Zhang Xiaozhou: Emperor Pu Builds a Remarkable Feat, Xi Bows Down and Kowtows to Putin


Xi Jinping’s visit to Central Asia has attracted attention both at home and abroad. There have been many heated discussions about this, but most of them are based on facts, or although they are combined with the Ukrainian war against Russia and the relationship between Europe and the United States and Russia, they may not be the key.

The key should be that before Emperor Xi’s visit, he or the new Czar Putin led the “Dongfang-2022” military exercise in the northeastern territory of China and its adjacent waters occupied by Russia under unequal treaties . This military exercise has set the tone for Emperor Xi’s trip to Central Asia.

  1. The failure of the invasion of Ukraine and the European Union has become obvious, and it is more than enough to look at Xi Jinping

On the surface, the “Oriental-2022” military exercise is led by the Russian military and Tsar Prussia. It is planned to be held in August 2022 and will be held in September. Participating countries include Russia, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Armenia, Belarus, India, Kyrgyzstan, China, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Laos, Myanmar, Nicaragua, and Syria. From the list of participating countries, it can be seen that, except for India, a well-known “wall-riding faction” who seeks its own interests, most of the participating countries are autocratic and semi-autocratic countries, and they are younger brothers, hardcore or close friends of Russia. However, among these autocratic dictatorships, except for China, other countries have little power, and their international influence is not only small or even quite bad, and most of them are small landlocked countries, some of which are as far away as West Asia, South Asia and even Africa ( such as Algeria). Such small landlocked countries and African countries go to the Far East to participate in military exercises with the navy as the main body . The regime of the Chinese government at all costs specially invited to serve as a foil for this military exercise, so as not to make civilized countries more convinced that Xi and Pu are eager to the military exercise. The terrifying goal also prevents the military exercise from becoming a self-show game for both sides of the Russian Communist Party, appearing alone and laughing at the world.

Therefore, the real protagonists of this military exercise are only Russia and China.

What is the purpose of the military exercise? The so-called “defensive military exercises” by the Russian military are nothing but nonsense. The military exercise has no other purpose. For a country like Russia that is aggressive and slaughtered its neighbors, the military exercise has no other purpose. It is nothing more than to appease the eagle dogs and the foolish people internally, show off its power externally, and look down on other countries. But the question is, what country does Russia look down on?

In the West, at this time Russia’s defeat in the war of aggression against Ukraine has become apparent. Although Ukraine has the support of Europe and the United States, most of the soldiers and civilians who fought bloody battles are Ukrainians. Russia, the world’s largest country by area and a military power, has been defeated and defeated again and again in front of a small and weak Ukraine. How can they look down on Ukraine? Uzbekistan is still unable to look down, let alone look down on the backers behind Ukrainian— European countries, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries. Looking around, Tsar Prussia saw that the West was surrounded by strong neighbors and powerful enemies . The Black Sea and the Baltic Sea had no value for military exercises: not only did the military exercises likely to further strengthen the anti-Russian sentiment and military countermeasures in European countries, and even “missed the gun”. “Moreover, the Russian navy, which has suffered repeated defeats in the Russia-Ukraine Black Sea Battle, still has the face to conduct military exercises in front of the victors? ? Even if Tsar Pugh was already half-drunk by the dictatorial power, he would not make such a foolish move, let alone a Russian soldier who still has some sense of military honor and self-esteem.

Of course, although the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea are no longer suitable for military exercises, Russia can still go to the extreme north of Murmansk and the vast Arctic Ocean to breathe a sigh of relief. It is still Russia’s backyard, and there is no smell of gunpowder or danger of fire. Let’s do the exercise, but the question is, Russia no longer has friendly countries in Europe, and the bitter cold land is far away from the sky and the sea is far away, and friendly troops are hard to come by.

However, “the West is not bright and the East is bright”. Although Puti’s invasion of Ukrainian and European invasion has already become apparent, and there is no space for naval military exercises in the great West, the so-called “one thing brings down one thing”, although Puti has been defeated and defeated again and again, he has more than enough to look down on his younger brother. The emperor tried his best to curry favor, and Xi and the Communist Party humiliated himself so much that Emperor Pu would humiliate him, and incidentally humiliated China and intimidated Japan and South Korea. Japan’s military power is limited, and the four northern islands have become the sword of the Russian army. The United States has limited strength in Northeast Asia, and South Korea is isolated. Therefore, Puti still has a huge space to show off its power in Northeast Asia.

Russia (Soviet Union) has long believed that China can be bullied and humiliated . Since the late Qing Dynasty until now, in the long period of nearly two hundred years, as long as it is a period of autocracy, it has always suppressed and exploited domestically, and knelt down and licked against Russia (Soviet Union)! There was the Manchu Dynasty before, the Red Dynasty after, and the Republic of China in the middle ruled the mainland. It was only during the Beiyang government that General Xu Shuzheng sent troops to Outer Mongolia and somehow regained a little dignity in the game against Soviet Russia. Because of subjective factors and objective factors, in the game against the Soviet Union, not only did you gain nothing, but you lost Outer Mongolia and the splendid rivers and mountains that were thousands of miles away! During the CCP’s rule, although the Soviet Union (Russia) was always respectful and arrogant, it still took Su as the teacher and kneeling and licking mainly because the Soviet Communist Party was the father and emperor of the CCP. The CCP has a lot of hidden secrets. This is the main reason why the CCP is afraid of the Soviet Union and Russia. During the period of Xi Jinping’s rule, Xi Jinping made his Russian love to the extreme. In order to achieve a strongman rule like Putin, a long-term dictatorship and the might of an emperor, he took the general public as a teacher and Russia as a friend. .

In the face of such a self-humiliating regime of Xi and the Communist Party, Emperor Pu, who has been accustomed to slaughtering soft eggs, bullying and contemplating the red dynasty, would have missed such a good opportunity. Taking the opportunity of military exercises, not only can we get back some of the lost face on the Ukrainian battlefield and the entire West, but we can also show off to the hawks and ignorant people under its dictatorship that its international support is still considerable. For the Russians who are full of great power complex, even if some small minions participating in the military exercise can be ignored, the big minion of China cannot be ignored. All of a sudden, Putin was in the limelight in the East, showing his prestige on the land occupied by China, and on the burial places of thousands of compatriots who were slaughtered by the Russian army in Hailanpao, Jiangdong Liusitun, Vladivostok and other places , performing ” Fenglang Juxu”, looking forward to self-promotion, invincible!

The so-called “A defeated general cannot be described as brave.” This is not a dogma or a stereotype, but is determined by the basic values ​​and dignity of the soldiers. However, Puti and his subordinates are the defeated generals of the Ukrainian battlefield, and they can show their courage and power in Vladivostok, which is the pain of China! The main reason is that Xi Jinping’s self-humiliation and all kinds of kneeling and licking were accomplished and set off! Puti and his left and right military leaders proudly set their feet on Vladivostok, which is the territory of China, and arrogantly reviewed the hegemonic demeanor of the Russian and Communist armies. It’s still easy for you bastards who “know their shame and then counsel” to act as uncles on their heads!

For a while, news such as “Putin’s uniform goes to Vladivostok to inspect the joint military exercise of China, Russia and other countries” has become the focus of media in various countries and hot searches on the Internet, making many Russians addicted!

However, every Chinese son and daughter and descendant of Yan and Huang who resent Russia’s aggression against China and cede territory, and have the will to regain lost territory, all have blood in their hearts, fire in their eyes, and clench their fists! !

Just imagine that a rogue neighbor who has been domineering and domineering for a long time has seized a large piece of land from your home, and is still showing off his power on the landmark building that belongs to your home next to you on this land. Do you still need to wonder who he is showing off his power to? ? !

Isn’t this a humiliation that can’t be added? !

How is this different from being stabbed and urinating on the wound! ?

Although a hundred years have passed, the Xi and the Communist Party still make people feel as if they are in the late Qing Dynasty! Woohoo sad! !

In view of the fact that there is no bottom line for Xi’s favor with Russia and Russia, and Putin uses another military exercise that is expensive, far away from the battlefield, far in the horizon, and unhelpful to build his prestige during this losing streak, there is always some “slap in the face”. Therefore, it can be further inferred that the behind-the-scenes director and sponsor of the “Dongfang-2022” military exercise is most likely not Putin, but Emperor Xi who wants to keep Putin’s face and status at all costs! He would rather insult and insult himself to let Putin step on the occupied Vladivostok , and “seal the wolf’s house” . Just to increase Putin’s domestic support and international appeal a little bit! !

The reason is that Xi and Pu are fraternal and inseparable! Moreover, Emperor Xi’s reliance on Emperor Pu is more than that of Emperor Pu’s dependence on Emperor Xi! Because Puti has some heroic complexes, dares to take risks, and has already tasted the taste of the emperor. At the last moment, it is not ruled out that he would rather die in battle to maintain the dignity of the emperor. “Dare to do and dare to be.” Therefore, it is not necessarily necessary to rely on anyone. Unlike Emperor Xi, he is a king, grandson, and grandson who is pampered and less adventurous, rather than a tough guy who has worked his way up from the bottom like Putin . For the pleasure, a dictator of a big country who has been on the throne for a long time needs to act as his “re-election example”, “re-election basis” and brother role, and provide various spiritual support, theoretical support and practical support for his re-election. Of course, Emperor Xi is extremely dependent on Emperor Pu, and there is another possibility that the resistance of Emperor Xi’s re-election has exceeded or no less than the dilemma of Emperor Pu’s right to protect his rights. Internal worries have come to this point. Therefore, it is even more important to waste people’s fat to protect allies and win foreign aid. for urgency!

Therefore, don’t think that Xi Huang’s flattery and humiliation to Russia is over. In order to realize Putin’s dream of an emperor and always take Putin as a teacher, in order to keep Putin as a ” re-election role model”, in order to always reflect the deep friendship between Putin and Xi Jinping, in order to warm up and support each other in the extraordinary period of mutual distress. , Long-term protection of power, Emperor Xi’s “another game of chess” has started again.

  1. The superiority and inferiority of the upper country and the lower state are still the same, and the future of the troubled brothers and sisters is worrying
    The so-called “nothing without going to the Three Treasures Palace” means that whenever there is a request from the other party, or the expectation of the other party is greater than the expectation of the other party from the other party, he always contacts the other party and sees the other party with a heart of diligence and flattery. People-to-people communication is like this, so why not state-to-state diplomacy?

However, when I went respectfully, I was not allowed to enter the other side’s courtyard, and could only meet in the other side’s neighbor’s shabby room. This situation, regardless of the reason, can be described as extremely embarrassing, and both sides lose face.

It is unfortunate that the two “leaders of great powers”, Emperor Xi and Puti, can only meet at the Russian younger brother of the “smallest state”, which seems to be a shameful affair. Moreover, the meeting place is not the slightly “higher” capital, but “Samarkand” which is rarely heard of by the people of the two countries.

What is the purpose of Emperor Xi’s trip to Central Asia?

“The drunkard’s intention is not about the wine, but also about the mountains and rivers.” The main purpose of Emperor Xi’s visit to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan was obviously not in Central Asia, but to meet Puti, the routine little brother bowed his knees to say hello, and tried his best to help the big brother solve the urgent need . At this time, Russia has become the object of discussion among civilized countries. Although Emperor Xi is eager to flatter his eldest brother, he does not dare to kneel and lick at the Rremlin Palace. It’s not that Emperor Xi did not dare to take the risk of the world, anyway, he has done more than one or two things. Just because he went to Russia at this time, it has also confirmed the close relationship between Xi and Pu and they are united in fighting against the civilized world. The rolling public condemnation and sanctions and suppression by various countries will follow the trend, further impacting his already crumbling ruling foundation and seemingly. A re-election goal that is close and far, with many obstacles.

Some analysts say that Xi’s visit to Central Asia is to consolidate and strengthen the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which is not true. It is the core of Emperor Xi’s foreign policy to be obsessed with Russia and the United States. If consolidating and strengthening the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is conducive to the realization of his goals of infatuation with Russia and the United States, Emperor Xi may take it to heart, but this matter does not involve the core of Emperor Xi’s foreign policy. , he will never make an exception to visit just for this reason.

Some people believe that Xi Jinping’s visit to Central Asia is to revive the economy, and he deliberately listed the significance of the Central Asia “Belt and Road” operation to the mainland’s energy supply and land transportation. This argument is even more far-fetched. If Emperor Xi paid so much attention to the mainland’s economy, he would not have implemented a tyranny of zero and locked the country with the epidemic. The effect of Emperor Xi’s “One Belt, One Road” in Central Asia is not good. The hymns about “One Belt One Road” in the wall are often exaggerated and even made out of nothing; the fact is that the resistance of Central Asian countries to “One Belt One Road” has always been very strong. After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the effect of the “Belt and Road” in Central Asia has been further weakened. After Russia invaded Ukraine, the resistance of the “Belt and Road” in Central Asian countries has been strengthened again . Kanat Kobayev, co-founder of Kusto Group, an investment holding company, issued an open letter, arguing that Putin is Hitler, and the politician who is close to Putin is Mussolini. Extreme disgust, representing the general view of people of insight from all walks of life in Central Asian countries. As for the mainland’s main energy sources, it can still be self-sufficient, and Russia, Iran and other countries are also sufficient to meet the mainland’s energy needs; moreover, even if the sea route for energy transportation from the Persian Gulf to the mainland is blocked, the land route will not be affected, and the transportation status will naturally be strengthened. , it is not necessary for Emperor Xi to bother to arrange the details of this irrelevant situation in advance.

There are also arguments that the main purpose of Emperor Xi’s visit to Central Asia is to fill the strategic space given up by Russia due to the “Russian-Ukrainian conflict”, and to prevent Turkey from encroaching on Central Asia and bringing disaster to Xinjiang. This statement obviously exaggerates Turkey’s desire for expansion, penetration capability and potential influence in Central Asia, as well as Turkey’s influence and manipulation of the terrorist forces of Xinjiang independence. Based on the relevant information, it is not foreign forces that have the greatest impact on the political situation in Central Asia, but the contradictions between neighboring countries and the economic, political and religious contradictions of various countries. It is difficult for various Islamic extremist forces to make waves in Central Asia in the short term. Moreover, Islamic extremist forces from Turkey Just a fraction . When it comes to Turkey’s influence on Xinjiang independence, the most important overseas bases for Xinjiang independence should be mainly in neighboring countries, such as Afghanistan. The Taliban has always been an important supporter of Xinjiang independence. But Xi Jinping is not even afraid of the Taliban’s comeback and Afghanistan’s changing weather. He is happy with the withdrawal of the U.S. military and the Taliban’s rise to power. Is he still afraid of Turkey’s so-called “involvement in Central Asia” and “disaster in Xinjiang”?

Therefore, the trip of Emperor Xi’s monarchs and ministers was just a matter of the eldest brother being in trouble, and the younger brother’s routine greetings and careful waiting.

Although the high-ranking and widely watched Emperor Xi and Emperor Puti were forced by international audio-visual, sanctions and other factors, their meeting was somewhat sneaky and embarrassing, but the visit to Russia by Emperor Xi’s attendant Li Zhanshu, who had a very low sense of presence, was not the same. It’s taboo, this time, he is the one who takes on the great responsibility of kneeling and licking. His speeches with Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of the Russian State Duma, and others were exposed, and it can be said that he “lived up to the emperor’s order”. During the ” Hello” process, Li Zhanshu said tremblingly: “It can be said that Russia was forced into a corner and took a counterattack to safeguard the country’s core interests.” Express full understanding and support.” “The United States and NATO are directly pressing Russia’s door. … Russia has taken some measures that it thinks should be taken, and China understands it and responds from different aspects.” “The Chinese side is willing to work with the Russian side. Strong support for each other on issues involving each other’s core interests.”

In addition to the above-mentioned pro-Russian and pro-Russian remarks, which has become an international hot topic, the timid gaze, the restrained expression, and the humiliating and frightening sitting posture of Li’s servant during the talks with the Russian side have also attracted wide attention. On the other hand, the Russian side, all with their heads held high, their eyes like torches, domineering sideways, and serious expressions, listen and remember, this is not like a meeting at all, but it is very much like a yamen officer taking turns interrogating a prisoner, worthy of the demeanor of “Russian father”! The movements, expressions and auras during the ” Dongfang-2022″ military exercise are exactly the same! What a proud, domineering one! The blows and humiliations suffered by “Russian Dad” in Ukraine and NATO have all been found in these filial sons and grandsons! It’s really “My father abused me thousands of times, and I treat my father like my first love”! But this is what Emperor Xi wants! Li Shi’s trip from now on is to represent Emperor Xi to the Kremlin to kneel and lick . mission! This can’t help but remind people that the servants of the ” Emperor Son” Shi Jingtang met the servants of the “Emperor Father” Yelu Deguang. This is probably the case!

Emperor Xi’s flattery to Emperor Pu is even more surprising. Xi said: “The Chinese side is willing to work with the Russian side to reflect the responsibility of a major country, play a leading role, and inject stability into the turbulent world.” What a “injecting stability”! In the view of the Communist Party of China, the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine is undoubtedly a legitimate move, and of course it is not ” destroying peace”, but “injecting stability”. Then, in Xi’s logic, the Ukrainian people’s resignation in the face of aggression and willingness to be Russia’s slaves is called “stability”, and resisting aggression and defending democracy is “destroying stability.” This kind of logic that reverses black and white is similar to the shameless and ignorant words of the Mao era that “the people of Taiwan are living in dire straits” and that the people of the mainland urgently need to be rescued. I just don’t know if Puti, who has no life experience in the “Mao Era” , will understand the “painful” and “deep meaning” of the flattery in the words of Emperor Xi ?

Although Xi has flattered Puti so far, Puti is still displeased, and believes that Xi has “questions and concerns” about the war in Ukraine, which means that Xi should not only offer advice and money, but also have no reservations about the war of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. To support him, and even to fight, can he be considered as a little brother. Since the eldest brother is dissatisfied, he endured his anger and routinely consoled the younger brother with a few words, which is already enough face, and reiterated the ” one China principle” or something, or it may be enough to flatter the emperor Xi, and consciously get enough foolish ministers and foolish people. Capital is worth it.

In short, during this meeting, Xi and Pu will no longer have the same mood of pushing cups and changing cups, high spirits, and smugness during the Winter Olympics, no more “good brothers, six six six” enthusiasm. Don’t dare to be at home, but want to open a room outside, and it’s useless to mix up to this point. Although they still do not lose the dignity of the elder brother and the younger brother, they have their own hidden secrets. I just don’t know if there will be a future meeting between these two brothers after this time together? let us wait and see.

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