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U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (File photo) Photo-Voice of America

On the morning of August 3, Beijing time, Pelosi, the leader of the Democratic Party of the United States and Speaker of the House of Representatives, with the courage and responsibility of a first-class politician in a democratic country, clamored for “unification” and “unification” in response to the various threats from the Xi and the Communist Party of China and the hundreds of millions of five-cent pink attacks on Taiwan. Under the sound of hi, with her unique temperament of composure and self-confidence and smiling from time to time, she carried out the feat of visiting Taiwan with a calm smile, and once again sincerely practiced her consistent efforts to promote the democratization of China since supporting the June 4th Patriotic Democratic Movement in China. The significance of the firm stance not only surpassed Gingrich’s visit to Taiwan in 1997, but also was comparable to President Nixon’s visit to mainland China in 1972 to fight against the Soviet Union and seek personal and partisan political interests.

The extraordinary significance of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is mainly reflected in the following points:

First, the 50-year appeasement should be discontinued from now on; the great alliance to resist the Communist Party has gradually become a trend.

The political opportunistic alliance strategy initiated by Nixon has, after 50 years of mutation, degenerated into a new appeasement that fosters the development of the Communist Party. Various economic plans and political collusion and compromise are not only unable to exchange for any progress in the CCP’s political reform, but also provide a huge boost for the CCP to strengthen its autocratic dictatorship, internal repression and external vicious expansion. At present, the CCP’s The claws of expansion have penetrated into most countries in the world, and a very small number of mainland bureaucrats and dignitaries have owned most of the country’s wealth in various ways and names, while the vast majority of mainland people have been thrown into a deformed society where the gap between the rich and the poor continues to increase during the so-called “reform and opening up”. The vast bottom group has been oppressed and tormented in the general state of low human rights, negative welfare, and high pollution, and public grievances have continued to deepen, so that a relatively enlightened person like Li Keqiang who still has a political conscience pointed out: there are 6 people in mainland China. The average monthly income of 100 million people is about 1,000 yuan. Such a result completely deviates from the original intention of cooperation between the United States and the CCP, and cannot but trigger a wave of reflection by conscientious people in the U.S. government and opposition, and then fundamentally reverse the U.S. government’s policy toward the Communist Party. Pelosi completed her visit to Taiwan at the age of 82 with a composure and composure. It is the inevitable result of the bitter reflection on the half-century-old policies of “joining the Communist Party” and “accommodating the Communist Party” in the United States and even in the West. The bravery made the younger male politicians who should have been more courageous to be ashamed, impressed, and intend to break the record of visiting Taiwan again. Putting on the brakes again and trying to put an end to it will surely open a new chapter in the global containment of the CCP, and sound a new clarion call for the world to oppose the Communist Party and reject Russia. It will have great symbolic and practical significance both in the present and the future.

Fifty years may be too late for the mainland people who have been suffering for a long time. But it is not too late to mend the prison;

The second is to advance in East Asia, and gather forces at the front; echoing Ukraine, the east and the west are attacked.

The two evil governments of the CCP and Prussia have become the biggest stubborn rock in the trend of world civilization. In order to prolong life, the CCP and Prussia have teamed up to warm up and help each other in need. From a geopolitical perspective, the CCP and Prussia occupy East Asia, North Asia, and Eastern Europe, and their radiation penetrates into most Asian Islamic countries and Southeast Asian and South Asian countries, forming relatively loose strategic alliances with these countries. However, due to the huge differences and differences in economic interests, political interests, religious culture, etc., these countries have also played a strong blocking role in the geographical expansion of the CCP and Prussia. Therefore, democracies headed by the United States do not need to invest excessive containment costs in these countries, but only need to concentrate their main strategic forces on the east and west fronts.

At present, Ukraine is stubbornly fighting against the Prussian aggressors on the western front. European countries and the United States have provided huge assistance to Ukraine, which has severely dampened the expansionary dreams and arrogance of the Prussian regime. On the eastern front, although Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia and other democratic countries and regions are defending the first island chain, or resisting the CCP head-on, or sticking to universal values, compared with the huge autocratic power that the CCP has accumulated for a long time and its presence in the Asia-Pacific region. The expansion momentum appears to be relatively weak. Taiwan is at the forefront of the first island chain, and Kinmen Island is like a sharp blade against the CCP. The CCP has always regarded Taiwan as the “beacon of Chinese democracy” as the biggest threat to its autocratic rule. Taiwan has long faced the CCP’s continuous escalation. of coercion. Therefore, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is a bit like a front-line military parade and a front-line comfort army. He regards the roaring of the CCP’s fighter planes as nothing. In the midst of killing noises and murderous intentions, he is calm, chatting and laughing, which is better than walking in the courtyard. , greatly inspired the morale of Taiwan’s military and civilians to defend their democratic homeland, improved Taiwan’s international influence and its strategic position in the first island chain, echoed the war against Russia on the western front with Ukraine as the front, and strengthened Taiwan’s international influence and strategic position in the first island chain. The CCP-Prussian-Russian “New Axis of Evil” is attacking.

Third, enlighten the mainlanders: what is the use of the party army?

Before and after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, various mobilizations and exercises of the CCP’s military increased sharply, but they only cost taxpayers’ blood and sweat to perform jumping on the spot and playing side-by-side. People from all walks of life in mainland China couldn’t help but think about the substantive significance of the CCP’s military and Xi Jinping. Various questions about his departure and stay.

Nationalization of the military is the proper meaning of building and raising troops in a civilized country. The CCP’s military spending has continued to rise, and the military’s treatment has kept pace with the times. However, the huge army, which has spent a huge amount of people’s money and money for years, has not had any foreign war since the Vietnam War in the 1979-1980s. A tool for slaughtering people, suppressing democracy movements, ravaging Hong Kong people, and defending autocracy, it has evolved into a tool to intimidate “Taiwan independence”. But the problem is, according to the logic of the CCP’s United Front propaganda, Taiwanese are all compatriots, and Hong Kong people are compatriots. The purpose of raising countless troops is to suppress and intimidate compatriots. How can such an army come to defend the country? Clearly the army of the Guardians.

If you take a closer look, among the “foreign enemies” that the SS fought fiercely, except for a small number of Japanese troops who did commit serious war crimes, the Indian army may be suspected of denying the historical boundary, and other foreign military operations related to a considerable degree. Justice, the U.S. military and the United Nations entered the Korean peninsula to stop the atrocities of Kim Il-sung’s army’s southward invasion and to stop the tide of redification on the Korean peninsula. The Vietnamese army overthrew the inhuman Khmer Rouge regime supported by the Maoist Communist Party and made the suffering of the Cambodian people worse. It was hated by the CCP because of the decrease in the number of Soviet troops. The political root of the conflict between the Soviet army and the Maoist communist army was that the Soviet Union had entered the relatively enlightened Khrushchev era and could not bear the endless perversion of the Maoist communist army. Doing many things to help Zhou and abuse, and rarely defending the country and the people, not only seriously betrays the mission of the army, but also makes it impossible not to ask: Since the party’s military record is so lackluster, the people who control the army and the party who control the gun are also good and bad. wild? Raising soldiers in this way is obviously not driven by justice and justice. Isn’t it to protect one-party dictatorship and dictatorship?

Even according to the general logic of Pink Wumao and the mainland leftists, as well as the hatred of the United States and the wolf warrior mentality that the CCP has instilled in them for a long time, in their opinion, Pelosi visited Taiwan calmly and left unrestrainedly, while the Xi and CCP authorities are like a tortoise with a shrinking head. , without firing a single bullet, just using military exercises and guns to waste the fat of the people, continue to fool the people and confuse the people, play tricks in the family, play hard in the nest, and raise millions of soldiers is to suppress domestically and deceive the people. Empress Dowager Cixi, who dared to declare war on foreign powers, lost her power and humiliated the country. The double-edged sword effect of “pseudo-nationalism” or “blank nationalism” and “spoof nationalism” is accelerating, and Xi Jinping’s public support in mainland China has fallen rapidly again. “The tyranny, the rising unemployment rate and the general decline in income caused by the continuous economic downturn, as well as the frequent outbreaks of financial dishonesty and real estate collapse caused by the collapse of political credit, have caused the grievances of the mainland people to continue to rise, impacting Xi Jinping’s dream of becoming an emperor. It provides all kinds of rare opportunities to study and bargaining chips for the anti-Xi forces.

“Know yourself, know your enemy and you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.” In today’s world, is it Pelosi who knows Xi the most?

In a word, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is of great significance, and its practical results and follow-up effects will be accelerated. Let us wait and see, and in this good situation, we will do our best to stop Xi Jinping’s re-election attempt and accelerate the realization of mainland democracy. Let’s work together!

(This article only represents the author’s personal views and positions, please indicate the source for reprinting, thank you)

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