Gan Cheng: Why is Xi Jinping’s emperor’s dream bound to go bankrupt?

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Abolish term limit Xi Jinping "proclaimed emperor" scholar: Taiwan needs to be prepared -- SPIEGEL

Abolish term limit Xi Jinping “proclaimed emperor” scholar: Taiwan needs to be prepared — SPIEGEL

As expected, Xi Jinping wants to sit as the emperor with his bare buttocks, but the weather, location, and people are not on his side, and he is doomed to fail.

  1. The logic of Xi Jinping’s inevitable downfall

  2. If he wants to be re-elected, he will break the rules of the CCP’s tenure system and become the emperor. Other colleagues, including the former leaders, must be courtiers, and they will worship the mountains three times. Long live, what are they doing? If they are willing to bow their heads and serve as ministers, then their own and their descendants’ lives will be given and disposed of at will, and they will never agree to it.

  3. If the Central Security Bureau, which is directly controlled, is used to force the control of the opposition, will the army not be afraid of rebellion?

  4. Even if the upper levels of the four major military regions are taken care of, as long as one military unit, such as a division, rises up in rebellion, it will start a prairie fire. Will other armies shoot at them? Certainly not. Because they knew that Xi’s actions were a conspiracy to usurp the throne, a palace coup, and it was illegal. Shooting at the rebels would bring death to themselves and their families.

  5. Cai E rebelled in Yunnan with hundreds of people, and Yuan Shikai collapsed. Chen Sheng, Wu Guang and hundreds of pawns made trouble in northern Anhui, and Daqin collapsed.

  6. Can Xi control the military more than Yuan Shikai? Can his power in China surpass that of the Qin Empire? cannot. How can it be ensured that no military unit will raise a flag to rebel? How to ensure that the other soldiers are loyal to him and will shoot the rebels? Can not guarantee.

So, Xi is daydreaming!

Second, the red second generation will not agree

According to the CCP, the world was conquered by revolutionaries, so the second generation in the red will take over the leadership to be assured and will never change color. However, there are hundreds of second-generation red, why can only you, Xi Jinping, take over and stay in power for life? Did your father get the most credit? Obviously not. In terms of credit, Xi Zhongxun is not expected to rank in the top 50. After the Mao family, Liu Yuan is alive, Chen Yuan is alive, the Deng brothers are alive, and the descendants of the Ye family are alive. Therefore, even if the world is changed back to the monarchy, it will not be Xi Jinping’s turn. Are you the most capable? Don’t tell jokes, every major event in the past ten years has been abandoned halfway, except for the endless suppression of the people. The elders of the hundred clans were much more capable than him. Moreover, once he is re-elected, it will be equal to lifelong tenure, equal to the restoration of the monarchy, the second Putin, the second Jin Sanpang, and other families will also kneel down as ministers, and their safety will be in the hands of Xi alone. In fact, it means that there is no more security, how can they agree? In the past two days, it has been rumored that 120 second-generation Reds have jointly written a letter asking Xi to get off the bus at the stop, which is inevitable.

  1. Yuan Shikai failed to declare himself emperor, can Xi Jinping succeed?

Yuan Shikai proclaimed emperor in 1915, only three years before the fall of the Manchu Qing Dynasty, and he failed to proclaim himself emperor. Today, the republic has 110. Although the CCP is a fake republic, it is far away from the monarchy after all. Can Xi Jinping succeed?

Yuan Shikai was famous as a “capable minister” in his life and made outstanding achievements. He entered the DPRK when he was young to maintain the Korean legal system. He participated in every “late Qing government”, training new-style troops, etc. He stood out among the officials in the late Qing Dynasty, he said God failed. Xi Jinping has been in power for ten years without a single victory, each of which is unfinished.

Yuan Shikai had the strongest Beiyang army at the time, and he obeyed only his orders, and the Southern Rebels could not fight against it. He still failed to claim the emperor’s title, because the most loyal Yuan’s army had defected and stopped fighting. Which Chinese general is now as loyal to Xi Jinping as the Beiyang general was to Yuan Shikai? None of them, can he succeed?

At that time, the monarchy was all over the world, and the United Kingdom and Japan both claimed to be strong by constitutional monarchy, and the American political and legal masters shouted for it. Yuan Shikai still failed. Today, the vast majority of countries in the world implement democratic constitutional government, and there are very few monarchy countries. All mankind regards the monarchy as an enemy, and Xi Jinping has gone backwards to restore the monarchy. Can he succeed?

Therefore, although it seems that the guns and pens are all in the hands of Xi Jinping, it is undoubtedly a daydream that he wants to govern for life. The people are opposed, the army is neutral, the political elders are blocking, and the second generation of red has drawn a line from it. Where is the strength he can rely on? Without reliable power, is it not a big dream to want to become an emperor?

August 24, 2022