Chinese Human Rights Lawyers Group’s New Year Message: Through the Three Gorges of History


20221230 16724648977385The Three Gorges, the last section of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, has fast-flowing water and rough waves. Mr. Tang Degang, a famous Chinese historian, used the Three Gorges as a metaphor to put forward the famous “Historical Three Gorges Theory”, describing the difficulty of China’s transition from a traditional society to a modern society.

Since the Qin Dynasty, China has been a traditional society of despotism, nationalism, and power supremacy. The tradition of autocratic imperial power in China has lasted for more than two thousand years, and the historical burden is unparalleled in the world. From the temple to the grassroots, the mentality of the heaven and the country is generally held, and they would rather be ruthless than willing to learn and introduce Western constitutional systems and universal values.

In 2022, the third year of the epidemic, all kinds of chaos in China, whether the farce of the epidemic prevention itself or the long-standing chronic diseases of Chinese society, all echo and confirm Mr. Tang Degang’s “Three Gorges Theory of History”.

This year, we have witnessed the steel-making-style dynamic clearing of anti-science, anti-common sense, anti-humanity, and anti-humanity—endless national nucleic acid, blindly reckless, and strict control of increasing levels, wasting public funds , “Legal” transfer of national income to nucleic acid testing companies in collusion with the powerful, under the pretense of “all for the people”, actually perform and put on a show to preserve official positions, despise, despise, and despise the people, and regard the people as straw dogs and The grassroots wantonly trampled on basic human rights in order to clear the epidemic and prevent the epidemic.

On December 23, 2021, the ancient city of Xi’an was hastily closed down, and a large number of students were forced to travel to the countryside on foot in the severe cold. The lockdown was gradually lifted on January 20, 2022. During this period, many pregnant women were unable to give birth due to lack of negative nucleic acid certificates. Hospitalization, pregnant women and fetuses died in the cold outside the tragedy of the hospital. Afterwards, inhumane incidents in which pregnant women were turned away from hospitals occurred again in Chengdu and other places.

On March 27, 2022, Shanghai began to block and control; in mid-May, due to the pressure of people’s livelihood, economy, politics and other parties, it had to be gradually released. , blocking roads, blocking communities, savagely separating babies and children from their parents and segregating them separately, randomly pulling people who are negative for nucleic acid into shelters, hospitals rejecting patients, fraudulent nucleic acid, reselling donated supplies, and food and vegetable prices skyrocketing hundreds of times , the police and Dabai violently confronted citizens, and Xiaomin committed suicide by jumping off a building and even starving to death at home due to the strict ban.

September 18, a day that has made Chinese people sad for 92 years.

On this day, the authorities in Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, were extremely “innovative” in the performance-style and loyal-style epidemic prevention methods, and forced the so-called “epidemic-related” citizens to take buses and cross mountain roads late at night to carry out “quarantine” in a tied-up style; at 2:40, the bus 27 people died and 20 were injured when it rolled over the mountain.

Obviously, what the Guiyang authorities are loyal to is definitely not the people and the interests of the people, but only the superiors who have their own opinions and decide their opinions. The exaggerated “epidemic prevention” of the Guiyang authorities is not epidemic prevention, but a “Great Leap Forward” epidemic prevention show performed for the boss to watch.

On October 13, 2022, Mr. Peng Lifa yelled his first voice against the barbaric blockade on the Sitong Bridge.

In late October, a large-scale epidemic broke out at the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou, and the local authorities continued to cover up and whitewash it. In early November, a large number of Foxconn workers rescued themselves, protested, broke through the lockdown, and returned home on foot. The authorities were forced to admit that the epidemic was out of control.

On October 27, protests erupted in Lhasa, which had been under strict lockdown for three months.

In late November, Mr. Peng Lifa’s voice received widespread response:

On the evening of November 24, a fire broke out in the Jixiangyuan Community in Urumqi, causing dozens of casualties; on the 25th, citizens of Urumqi took to the streets to protest against the brutal blockade; , Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Changsha, Lanzhou, Dali and other large and medium-sized cities, students and citizens took to the streets, holding blank papers, demanding the removal of anti-science, anti-common sense, and anti-humanity bans, and clearly expressing their other opinions. For the “white paper movement”.

Beginning on December 2, anti-humanity control measures for taking public transportation with negative nucleic acid certificates have been gradually canceled in various places; on December 7, the State Council issued the “New Ten Measures”, no longer checking nucleic acid negative certificates and health codes for cross-regional travel. After pushing for three years, the policy of “dynamic zero clearing” that had been firmly insisted on before that was unshakable. In fact, it admitted that dynamic zero clearing violated science and common sense. The Chinese are not superior to other nations and can eradicate the virus on their own. China will follow the example of European and American countries and choose to coexist with the virus instead. The speed and urgency of the steering are unique with Chinese characteristics, which is astonishing! The rapid unblocking has led to a rapid spread of the epidemic, shortage of medicines, overcrowded hospitals, paralysis of funeral parlors, soaring cremation fees, public grievances, and boiling again… This situation made two years ago complacent and ridiculed the ignorance of Europe and the United States for not knowing how to copy Chinese work How are the little pinks feeling?

Toss, toss, extreme, another extreme, is the essence of traditional society. For more than a hundred years, although China has been favored by history repeatedly, it has been unwilling to get out of this deadlock!

In 2022, two cases of women being murdered, the incident of a woman in iron chains in Feng County, Xuzhou, Jiangsu at the end of January, the beating of women in Tangshan, Hebei on June 10, and the mysterious disappearance of Hu Xinyu, a junior high school student at Zhiyuan Middle School in Qianshan County, Jiangxi, in mid-October, have tortured China mercilessly. Governance model. The public powers at all levels in Jiangsu, Hebei, and Jiangxi have lost their bottom line, falling into the trap of Tacitus, prevaricating, fooling around, avoiding the most serious, and brutally suppressing followers.

In 2022, judicial authorities in many places will continue to arbitrarily judge crimes. The Shenyang authorities tried their best to concoct an unjust case against Li Yuhan, a female human rights lawyer who is over seventy years old, but it dragged on for five years because there was no evidence, so she simply illegally detained her indefinitely; In 2010, the court was sentenced to dystocia and was seriously overdue in detention; the Shanxi Dingxiang authorities followed suit and used the judicial stunt of infinite delay with Chinese characteristics on Mr. Hao Jinsong, a well-known public welfare legal person. The Supreme Court, which has repeatedly ordered the prohibition of extended detention, has always reversed the situation and issued extrajudicial permission for extended detention to subordinate courts. Chinese characteristics, this is also called!

Xu Zhiyong, Ding Jiaxi, Chang Weiping, Li Qiaochu and others in Xiamen’s “12.26” “subversion case” were delayed for three years and could not be sentenced; Mr. was caught. The sudden imprisonment of the two is obviously related to the difficult trial of Xu, Ding, Chang, and Li. The local judicial authorities suspect that they will coerce them to “testify” for Xu, Ding, Chang, and Li. This is the usual practice of the local judicial authorities!

The people with lofty ideals who peacefully and rationally exercise their constitutional rights are forced to commit the crime of subversion, and the public is threatened with a big punishment stick. They stick to the traditional governance model and the Soviet-style model, and refuse a smooth transition. Such pressure and accumulation of contradictions, and the forced delay of the transformation task that must be completed as soon as possible, are dereliction of duty to the country, the nation, and the people, and will miss all good opportunities for a smooth transformation. After a long delay, the black swan danger may come unexpectedly!

At the end of 2022, the well-known poet Mr. Wang Zang and his wife Ms. Wang Liqin were sentenced for the same crime at the same time. Wang Zang and Wang Liqin will be included in the annals of the rule of law process, and those criminals who kill good people and take meritorious service and emulate Wu Sangui’s “don’t let Yunnan be peaceful for a day” to show the value of their tools will be nailed to the pillar of shame in the history of the rule of law superior!

Mr. Guo Quan, an associate professor at Nanjing Normal University, received his second sentence and was sentenced to four years for the crime of inciting subversion.

The well-known human rights lawyer Mr. Gao Zhisheng has been forcibly disappeared for more than five years. Mr. Fang Bin has not been heard from for three years. He was imprisoned three times and charged with inciting subversion. Lawyer Tang Jitian has been forcibly disappeared for more than a year.

In 2022, Fu Zhenghua and Sun Lijun, the two main surgeons of the “709” shocking case and the biggest beneficiaries at one time, were both sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve. Because of the “709” genius, Fu and Sun, one was promoted to executive deputy minister and then transferred to justice minister, and the other was promoted from bureau chief to deputy minister. They were so proud and uncomfortable! When he hid in a dark secret room and manipulated the national public prosecutor’s law to kill the “709” people, did he ever have the fear of committing all kinds of crimes and killing himself? Have you ever imagined that you will be invited into the urn overnight, become an abandoned child, and make the world laugh? Fu and Sun’s minions all over the place must take warning and make plans early, so as not to follow in his footsteps and humiliate their grandparents and grandchildren!

On December 27, 2022, Shen Deyong, the Nth vice president of the Supreme Court, was sued. On the way of deputies rushing to Qincheng, the Supreme Court, whose power is slightly weaker than that of the Ministry of Public Security, seems unwilling to take the lead!

On December 30th, the penultimate day of 2022, after a long delay, the authorities in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province used a Pearl Harbor-style sneak attack to force Mr. Ou Biaofeng to be sentenced to three years and six months in prison on the serious charge of inciting subversion. , to deprive the political rights that have been deprived in fact.

In March and May of 2023, the other two “key offenders” of “709”, Mr. Hu Shigen and Mr. Wu Gan, will return with honor!

In the last two months of 2022, we vaguely feel that the opportunity to pass through the historical Three Gorges may have quietly arrived. Counting from 1840, China has been fully close to the final stage of the Three Gorges period of the 200-year history mentioned by Mr. Tang Degang, and has reached the critical point of transforming into a modern society with constitutionalism, rule of law, democracy, and human rights. Ignoring the general trend of history, repeating the old tunes of “the West” and “the hostile forces of the West” over and over again to deceive the people, trying to avoid the transformation issue with nationalism, authoritarianism, and power doctrine, and preventing the people from understanding constitutionalism, the rule of law, and democracy. , The pursuit of human rights has become unsustainable!

The essence of China’s transformation is the impact and demonstration of the West, and China’s response and follow-up. That is, China must let go of its status as a great power and learn from the West in an all-round way with all sincerity. Late-mover advantage and overtaking on curves are by no means limited to the superficial level of artifacts in the Westernization Movement, but should also include the profound level of systems, spirits, and values of learning from barbarians in an all-round way. Constitutionalism, the rule of law, democracy, and human rights do not only belong to and apply to their discoverers, the West and Westerners, but belong to and apply to all mankind, including China and the Chinese, just as Newton’s three laws do not only belong to the British and Westerners, but of and applicable to humanity as a whole.

Because of this, Mr. Hu Shi wisely pointed out that instead of indulging in the vain national “self-esteem” that refuses Westernization, it is better to fully globalize in a down-to-earth manner.

Embracing constitutionalism, the rule of law, democracy, and human rights, and actively accepting universal values are the only ways for China to successfully transform into a modern country! Participating in and witnessing this great transformation is the responsibility of the times for all citizens!

The future of constitutionalism can be expected, and the dawn of the rule of law is ahead. Let us work together to cross the Three Gorges of history!

China Human Rights Lawyers Group

January 1, 2023

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