Lin Baohua: Does Xi Jinping also follow the “mass line” when he declares himself emperor?

废任期限制习近平“称帝” 学者:台湾要做好准备-- 明鏡

Abolish term limit Xi Jinping “proclaimed emperor” scholar: Taiwan needs to be prepared – SPIEGEL

The time to leave the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is getting closer. It seems that the party’s line has a lot of internal disputes, such as “zeroing” epidemic prevention, national advance and private retreat and economic downturn, wolf warrior diplomacy and Sino-Russian relations, etc. Otherwise, Xi Jinping, who has long wanted to be emperor, would not suddenly ask for advice through the Internet. Because the opposition was too loud, it would affect his accession to the throne, so he was forced to go back to the Cultural Revolution to find a solution. This was in accordance with the teaching of Vice-Chairman Lin at the time: “To study Chairman Mao’s writings, you must study them with problems and apply them. Combining learning with application, learning immediately after applying urgently, and working hard on the use of words.” Sure enough, if you turn to Mao’s quotations, you can find Mao Weiwei’s teaching on the mass line on page 104: “The people, and only the people, can create world history. The driving force.” Therefore, in order to become an emperor, one must also rely on the masses!

Of course, Xi Jinping is very clear about where the masses are, and his social foundation is the group of small online pinks. As a result, CCTV news recently reported that the CCP started a one-month online campaign to collect opinions from netizens in April, and a total of more than 8 million netizens made suggestions to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, said recently that it is necessary to “conscientiously study” and “full absorption”, and to be good at listening to the voices of the people through various channels such as the Internet.

The strange thing is that there should be news and publicity reports at the beginning of the solicitation of opinions. How could it be carried out quietly at that time? Did you announce the call for comments by the deadline? Even so, it is not easy for netizens to leave a message on these official platforms to make suggestions. In the “I Suggestions and Suggestions for the Party’s 20th National Congress” column opened by People’s Daily, if netizens want to submit a message, they need to fill in their age, political status, occupation, You can also fill in your own name, unit and position. In addition, the messager must fill in the mobile phone number to obtain the verification code. And this means that the real identity of the commenter will be exposed, which is a disguised real-name system.

How can such an act be compared with Mao Zedong? Lao Mao dared to encourage everyone to “speak loudly” and then clean up. Xi Jinping completely lacks the courage to be a “leader”. He is simply a petty thief, and he has to take all kinds of precautions, which is shameful.

Which fool would believe that the CCP really sent people to examine the suggestions of these 8 million netizens? However, the above-mentioned real-name system has already excluded dissidents. Ren Zhiqiang’s sentence has taught them a lesson. Therefore, Xi Jinping can still use Mao Zedong’s many expositions on the “mass line” to beautify his “mass line” deception.

Mao Zedong’s mass line is based on the CCP’s “democracy” system, which is the so-called “democratic centralism”: “centralization based on democracy, democracy under centralized guidance”; Xi Jinping’s collection of opinions from netizens is “centralization on the basis of democracy”, but this democracy is not unlimited democracy, but “democracy under centralized guidance”. There is also no “arbitrary discussion of the Central Committee”, etc., who dares to violate it, because of the relationship between the real-name system, it is easy to find out who is launching a rampant attack on the Party and socialism.

These opinions are “come from the masses”, and no one knows what opinions they have; after “concentration”, they “go from the masses”, that is, the opinions selected by Xi Jinping and his group, and Xi Jinping will act according to these opinions. Therefore, it can be believed that these opinions must support Xi Jinping’s proclamation of the emperor, adhere to the wolf warrior diplomacy, support the “common prosperity” of the country’s advance and the people’s retreat, support the elimination of the closure of the city, and so on. So the 20th National Congress can realize Xi Jinping’s wish to become emperor. If someone refuses to accept it, be polite. Xi Jinping also has a Mao quote that can be used: “The masses are the real heroes, and we ourselves are often naive and ridiculous. If we don’t understand this, we can’t get the minimum knowledge.”

If there are still people who still dare to oppose Xi Jinping’s line, Xi Jinping can bring out many quotations from Mao to arrest them, because “the enemy will not run away without a broom.”

However, no matter what Xi Jinping does, no matter how he moves things out of Mao Zedong’s arsenal, China’s economic downturn and diplomatic isolation are real things, and Xi Jinping’s “concentration” cannot cover up his plight. What if he becomes emperor? Do you want to build another temple in front of Tiananmen Square?

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