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According to news from Chinese-language public media: On the morning of August 5, 2022, at the gate of Shijiazhuang Prison in Hebei Province, a man hacked to death two prison guards with a knife and injured another. It is rumored that the perpetrator was a prisoner who had been released from prison. State media said the assailant had been apprehended.

In this era of the Communist Party of Xi Jinping, where sensitive words are scattered, we can extract many sensitive words in a short news report: “Hebei, prison, police, knife, abuse, revenge…”

At present, there are not many related reports on the Internet, and the pictures and videos that can be trusted are also very limited.

Obviously, in this special era, the CCP’s control of news and information is more encrypted and airtight. China has always been a “secret country”, and in the era of Xi Jinping, the wind of controlling information is even more so.

But the truth will eventually return to its truth, and the people’s hearts and minds have not been smothered.

Except for the pathological thugs, normal people are afraid of death.

No one, as long as there is a reason to live, people will not go to the point where the fish and the net are broken and they perish together.

Only when everything is deprived, and there is no room or space to find it, that kind of despair will make people take risks.

“Deprived of everything” is a little different for different people. Maybe property, or family, or freedom, or dignity, or even just a sense of security…

For example, Yang Jia broke into the Zhabei branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau and killed six police officers because she was deprived of her dignity as a man.

Xia Junfeng, a merchant in the northeast, stabbed to death two urban management officers who violently enforced the law because they were deprived of survival resources.

Hu Wenhai killed a group of related people with a gun in revenge because he was deprived of his way of seeking justice.

Veteran Zhang Koukou said that “it is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge in ten years” because his family members were deprived of their lives and family dignity.

The list goes on and on.

On August 5th, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, took place in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. This kind of murder occurred in revenge of the prison guards after the inmates who were tortured and abused by the prison guards were released from prison.

Every time I see this kind of incident of citizens injured by the state machine taking revenge on public officials, my mood is very mixed.

In fact, any vicious homicide is a threat and injury to social balance and public safety. Let the human civilization, which should have been built on the basis of the rule of law, fall back to the wilderness of the law of the jungle.

I don’t praise atrocities, and I don’t promote social disorder because someone praises atrocities.

However, those public officials who are in it and bear the risk of retribution, shouldn’t you reflect and repent? !

China’s judicial system has long been reduced to a colosseum of bullying.

The law is no longer a weapon used by citizens to protect their legal rights, but has become a weapon used by the powerful to fight and frame dissidents.

And credible sources from many people who have been imprisoned say that there are blatant, universal, and unspoken blackmail, bullying, corruption, abuse, and mutilation incidents in Chinese prisons. And the participants are the prison guards who represent the government and the law.

Prison guards are licensed law enforcement officers. If the law enforcement officers break the law, the corresponding victims’ resistance to the law is legal.

The rulers firmly believe that “the wrath of the emperor will bury millions of corpses and bleed thousands of miles.” They also believe that “the wrath of commoners can also avoid the crown and stumble, and use the head to grab the ear.” This is also the main reason why various dictators despise the people’s grievances—— The common man is weak and weak, why should he be afraid?

However, the real anger of the commoner only requires revenge point by point, as the saying goes, “If you are a scholar, you will be angry, two corpses will be buried, five steps of blood will be shed, and the world will be veiled. Today is also.”

Yang Jia did it, Xia Junfeng did it, and on August 5th, Yang in Shijiazhuang also did it.

Although these “commoner backlash” incidents have not touched the foundation and core of the CCP’s rule, the power pyramid is built by the grassroots public officials.

If this kind of personal anger becomes a normal outbreak, the CCP’s grass-roots public officials will surely panic and panic. The footing of the pyramid is loose, is it far from the collapse of the tower?

As the ancients say, “doing a lot of injustice will kill oneself”, in addition to some idealistic theories of divine condemnation, there is also the inevitability of causal logic.

In the year 2022, when the CCP is in turmoil, domestic and foreign aggression, and the wind and the turmoil, any little spark can make this pressure-cooker-like dictatorship trigger a prairie prairie.

Although the commoner who fights alone is weak and weak, the power of dripping water will be so great that it will destroy the dead! Don’t you see the torrent of history has always been assembled by countless water droplets, and finally overturned one powerful empire after another.

No matter how much technology, wealth, military, and resources the CCP regime controls at this moment, once the Chinese people are forced to the point where they have no choice but to live without love, the main cause of the collapse of the CCP will be the anger of the commoners. .

Written by Kuiyang on August 6, 2022 at 3:30 pm PT, in Los Angeles, USA.

(This article only represents the author’s personal views and positions, please indicate the source for reprinting, thank you)

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