferences is an important sign.

On November 10, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, presided over a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau and delivered a speech. The meeting listened to a report on the prevention and control of the epidemic and studied and deployed twenty measures to further optimize the prevention and control work. On the one hand, it calls for unswervingly implementing the general policy of “dynamic zeroing”, while at the same time minimizing the impact of the epidemic on economic and social development. The focus is on avoiding the expansion of the front line and the extension of time in the latter part; vigorously do a good job in guaranteeing the production and living services of the people, effectively meet the basic living needs of the people during the epidemic response period, guarantee basic livelihood services such as medical treatment, and increase support for special groups such as the elderly, the weak, the sick, and the disabled. care and assistance. For this reason, the National Health and Medical Commission issued a notice on November 11, introducing 20 measures to optimize prevention and control work. Article 6 requires that the nucleic acid of all employees be carried out only when the epidemic situation is unclear, and unscientific practices such as “two or three inspections a day” should be corrected.

Obviously this is a “correction” of the past ultra-left policies, and it also “relaxes” certain isolation measures and restrictions on exchanges with foreign countries, but the CCP does not use these words but “optimizes”, showing that the CCP is always correct and up to date advance. Whenever experts or foreign media say that the CCP is going to loosen its ties, the Chinese government must sternly deny it, leaving the outside world at a loss. In fact, it’s just because they use “relaxation” instead of the CCP’s specific word “optimization”. Mao Zedong still dared to use the word “correction”. Xi Jinping is greater than Mao Zedong. He has been in power for 10 years and is completely and absolutely correct. Otherwise, he will lose the reason to call himself emperor.

These corrections and loosening have been discussed at the top level for a long time, and a certain consensus has been reached that they can be implemented immediately to reduce the suffering of the people, and the Sitongqiao incident of “no nucleic acid but food” will not happen. However, if it is implemented before the 20th National Congress, The credit belongs to Li Keqiang and the others. Xi Jinping is the target of rectification, so he loses his reason to be called emperor; so he has to wait until 20 political enemies are purged before letting Xi’s army do it. In this way, it is not rectification and loosening, but their wisdom Great “optimization” decision. Otherwise, it would be incomprehensible for the CCP to relax when the epidemic rebounded. For the sake of personal face, fame and fortune, Xi Jinping paid the price with the lives and sufferings of ordinary people. As for Peng Lifa, who advocated rectification earlier than the current member of the Politburo Standing Committee, and the two women who marched in Shanghai, they are all damned counter-revolutionaries.

History can be used for reference. At the Eighth Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in 1959, Mao Zedong had already discovered the problem of the Great Leap Forward and was about to rectify deviations and oppose the Left. How did he know that Peng Dehuai also asked him to oppose the Left, but Mao did not see him, so Peng wrote a letter instead. Isn’t this to show that General Peng is wiser than Mao Zedong? So Mao Zedong quickly changed the anti-left to anti-right, prolonging the left-leaning fanaticism for two more years and killing tens of millions more people! In 1971, Lin Biao was forced to flee to Mongolia and fell into the sand, becoming a “counter-revolutionary”; the authorities announced that Mao Zedong had written to Jiang Qing in 1966 to express his dissatisfaction with Lin Biao. But before the CCP announced the Lin Biao incident, all those who scolded Lin Biao were counter-revolutionaries and were arrested, sentenced or even shot. Even those who scolded Lin Biao when Lin Biao had already betrayed the country and defected to the enemy but the CCP had not announced it were counter-revolutionaries and were arrested. In short, before Mao Zedong openly criticized Lin Biao, whoever criticized Lin Biao first was to show that he was wiser and greater than Mao Zedong, of course he should be damned. This is the logic of the Communist Party.

The CCP has already begun to rectify and loosen its ties to zeroing out, but it will not let go of its use of health codes to control the people. Those ignorant cadres at the grassroots level, if they still believe that the central government is still clamoring for “clearing zero and not wavering”, and are still bullying and humiliating the people layer by layer, they will soon become Xi Jinping’s sacrifices, slaughtering them to curry favor with the people to show how Xi Jinping is Love the people like a son; there will still be quite a few foolish people who really believe that Xi Jinping loves the people like a son, and think that Peng Lifa, Zhang Zhan, Ren Zhiqiang and others who pleaded for the people in the early days deserve to be imprisoned. This is China’s national conditions, and it is also a perverted national condition.

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