Liu Sheng: The book of persuading Xi Jinping to quit – Xi Jinping has no public intentions, is full of selfish desires, and is not worthy of ruling China

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The Beidaihe meeting was held quietly, and the author was worried that he could not sleep at night.

If a thief messes up China, he can immediately add a yellow robe and become an emperor. At this time, China quietly accepts it.

Why do you say that Xi Jinping has no public mindedness and is all selfish? It depends on the person and the result.

In the past ten years: Xi Jinping won, and his own affairs were done, but China was ruined, and domestic and foreign affairs were a mess.

In the past ten years, the people who have benefited the most in China are not farmers, workers, entrepreneurs, listed companies, or any industry, but just one person, Xi Jinping.

In the past ten years, Xi Jinping has successfully made anti-corruption = fighting political enemies; fighting the new crown = tyranny; changing the constitution = becoming emperor.

In the past ten years, every time Xi Jinping did something, he destroyed a group of people. Big deal in real estate, house prices doubled, and then the building was unfinished and collapsed; big deal in Internet finance, emptied people’s pockets, and then P2P and village banks were violent; , The Bamboo Basket was an empty fight; it was a big fight against the wolf, which successfully aroused the opposition of developed countries, and could only be mixed with Russia, North Korea and Iran. The new crown is cleared, and the city is closed at every turn. The first year is beautiful, and the third year is Shanghai, Sanya, and Xinjiang. The whole country is densely packed. Chips are unfinished, Xiongan New Area is unfinished, and poverty alleviation is over. . . .

This is a faint-hearted monarch who only cares about his own happiness and the safety of the people, and wants to arrogate himself to the emperor.

One question: Are the Chinese really so poor and humble that they have no qualifications for democracy?

No, Taiwan’s democracy is very successful. Although grassroots democracy in mainland China has failed in its pilots, its roots lie in poverty. There have been many cases where money is directly used to buy votes, and it is not because we are ignorant and simple that many village leaders and entrepreneurs are elected. It is because the Chinese people are too poor, with 900 million people earning less than 2,000 yuan a month, lack of food and clothing, and failing to develop. What about democratic and fair voting?

As the president of the country, he should have paid great attention to the problem of wealth and poverty caused by the low income of the people, and he has the ability and conditions to raise the minimum income to 3,000-5,000 yuan .

Has Xi Jinping thought of this? Did something happen? Said we do not engage in excessive welfare. Please note that Xi’s current poverty alleviation is just a pretense.

Second question: Whose fault is the US and China fighting each other?

Even primary and secondary school students, the first and second place in the exam will be vigilant against each other, but fighting without breaking and making money for each other is the key.

As the president of the country, he should seek common ground while reserving differences, fight without breaking down, and bury himself in his own business.

However, Xi Jinping succeeded in magnifying every provocation, rising to national honor and disgrace, rising to fighting wolf countermeasures . Forcibly decoupled, so that there is no room for turning around and become the public enemy of the earth.

Three questions: The new crown is cleared, why is there only such a strange thing in the world?

The new crown is like a fly, which can be killed inexhaustibly and is less harmful than the flu. Flies appear in one place, that is, the city will be closed immediately, everything will be stopped, and all the flies will be caught. It is very ridiculous.

As the president of the country, we must learn from foreign experience, adjust our response strategies in a timely manner, and keep pace with the epidemic prevention of most countries in the world. North Korea can do it, but China cannot. The medical journal “Dr. Lilac” just reported that there were no deaths in North Korea epidemic prevention. was titled. Panic about what? afraid of what?

The clearing of the new crown is the only political achievement that Xi Jinping can achieve, and it is natural to keep the brand.

Verbally said that the lives of millions of elderly people were protected, but the 80 -year-old US President Biden was hit twice with the new crown, and there was no panic.

The Chinese have fallen victim to Xi Jinping’s political achievements.

Four Questions: After five years of housing price stimulation, who will end up with chicken feathers in one place?

A real estate problem is a big problem. Playing with economic laws and messing with land finance without braking is the biggest fault.

As the president of the country, the housing price-to-income ratio in 2017 is already extremely high, there are already too many houses to sell, and there is no market for prices. At this time, follow the economic laws, develop public rental housing, stabilize housing prices, and slowly digest it.

As Xi Jinping, he is very happy. Continuing to monetize, relax loans, and condone the situation where the house cannot be sold, the price has doubled and stockpiled, which has exhausted the last shred of savings of ordinary people, intensified the marriage problems and childbirth conflicts of young people, and created the doomsday carnival of real estate.

Five years later, with a bleak end, housing companies collapsed, buildings were shut down, and homeowners cut off supply, who is to blame?

Question 5: Who encourages private lending?

Under the wave of high interest rates and consumerism, many people put their savings and pension money into P2P and loan consumption. 520 million people in China are in debt, many of which are used for loans to buy houses and consumption.

As the president of the country, he should have controlled loan interest rates and the number of lending institutions to ensure that borrowers’ solvency matches their actual needs.

However, Xi Jinping advocates expanding the bubble until the bubble bursts, and the food is wiped and returned to the national treasury.

Real estate collapse, P2P village bank thunderstorms, Belt and Road thunderstorms, the wolf is dead, the new crown is wonderful, the chip is unfinished, the Xiongan New Area is unfinished, and poverty alleviation is over. . . .

There is also a victory in the face, and he succeeds to the throne.

We have never seen such a brazen person.

The nightmare of centralization is to meet a faint-hearted ruler who only cares about his own happiness and the safety of the people. We have met him.

Are we going to endure it?

Democracy is the only way out. We must elect a national president with a public mind.

This year’s 11th general election, one person, one vote to re-elect the president of the country.

China’s resigned official:Liu Sheng

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