Wang Qingpeng: Are you ready for the CCP to step down (2)? ——To you who want to be a voter (citizen)

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Wang Qingpeng: Are you ready for the CCP to step down (2)? ——To you who want to be a voter (citizen)

With the visit of Pelosi, the representative of the U.S. Congress abroad, to Taiwan, more and more countries will see the face of the CCP clearly and join the camp of democratic countries to protect the hard-won democracy and the rule of law; With the emergence of the CCP, more and more citizens have lost confidence in the CCP and joined the call for the establishment of a democratic and rule of law country.

Various forms at home and abroad have shown that China has reached the point of change.

In the last years of the CCP, the Great Firewall was used to block the news of the civilized world, and the voices of dissent and supervision were filtered out by blocking and deleting accounts. Starting from kindergarten children, generations of hard-working Chinese were brainwashed into slaves under the CCP’s banner without a sense of citizenship. The tragic “We are the last generation” of the sober citizens is also shouting to the world that the CCP is exhausted.

Once the day China changes, have you trained yourself to be a voter or citizen mind? The Chinese have been deceived once and cannot be deceived a second time.

Why do Chinese people who are more industrious than other ethnic groups, Taiwanese who speak Chinese, and Europeans and Americans have a harder time?

Why does China have forced demolition and occupation?

Why has the iron chain woman case and the Tangshan beating case still not resolved in China?

Why does the international metropolis Shanghai say that all production will be stopped when it is cleared?

Why is the life-saving money stored in the bank disappearing?

Why the world has liberalized its policies, while China is doing nucleic acid everywhere?

This is all because China has an unsupervised government that arbitrarily tramples on the legitimate rights of its citizens.

Even if there is no voice in China now, even if there are still many people in foreign countries, but in the future China must not continue to be dictatorial, otherwise it will not only be unlucky at home, but also abroad.

From now on, please arm yourself with the knowledge of the citizens of the electorate through various channels. Speak your heart out for yourself and your next generation.

There is no need for some things to be done after the Communist Party has stepped down. In this era of change, as citizens and voters of the future, although there is no freedom of speech, they can speak over the wall; although they are now heavily monitored, they can talk in the same city; Although he is now bound by stability maintenance, he can write a recording and leave a certificate; although he feels that there is no way out now, he can try to post some marginally sensitive topics. . . .

Thanks to those who are braver than us for their dedication and perseverance in the front, and thanks to all netizens for exposing and forwarding the injustice and injustice. There is no free democracy and rule of law in the world. For the sake of China’s future, please do your best to support those dissidents who dare to stand up! Please do your best to retweet injustice! Please do your best to break through fear and cry for freedom!

The Communist Party is down, are you ready to be a voter (citizen)?

August 2, 2022 in Seattle, USA

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