American spectator: The essence of Marxism is to degenerate human beings into animals

图片-马克思主义认为人的本质是- 飞秒生活

Picture-Marxism believes that the essence of man is- Femto Life

Abstract: Marxism is incompatible with the modern economic system, and it is impossible to guide China into modernization. Economic failure has led to the impending collapse of the Chinese Communist Party.

One of the theoretical foundations of Marxism is Marx’s political economy. This economics of his believes that only the front-line workers in the production process can create value, and neither investors (capitalists) nor machines can create value.

Marx’s argumentation process is full of loopholes and is completely untenable. For example, he used the method of factory accounting to calculate the depreciation of machines to prove that machines can only transfer to the product, but will not create new value. In fact, machines can replace human labor, the most ancient and primitive grinding systems driven by waterwheels, and countless modern machines. Therefore, even according to Marx’s own labor theory of value, machines can create value, and work with much higher efficiency and quality than human laborers.

The insistence that only front-line workers can create value seems to greatly improve the status of workers, but in fact it harms workers.

The classical economist Adam Smith has long described that division of labor and cooperation can greatly improve labor productivity . Capitalists invest huge amounts of money to bring together a large number of laborers to carry out large-scale production activities, which can improve labor productivity and wage income of laborers.

If workers work at home alone, the labor productivity is extremely low, and even if they can get all the value they create, their real income will be very low. This is why tens of thousands of Chinese farmers, even though they have the means of production—contracted land, don’t need to pay taxes and can get all the fruits of their labor, but they still choose to leave their homes, leave their relatives, and go to work in distant cities. Obviously, this is because the income much higher than that from farming, even if only a part of the newly created value can be obtained.

Therefore, capitalists have greatly improved the labor productivity of laborers and increased the income of laborers. The capitalist’s profit is actually a necessary reward for the capitalist to risk large-scale investments.

In order to seek profit, capitalists actively organize innovation, put new products into production, continuously improve technology and technology, and reduce costs and prices to strengthen their competitiveness. The objective effect of this is that a large number of new products emerge in an endless stream, and the prices continue to decrease, which enriches the lives of the people and improves the quality of life of the people.

People who believe in Marxism detest capitalists, see them as exploiters, parasites, think that they get something for nothing, and keep saying that they want to hang capitalists from telephone poles.

But without capitalists, who would invest and organize production?

State-owned enterprise? The property of state-owned enterprises does not belong to the person in charge of the state-owned enterprise, and they have achieved great luck by not corruption, profligacy, and indiscriminate investment. Existing state-owned enterprises are often big losers. On the one hand, monopolizing a huge market, selling products and services at high prices, and on the other hand, making huge losses is the biggest joke in the world.

Some people suggest that Marxist believers raise funds to purchase means of production for workers to use for free, which can not only solve the employment problem of workers, but also does not have the so-called ” exploitation of workers’ surplus value” problem.

There are at least hundreds of millions of people in China who believe in Marxism. If each of them pays one month’s salary every year, it is an investment amount of trillions, which can already catch up with the annual investment amount of capitalists in China. . Such a good suggestion, which can force capitalists to death without bloodshed, has not responded to a single Marxist.

Without investment, laborers can only work with low labor productivity, and it is impossible to enjoy a wide variety of cheap and high-quality commodities, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, cars, air travel, fresh clothes, food, electronic toys, etc. Countless material pleasures will be out of reach.

As for such consequences, Marxist believers replied lightly: ” As long as there is food to eat.” If so, what is the difference between humans and animals on the African savannah? They eat grass every day. Is this the ideal human life of Marxists?

Obviously, Marxists themselves will not be satisfied with a life of only food. They want to use Marxism to fool the masses of the people to overthrow the normal social order, to lift up those who took the lead in rebelling, and let them be the best.

Practice has long proven that it is very difficult to achieve even the most basic thing of “having food” according to the Marxist way of doing things. The Soviet Union and China practiced Marxism, but both starved to millions to tens of millions of people in peacetime.
It can be seen that many people believe in the teachings of Marxism because they have no ability and do not want to see people who have the ability to get rich, so they hate the normal industrial and commercial social order and deliberately want to destroy and overthrow it. If you don’t even have the ability to organize sabotage and start a revolution, you will continue to chatter and incite hatred.

There is a commercial partnership between the capitalist group and the employee group. Of course, there will be contradictions and conflicts in which the shop is bullying the customer and the customer is bullying the shop. The only way to improve the bargaining position and power of the group of employees is to increase capitalists, not to reduce them, much less to eliminate them.

China once eliminated capitalists, and there is only one employer in the country: the state. Instead, workers have lost their bargaining qualifications for labor remuneration and have been forced to accept extremely low wages for a long time.

The Communist Party of China takes Marxism as its ideological and theoretical basis, and the people are struggling to survive. When the national economy was collapsing, Deng Xiaoping had to reform and open up, invited back the capitalists, and continued his life for the CCP for 40 years. However, the Communist Party of China has “never forgotten its original intention” and adhered to Marxism. With a little economic accumulation, it has crossed the river and demolished bridges, attacked the capitalist group, stuffed the party branch into a private enterprise, and wanted to hold a controlling stake for a small amount of money, so as to engage in “national advance and private retreat”. It is impossible for such a party to lead China into modernization.

The ideology upheld by the Communist Party of China has long been unadulterated, and has long lost its appeal to the Chinese people. On the contrary, the vigorous capitalist group with huge financial resources, proactive and innovative, has brought benefits to the people. Compared with the two sides, the Chinese Communist Party has a guilty conscience, so it uses the state apparatus it has mastered, backed by violent means, to attack China’s emerging capitalist groups. This is a typical model of Wu Dalang’s shop opening. He can’t do it himself, and he won’t let capable people do it.

Due to the inability to fundamentally solve the problem of economic backwardness, the bureaucracy and military and police teams are getting larger and larger, coupled with stupid “big money” and expensive and protracted “dynamic reset”, the Chinese Communist Party is about to face a situation of sitting on the mountain. The situation, the collapse of the regime has been seen.

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