Bei Ming: Democracy Movement in Exile


“Safegard DEFENDERS” integrated data from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees from 2002 to 2021 and found that since Xi Jinping came to power in 2012, the number of people seeking political asylum in China has continued to increase, surpassing that of Hu Jintao. Provided by “Guardian”

Exile is a special way of human existence that is inexhaustible in ancient and modern times. From Before Christ Greek philosophers Anaxagolas, Empedocles, ancient Roman poet Ovid; through the Middle Ages. The Italian poet Dante, the English philosopher and theologian William of Ockham; to the modern British philosopher Thomas Hobbes… Wherever they go, new cells of life are fissioned. The gene in exile has a long history.

Exile is the most cultural and spiritual hardship in life. Most of the people who step into the threshold of exile are brave people who face adversity. “Whatever can’t destroy me will make me stronger” (Nietzsche). Pioneering missions, such as Confucius who wrote “Spring and Autumn” when China was in distress, Qu Yuan who was exiled and wrote “Li Sao”, Zuo Qiu who became blind and wrote “Guoyu”, and Sunzi who broke his foot and talked about “The Art of War”…the vicissitudes of life are very angry. , Poetry is poor and then work. Many of the shining names we are familiar with are nineteenth-century exiles, the Polish poet Mikkiewicz, the pianist Chopin; the French philosophers Rousseau, Voltaire, the thinker Diderot, the writer Chateaubriand, Hugo , George Sand, critic Mrs. Starr; British poet Byron; German poet Heine; Russian thinker Herzen, writer Turgenev, Gogol… Most of their representative works were completed in exile.

Exile is the product of despotism and enslavement, and oppression is the driving force for flight. The last century was the darkest and most unfit for survival in human history, as well as the century with the largest number of exiles. Almost all modern crimes recorded in the Book of Sins of Humanity—colonialism, anti-Semitism, Nazism, communism, as well as numerous civil strife and two world wars—originated and occurred in Europe, so this century’s most The exiles came from continental Europe. These exiles not only carry the European exile cultural genes, but also carry the cultural mission of their homeland: the Austrian novelist Stefan Zweig, the German writer Thomas Mann, the Polish poet Czesław Miłosz , British writer Conrad (Joseph Conrad), Russian-American writer Nabokov (Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov), Romanian French dramatist Eugen Ionescu (Eugen Ionescu), Hungarian-born British writer Arthur Koestler ), as well as the two or three hundred Soviet Russian scholars, writers, musicians, painters, scientists, theologians expelled by Lenin, who, together with their exiled predecessors of the nineteenth century, constituted a prominent reputation on earth with their works in exile cultural and spiritual family.

In the final analysis, exile is the height of the brave, and it is the height of life for them to strengthen their meaning of existence. The late Polish contemporary thinker Leszek Kołakowski (1927-2009) published an article in the British Times Literary Supplement in October 1985, citing the exiled intellectual elites of various countries and nationalities in ancient and modern times as examples, from the perspective of epistemology. , religious studies, and creativity to analyze the pros and cons of exile, and praise the outstanding contribution of exile to human civilization. The late Chinese independent scholar Wang Kang (1949-2020) was interviewed by Radio Free Asia’s “Washington Notes: Lao Kang Bingzhu” in 2013. From the Chinese-speaking world, he was the first to pay attention to the phenomenon of human exile in ancient and modern times. “Exile is the incubator of Europe’s modern spirit,” the relationship states.

In 1949, the government of the Republic of China retreated to Taiwan after its defeat in the civil war, which was the largest mass exodus in contemporary Chinese history. Since then, mainlanders have “fleeed to Hong Kong”, and the phenomenon of daily escape under the CCP’s tyranny has been continuous for 40 years. By 1989, the Chinese democracy movement was suppressed, and a large number of participants were forced to leave their homeland, which constituted the second mass exodus in contemporary China. The continuous phenomenon of exile in China did not end because of this, but it finally reached a climax in peacetime: according to the UNHCR report, since Xi Jinping came to power in 2012, the cumulative number of Chinese foreigners seeking political asylum has reached 730,000. More than 170,000 people live abroad as refugees. In 2010, before Xi Jinping came to power, the number of asylum seekers was 7,732. In 2010, eight years after he came to power, the number reached 107,864. In the 10 years, the annual number of people fleeing has increased 13-fold. Last year (2021) alone, the number of people seeking political asylum overseas reached 120,000, more than the sum of the eight years of Hu Jintao’s presidency. Undoubtedly, as the communist totalitarian country with the largest population, the longest duration and the largest volume, China’s exiles are a huge family among the world’s exile groups and an important part of the history of human exile.

Compared with exiles in other parts of the world, exiles in eastern countries, especially in China, are relatively special: the mother tongue is completely different from that of the country of refuge, and the culture and customs are also vastly different. Therefore, Chinese exiles, especially intellectual elites, can neither be like exiles. As easily as the Western exiles in Europe survived the initial Culture Shock, correspondingly, their creations in their respective fields were not as successful as the Western exiles. Compared to another country with the same communist culture, the exiles of the Soviet-Russian era, the Chinese 1989 exiles themselves have relatively inferior resources and preparations in both material and spiritual aspects. Correspondingly, their cultural achievements are not comparable to those of the Russian exiles. on the same level.

However, the difficulty of Chinese exiles is unparalleled in the world. An important factor is the destruction of the CCP’s overseas forces. Over the past 30 years, the CCP has not slackened its efforts to infiltrate and slander exiled democrats in mainland China. Taking the basic sabotage work of dispatching spies and stealing intelligence as an example, according to the information provided by the US Department of Justice’s indictment against the CCP’s US agents on March 16, 2022, various illegal methods adopted by the agents instructed by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security against American democrats , from basic steps to operation methods, such as economic frame-up, interview inducement, electronic surveillance, scandal-making, direct destruction, violence, participation in activities, employment of third parties, recording of various information, stalking, harassment, bribery, impersonation, etc. , incompletely accumulated as many as twenty kinds. Despite its long arms reaching a foreign country, it is no worse than the way the Soviet KGB monitored dissidents in Eastern European jurisdictions during the Cold War.

In addition, the CCP uses network technology and the “masked man” method to target its bluffs, play tricks, exaggerate, and even make things out of nothing. Rumors frame, deliberately attack, sow discord, and cause internal strife, in order to destroy the social credibility of democrats, and then Undermining overseas democratic movements.

Even in the home country where the exiles have been silenced, the CCP has not been idle: bribing imperial literati, using the information collected by overseas spies to write articles, and describing the difficult situation, survival style, and even personal conflicts of Chinese exiles when they first arrived in the West to adapt. Discord deliberately exaggerated, exaggerated, distorted, and belittled, and packaged it politicized, labelled it “traitory for glory”, compiled a collection, and published it in large numbers. It creates the illusion that exiles are inferior to dogs because of their betrayal of the “motherland” and become third-class citizens of the West. In this way, they slander overseas democratic movements, and at the same time smear “democratic” methods and “freedom” values.

Throughout the history of the Cold War, from Eastern Europe to South America, there are democrats who have been exiled to the United States, but no regime has used state power like the CCP. Sabotaging the work of the democracy movement, slandering the democrats, and deliberately dividing and dismantling the exile camp. Democracy movements outside China have always been open and transparent, and no one will be rejected. In addition, the resources of the democracy movement are limited, and the defense capacity is insufficient. Therefore, as two politically opposed camps, the CCP regime and the democratic movement organizations, there is absolutely no basis for a balanced confrontation between the two at the technical level: the former has a heavy Iron Curtain, and its internal personnel disputes, factional competition, and political dynamics can only Looking for clues from the eight-part text of its propaganda mouthpiece, or speculating on the gossip between people, its analysis and research are difficult enough to form a special study – “Chinese officialdom politics”; The President’s State of the Union speech immediately tearing up the relevant documents to express his opposition, the presidential candidate’s public statement that if elected, he will send his rival to prison, and the complete transparency of the political system it shows are absolutely impossible to appear at the National People’s Congress or the National People’s Congress. Other open political platforms); and the latter, the democratic movement organization, all activities, operational planning, personnel relations, and internal disputes are all made public, even private affairs, social interactions, family finances, personal health… It is clear that a situation of “informatization” of the daily life of overseas pro-democracy activists has been formed. It is easy for the CCP to infiltrate and destroy, but the democratic forces are forbidden to guard against it. This absolute imbalance of intelligence and information is an important advantage of the CCP to undermine overseas democratic movements.

Complemented by the exploitation of human weakness, the CCP’s deliberate efforts have achieved remarkable results. From the trapping and imprisonment of Wang Bingzhang and Peng Ming (the deceased prisoner) many years ago, to some extraordinary disputes within the pro-democracy organization, they are proving the evil deeds of the CCP’s dark forces.

It is even more important to point out that the CCP’s bad karma has damaged the credibility of overseas democracy movements, and its severity has even led to some former pro-democracy activists or pro-democracy activists publicly announcing their withdrawal or claiming that they are not pro-democracy activists, in order to stay away from the “quagmire” and protect their own clean. It is understandable that this kind of personal decoupling to protect reputation can sink a boat. However, when some overseas dissident media reported relevant news, they did not distinguish between spies and pro-democracy activists, and used the title of “democracy boss” for the indicted CCP spies, such as: “Heavy! The US Department of Justice indicts five CCP spies, including pro-democracy activists. big man”. The U.S. judicial authorities are prosecuting the CCP’s overseas spies. This is the gist of this news. The so-called “democracy bosses” are the cloak and cover of the CCP spies lurking in the pro-democracy movement. For example, the Ministry of Justice is the hunter, the CCP agents are the wolves, and the pro-democracy movement team is the sheep, because the CCP agents are dressed in sheep’s clothing and mixed with the sheep, and the report actually does not distinguish between wolves and sheep, saying: Hunters captured five wolves, including sheep. If this sentence is simplified and the object “five wolves” and the modifier “include” are removed, it becomes “the hunter catches…the sheep”, which is equivalent to “the Ministry of Justice prosecutes…the pro-democracy leader.” The opposite is true! ——A piece of news that is marked as “heavyweight”, and “democratic movement boss” is equivalent to “CCP spy”. It should not only be a language proficiency problem, of course, it may not be deliberately confusing, but it is very likely that media reporters are subconsciously. There is no distinction between “democratic bigwigs” and “CCP spies”. If this hypothesis is true, it shows the depth of the damage to the credibility of the pro-democracy activists and the subtle characteristics of the CCP’s deliberate work. You know, this is not a confusion caused by an inherent ambiguity between similar things, it is the perfect confusion of two completely antagonistic and diametrically opposed things. By the way, after the headline of this news came out, it was widely quoted by overseas media, causing another round of misleading hints and potential harm to the pro-democracy movement and pro-democracy activists. But no one saw the flaws and raised objections! The extent of the damage to the credibility of the overseas democracy movement is not only profound, but also widespread.

Sages have a past, and sinners have a future. This program points out the evil deeds and consequences of the CCP’s use of state power to slander the overseas democracy movement. The purpose is not to defend the weaknesses of the overseas democracy movement itself. Those weaknesses and past scandals are almost well known to everyone. Under the deliberate slander by the CCP authorities, when the weakness of overseas pro-democracy movements is well known to everyone, especially in a situation where bystanders’ accusations of overseas pro-democracy movements have almost become politically correct outside of China, I think it is more important to point out the fact that people have overlooked: even in the CCP Under the “blessing” of such bad karma, despite the initial hardships of survival, gradually increasing public criticism, and long-term lack of funds, the overseas pro-democracy movement did not fall apart.

After the first three or two years of glory despite defeat in 1989, the long ebb continues to dash the hopes of China’s political civilization and erode people’s will to pursue democracy. While the American students who received green cards in 1989 and 1964 began to work hard to permanently improve their living conditions, the Chinese exiled democrats were empty of political enthusiasm and lost financial support and necessary public attention. Instead, they seek survival first, but they have neither the foreign language preparation of Chinese students, nor the economic support of the exiled nobles on the Soviet-Russian “philosophical ship”, and everyone knows that working in a foreign language, earning money, studying, supporting a family, fighting for How much time, energy and resources are left to allocate to their favorite democratic causes while living a decent life!

It has been 32 years since 1989—some exiles participated in the democratic movement in China and were persecuted earlier. He earns dividends and becomes a monster, but the overseas democracy movement is fighting alone. Year after year, he has endured the infiltration and destruction of this troll, and has been criticized and even discriminated against by public opinion. Banner, inherit the spirit of 1989, and dedicate our time, energy and few remaining resources to the evolution of Chinese civilization.

Later, when Chinese overseas students with green cards stood firm, settled their families, or picked up their parents to visit relatives or even immigrate, the 1989 Chinese exiles were either prevented from returning to China to visit relatives, or faced arrest and could not go back, and some were invited back.” Look at the great situation in the motherland”, but he was always tracked and monitored, and in the end he could only choose to give up. Loyalty and filial piety are not compatible. This tragedy since ancient times has been marinated by the vast seas between the old and new continents. Looking at their elderly parents, Chinese exiles must endure the grief of their children who want to raise their children and cannot return, and ultimately must experience the death of their parents. A grief that cannot be said goodbye and cannot be mourned. From the words, the conversation, the walk side by side, the long-distance travel car, the staring at the sky and the long silence, I heard and saw them chewing and swallowing the sad news of losing their parents and the tears and self-confidence that they had nowhere to put. responsibility. In one of them, his mother cried blindly because she missed her son who had a country and could not return. When the day of critical illness came, he could not return to his mother. When he was finally able to face and talk with his mother close by, he was faced with a urn of ashes of his mother. His filial piety for his mother in this life is to bury his mother’s ashes. He carried the ashes to Taiwan for burial. After getting off the plane, getting off the car and going to the cemetery, he walked all the way with his mother to go home: Mom, we are about to turn ahead; Mom, we’ll cross the bridge now; Mom, don’t you get tired, we’ll be there soon…. This is almost the only example of many exiles who have had the opportunity to bury their parents in person.

Czech democrat and former President Havel answered questions from the audience on his last visit to the United States: Even if you don’t know for sure whether the cause of democracy will succeed in your lifetime, you should not give up your efforts. He emphasized: “It is necessary to be convinced that we are right, that we With the truth, we believe in our ideas. . . . You can’t calculate whether it will succeed or not at the outset.” This is 16 years after the Czech Republic’s resistance finally succeeded after 44 years of tyranny and slavery. Speaking of experience. It has been 17 winters and summers since this answer. Mr. Havel has long since passed away. His country and Europe have entered another era. The world structure has undergone tremendous changes. China is still under the rule of an autocratic system. Going alone, regardless of success or failure. With the exception of religious groups, what other political exile group can allow the alternation of slander and forgetting, not forgetting its original intention, practicing its ideals, and persevering?

The United States is the homeland where the “Mayflower” exiles first fled and settled, and it is also the base camp for exiles from all over the world. It has received countless exiles from all over the world who have defected for political, religious and economic reasons. Since the last century, political exiles from more than one authoritarian country have organized here to fight for their own political civilization. It is also far from the homeland, lacking funds, struggling to survive, and persisting in purgatory for a long time, witnessing the state of democratic organizations in various countries, and receiving lobbying from organizations in various countries. In comparison, American human rights activists and congressional assistants’ evaluation of Chinese democracy movement groups makes Chinese democrats Surprise: China’s pro-democracy groups are not bad! Even in the most difficult circumstances there was no drug trafficking, no arms smuggling, no smackdown, no other illegal activities. Of course, that’s not all, China’s overseas democracy movement has never stopped its activities in a difficult situation: they hold various seminars and protests in a targeted manner, and at the same time keep in touch with their domestic counterparts, and even send donations…

The humanization and civilization of China’s political system is the responsibility of every man, regardless of his zeal. However, overseas people have taken this as their aspirations, stepped forward and practiced it, and only the pro-democracy activists directly participated. Years have cultivated, and big waves have washed away the sand; inventory errors, differentiation and integration; awareness, understanding, self-renewal; “Feng Dy has been imprisoned a few times, but it still doesn’t stop me.” If “Milan Kundera left Czechoslovakia and Milosz left Poland, they turned their experiences into modern literary masterpieces”, then China Overseas pro-democracy activists may turn their experiences into legends—contemporary legends of resisting evil forces and forging ahead on a bumpy and long journey.

July 14-24, 2022, when
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