Lin Baohua | International scandal: Xi Jinping runs away from SCO dinner

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20220916150217084563 (1)

Xi Jinping (left) walked into the summit venue with Russian President Vladimir Putin (center) and Uzbek President Mirziyoyev (right) on the 16th. (AP) – report

Xi Jinping was trapped in Zhongnanhai for two years and eight months, and he did not dare to take a step abroad, for fear of being poisoned by the Wuhan pneumonia virus created by himself; Even if he went to Hong Kong, which has been part of China since ancient times, and has been “Xi’s family and army rule Hong Kong”, he would not dare to spend the night there, and would be frightened to eat only one dinner. Such a person who is afraid of death dares to laugh at the fact that when the Soviet Union changed, no “man” came out to save the crisis.

After two years and eight months of recuperating, Xi Jinping went abroad for the first time. He should have made some earth-shattering words and deeds to show that he will sit on the throne of the “Son of Heaven” at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Unexpectedly, before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Xi Jinping, who boasted of “unlimited cooperation” in Haikou, did not dare to express his support for Putin, a “man” who broke the world’s aggression against Ukraine because of the setback in the invasion. The opportunistic remarks finally made Putin sober and express his “understanding”. In addition to this pretense, he actually ran away at the state leaders’ dinner after the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting, and the public reason expressed was the need for “epidemic prevention”. Xi Jinping’s life is life, but not the life of leaders of other countries? Such an extremely selfish person can still be called a “leader of a great country”, and he still wants to lead “globalization”? Really laughing.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization was established in Shanghai in 1996. Five countries including China and Russia were the founding countries. Now it has nine member states, accounting for 43% of the global population. Of course, its influence cannot be ignored. Although this meeting was held in Uzbekistan, its distant ancestor was in Shanghai, China. No matter where the meeting was held, China was half the master. The loss of Xi Jinping this time shows that he no longer takes this organization to heart. After Xi Jinping was dormant for two years and eight months, he performed this good show and let the world see through his hands and feet.

There are real and false reasons for Xi Jinping’s loss. The truth is, he is afraid of death. There are several reasons for the false side to explore.

First, he is about to sit on the throne of the emperor at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It is not worth taking the risk to eat with other “foreigners” without masks, because they don’t know what kind of virus they carry. If you die before your ambitions are fulfilled, wouldn’t it make the mice burst into tears?

Second, Xi Jinping has already lost his position at the Beidaihe Conference. This time he went abroad just as a courtesy. He has no intention of winning glory for the Chinese nation. Therefore, it was perfunctory and let future generations clean up the mess. So from the moment I got off the plane, I was so nervous that I almost fell.

Third, Xi Jinping is really ill. Seeing his face swollen and protruding belly are both extremely unhealthy manifestations. He looks worse than Putin, who was defeated. However, the health of the CCP leaders is an absolute secret, so we can only quickly make up an excuse to return to the DPRK.

What is the real cause of this international scandal? Let’s look at the follow-up development. Yet China’s international standing and Xi Jinping’s prestige among some authoritarian countries must have plummeted at a price.

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